Cate Blanchett's Beauty Secrets

The Oscar-winning actress reveals what she does to score that flawless complexion

by Nikki Ostasiewski
cate blanchett image
Cate Blanchett
Photograph: SK-II

On being the face of SK-II skin care:
"I was introduced to the brand by my makeup artist and dear friend Mary Greenwell. I noticed a real difference and have stuck with it for almost a decade now. I don't even feel the need to get a facial anymore because the at-home treatment masks are so great."

On her skin-care routine:
"The Cleansing Oil gets everything off—even heavy stage makeup. Typically, I use the Essence in the morning followed by the LXP Ultimate Revival Serum and sunscreen. Lately, I've been putting the Cellumination Cream EX over my makeup for added moisture. And at night, I add the Skin Signature eye cream into the mix."

On pampering herself:
"I love anything where I can lie flat. A good massage. And I do really like acupuncture."

On fashion mistakes:
"When you experiment, there are going to be some things that are disastrous. I do occasionally look back and say, 'What was I thinking?' But I never regret it. It's more like 'Oops!' "

On her strangest beauty look:
"I've been tan twice for a role—in the films The Gift and The Life Aquatic. This was very unusual for me because I am so pale. I stay out of the sun entirely. I found that I reacted to myself differently [when I was tan]. I wouldn't do it in my personal life, but it was fun as a novelty."

On her signature fragrance:
"My favorite scent is a combination of sandalwood, firewood and leather. It's very earthy. And my makeup artist Mary created a perfume called Plum, which is quite beautiful."

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