The Importance of Knocking on Parents' Bedroom Door

A brother's story about a shared hotel room and some parental "business time" reminds her of a recent episode with her own sons. 

by Megan Regnerus • Member { View Profile }
Megan Ault Regnerus is a writer, editor, and award-winning blogger who lives in Montana.

Oh, dear. 

Oh, deardeardeardearmotherfreakingdear.

That is just not something a boy should see, now is it? I wish I could buy some sort of mental cleanser for the child. I STILL have the Polaroids of my parents that me and my brothers found (hidden in a corner on a high shelf in my parents’ bedroom) decades ago seared into my brain. I fear I’ll be crossing over to heaven, and while other people see fields of wildflowers and their first loves, I’ll see those Polaroids. Don’t ask me how someone rigs a Polaroid camera to take images during Business Time, but they figured it out. So I know how much Youngest Son wishes he’d never opened that door.

 Thankfully, he has adopted a sense of humor about the whole thing saying, “I’m scarred for life,” which is how we know he’s okay. And he’s assured us that he now understands like never before, when a door is closed, KNOCK.

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