Women-Only Gym Made Mom Leave for Breast-Feeding Her Son

Nurse-in planned to protest against the Houston-area fitness center.

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Any mother who has ever nursed a child knows when a baby’s gotta eat, a baby’s gotta eat. But despite the declarations that “breast is best,” folks still get all atwitter when it comes to women breast-feeding in public places.

And, it turns out, not-so-public places as well. KHOU 11 News in Houston reports Penny Montgomery-Schlanser was breast-feeding her son in the Kid’s Club section of the women-only gym Pure Fitness for Women when, she says, a staffer asked her to leave. 

“It’s just a meal, that’s it,” Montgomery-Schlanser told the station. “The top half of my shirt was covered and [my son] was over the bottom half covering everything else. I was nursing on the right side, and all the children were to the left.”

Gym co-owner Martha Velazquez says the mother was just asked to move to a different location, KHOU reports. A statement from the gym says Pure Fitness believes “breast-feeding is one of the most important, natural and personal ways for a mother to bond with her baby.”

Texas law, however, dictates that women breast-feed only in “any location in which the mother is authorized to be,” according to the station.

Come Aug. 26, Pure Fitness will see its fair share of lactation, despite its—ahem—breast intentions: Montgomery-Schlanser and other breast-feeding advocates plan to hold a nurse-in there, KHOU reports.

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First Published August 17, 2011

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