Celebs Shop for a Cure and Dish on Their Fashion Style

On July 28, 2012, stars and fellow shoppers ventured out to Watermill, NY, to help The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund raise $3.6 million at Super Saturday 15, a swanky, designer garage sale. We got the chance to catch up with a few of the spotted A-listers and ask them about their personal fashion style. Click through for edited versions of our short interviews with Kelly Ripa, Beth Ostrosky Stern, Mark Feuerstein, Kyle Richards and Lara Spencer.

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Kelly Ripa, "Live! With Kelly"

More: Describe your fashion style.
Kelly Ripa: So last year. No, so three years ago seems to be more accurate. I tend to wear things for years and years and years. I don’t believe in wearing things once. If I love it, I will wear it over and over again.


More: What's your shopping weakness?
KR: Shoes and handbags. They never fail you and make you look good no matter what.


More: What's your best fashion advice?
KR: Know what you feel comfortable in. If you feel comfortable, you'll carry yourself with a certain confidence.


More: If you could have any designer come to your home and dress your entire family, who would it be?
KR: Carolina Herrera—and, no, I won't make my husband, Mark [Consuelos], wear a dress!

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Beth Ostrosky Stern, "Posh Pets"

More: Describe your fashion style.
Beth Ostrosky Stern: I like girly-cute because it makes me feel good. I also really like really bright colors and trendy looks.


More: Are you influenced by what you see on popular TV shows, etc.?
BOS: Now that I'm 40, I feel like I have a real sense of what I look good in. Although I might admire someone else's style and might pull something from that look, I tend to stick to things I look good in.


More: Whose style in Hollywood do you greatly admire?
BOS: I love Cameron Diaz. She has the girly, sophisticated look down pat. Gwyneth Paltrow also looks amazing in everything she puts on.


More: Where do you like to shop?
BOS: I shop online. I have my favorite sites like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. I'm always on their websites.

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Mark Feuerstein, "Royal Pains"

More: Describe your fashion style.
Mark Feuerstein: My fashion style is: Pick what's on top of the pile and put it on. Thankfully, when I am on Royal Pains, I have costume people who pick out my clothes for me.


More: What type of threads do you like to wear?
MF: I like the Italian designers like Armani. I also love Paige Premium Jeans. Not only do I wear them on every episode, I'm also wearing them right now (laughs). I don’t care if they're a girls' jeans, I love them and they fit me great!


More: Whose fashion style do you admire?
MF: Matt Bomer of White Collar. He dresses impeccably.


More: If you could have a big name fashion designer dress you every day, who would it be?
MF: Armani.

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Kyle Richards, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

More: Describe your fashion style.
Kyle Richards: Relaxed glamour. I like to be comfortable and, at the same time, I like a little sparkle.


More: If you could have any designer come to your home and style you, who would it be?
KR: I love Haute Hippie and Chanel—a real mix of things.


More: When you walk into a department store, which section do you head to first?
KR: Handbags and shoes.


More: What's the most you'd spend on handbags and shoes?
KR: That is a dangerous statement to make on the record, but I will say this: Too much (laughs)!

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Lara Spencer, "Good Morning America"

More: Describe your fashion style.
Lara Spencer: My fashion style is classic. I love to look ladylike, yet have a little fun.

More: What do you tend to wear a lot of?
LS: I'm not heavily into prints. If anything, I like a simple silhouette dress with maybe some diamond stud earrings. Real simple.


More: If you could have any item from a designer warehouse, what would you ask for?
LS: A fabulous black dress by Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren or Narciso Rodriguez.


More: What's your definition of a good bargain?
LS: A wonderful vintage piece that can be reimagined into today.

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