We All Feel So Burned Out!

Pretty much everyone these days feels tired, overwhelmed--burned out. Do you? 

by More Editors
burned out from work
Aaack! Who has time for all this?
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How many times a day do you think to yourself, I am so BUSY? How often do you find yourself talking to your friends about how you’re not sure how you’re going to get everything done? How often do you wonder, Where is the time going to come from?

The mood of the country sometimes seems to be verging on exhaustion. Do you agree? Do you feel the same way? What is causing your burnout—is it too many responsibilities? too much pressure? or too few resources with which to handle those responsibilities?

And when you feel burned out, what do you do to feel better? Have you come up with good strategies for coping with it?

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First Published March 2, 2012

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mark rushworth05.06.2014

I think its due to the increasing immediacy of life. Everything is now on demand and what we ask of others we feel under pressure to deliver our selves. My advice is to realise that you can only do one thing at a time and that anyone putting pressure on you to achieve a deadline of some sort is either making up for a mistake thats been made further up the chain or is looking to motivate you in some way. Take a breath, make a list and tackle all of the little things first... you'll be surprised how quickly the list shrinks.

Maricia Johns12.06.2012

Take a look at this article. We all need to take care of ourselves. We need to cure "MyItis".

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