Trial Finds New Breast-Cancer Drug Could Lead to Fewer Side Effects

A trial for T-DM1 shows drug delays tumor growth in advanced cases

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

A new breast-cancer drug found to zap tumors without causing horrible side effects could be available as soon as next year, the New York Times reports.

Called T-DM1, the drug fights “cancerous cells while sparing healthy ones,” according to the newspaper.

“We’ve envisioned a world where cancer treatment would kill the cancer and not hurt the patient,” Duke Cancer Institute professor Kimberly L. Blackwell, lead investigator in the drug’s recent trial study, tells the Times. “And this drug does that.”

T-DM1 was also shown to keep advanced breast cancer from getting worse in patients, the newspaper adds.

“It’s less toxic than its comparator and also more effective,” breast-cancer specialist Clifford A. Hudi of  Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center tells the Times (Dr. Hudi was not part of the trial). “How often do we get that?”

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