Celebrity Grandparents- They're Just Like Us!

They’re celebs in their own right, and have produced some of Hollywood’s most famous offspring.  Here, the matriarchs and patriarchs who started the legacy— and the kids who are continuing it.

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Debbie Reynolds

The legendary actress is mom to actress and writer Carrie Fisher and grandma to Fisher’s daughter, 19-year-old-Billie, who prefers to call Reynolds “Aba Daba” after her 1950s hit song
“Aba Daba Honeymoon.”

Naomi Judd

Musician Naomi Judd, a six-time Grammy winner, is mom to actress Ashley and Wynonna, the other half of the country superstar group, The Judds. She’s also a devoted “Mamaw” to Wynonna’s kids, Elijah, 17, and Grace, 15. “Being a grandmother is completely different because I trained [my] girls alone,” Naomi has said. “Now that I have time, I can experience curiosity, playfulness and all the things that were in short supply when I was a mother.

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Joan Rivers

The comedienne is not joking when it comes to her love for her daughter Melissa’s son, 10-year-old Cooper. And he may be following in her footsteps: “When he was very young, he got the jokes and he was able to do jokes back with me," she has said. “And I always thought it was amazing that he was a year, a year-and-a-half, and he and I had jokes already together.”

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Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen has four kids, including actors Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, who, between them, have given the elder Sheen seven grandchildren. The grandkids refer to Grandpa Sheen as “Peach.” He explains: “I was always quoting Shakespeare, using highfalutin language when they were young. So they used to call me ‘Grandpeachual.’ And even now, they’ll call me up and say ‘Hi Peach! How ‘ya doin’?”


Brian McGuirk

Rod Stewart

The thrice-married rocker, 66, has eight children from various relationships (the youngest being just 8 months old!). But Stewart only has one grandchild. In August 2011, his daughter Kimberly, 32, gave birth to a daughter named (no, not Maggie May) Delilah; dad is actor Benicio del Toro.

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Ivana Trump

The first wife of real estate mogul Donald Trump, Ivana is mother to their three children—Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric—and grandmother to four, including Ivanka’s three-month-old daughter, Arabella Rose. Just don't call her "grandma." "I prefer Glam-ma!," she says. "Goldie Hawn taught me that many years ago, and it is fun!"


Courtesy of Ivana Trump

Candy Spelling

Though she had a long, nasty estrangement—complete with dueling memoirs—from her actress daughter Tori, the two have recently reconciled. Now Spelling gets to spoil her grandchildren Liam, Stella, and recent arrival, Hattie.

Courtesy of candyspelling.com

Mick Jagger

Grandpa Jagger has seven kids (by four women) and four grandchildren. Jagger’s teen granddaughters, Amba and Assisi, by his daughter Jade, already seem to be following in his (dancing) shoes.

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Diane Ladd

Diane Ladd, a three-time Oscar nominee, currently plays mother to her real-life daughter, Laura Dern, on HBO’s new series, Enlightened. Offscreen, she also plays grandma to Ellery and Jaya, Dern’s kids with musician Ben Harper.

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Donny Osmond

The onetime teen heartthrob became a grandparent for the first time in 2005, at the age 47, when his son Jeremy welcomed his own son, Dylan. Today, Osmond is the proud grandpa of four.

Courtesy of donny.com

Goldie Hawn

Hawn’s children have both given the Oscar-winning actress 2 grandchildren each: Ryder and Bingham (from daughter Kate Hudson) and Whilder and Bodhi, from son Oliver. "[Having Ryder in my life is] awesome. Incredible. Fabulous," Hawn told People. "Every time he calls my name, I just melt."

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Blythe Danner

Danner had this to say about daughter Gwyneth Palrow’s children, Apple and Moses Martin. "I have been very blessed. I’ve spent so much time with them, and I just keep saying to them, ‘Just tell me if I have overstayed.’"

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Jim Carrey

  1. The comedian’s daughter, Jane, welcomed a baby boy last February.  “It’s bliss!,” the actor said of his new little family member. “He is the coolest dude on earth, unless he gets tired and then he's a marauding maniac. He's so clued in and we play soccer together and he's really coordinated, it's amazing.”
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Lionel Richie

  1. Richie told the UK’s Daily Record, "I went through a panic - that's the end of my career. But I'm having more fun now with the responsibility of being a grandpa - that is, playing with the baby and handing her back."
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Kris Jenner

The reality tv star became a grandmother for the first time when her eldest daughter, Kourtney, had son Mason Disick. “What am I trying to think up some crazy name for when I just wanna be a grandma?” Jenner told people.com. “I have so much admiration and love and respect for my grandmother, who I called ‘grandma.’ I want to be like my grandmother, I want someone to call me grandma. I earned this.”

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Paul McCartney

Just how many grandchildren does this Beatle have? Eight!  Daughter’s Mary and Stella have four children each.

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Pierce Brosnan

Did you know this former 007’s son is three years younger than his grandson?  Paris, his child with wife Keely Shaye Smith, was born three years after his daughter Charlotte (with first wife Cassandra Harris) gave birth!  (Charlotte was technically Harris' child from another marriage. The Irish actor later adopted her)

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Priscilla Presley

  1. Elvis’s ex told Entertainment Tonight that she prefers daughter Lisa Marie’s (seen here) kids call her “Nonna.” (That’s grandma in Italian). ‘”I just like it better,” Presley said.
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Steven Tyler

Good looks run in the Tyler family. Daughter Liv gave birth to son Milo (with ex-husbdan Royston Langdon), she was quoted saying “My baby is so handsome, I can’t stand it.”

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Whoopi Goldberg

The View co-host became a first-time grandmother after her daughter, Alexandria, had a child at 14. "I accepted the grandmother thing in my 30s, but great grandchildren I'm not doing!"


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First Published October 11, 2011

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