Celebrity Holiday Wishes

10 TV Land stars reveal what's on their holiday wish lists and reminisce about their favorite--and not so favorite--memories.

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Michael Richards

Kramer, "Seinfeld"


More: What’s your holiday wish?
Michael Richards: Seeking happiness and being grateful for all we have. 

More: What is your best holiday memory?
MR: Just being with my family.

More: What's your worst holiday memory?
MR: I suppose sitting in traffic.

More: What was the best holiday gift you ever got?
MR: My three-month-old son. That was a big package and great present that arrived in time for the holidays. His name is Antonio. I am 62 years old, have a three-month-old son, and I couldn’t be more delighted.

More: What holiday treats or food do you like to splurge on this time of year?
MR: I love pumpkin pie.

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Betty White

Elka, "Hot in Cleveland"


More: Happy holidays.
Betty White: Once Halloween comes, the next thing you know it is New Year’s Eve.


More: What’s on your holiday wish list this year?
BW: Just to keep doing what we are doing right now.

More: Which is?
BW: Hot in Cleveland is a big bright spot in all our lives. It is such a joy to enjoy each other as much as we do and to love the work we put into this show.


More: When you were growing up, was there a gift you always wanted but never got?
BW: No. I was the luckiest kid in the world. I was the only child of the best parents in the world. The three of us were like a unit. We would go to the mountains in the summer and celebrate each other during the winter. My memories could not have been better. I have the best childhood memories and I am so very grateful for that.

TV Land/Brad Barket

Sandra Bernhard, actress/comedian

More: What is your holiday wish?
Sandra Bernhard: That everyone gets what they need in life to make them happy and that the economy turns around.


More: What was your favorite holiday movie or TV special to watch while you were growing up?
SB: Sonny and Cher and Carol Burnett. They were just funny and great shows.


More: Was there a gift you always wanted but never got?
SB: The only gift I always wanted for Hanukkah was the sparkle paint set, but I am happy to say I did get it.


More: What about this year? What’s on your “to get” list?

SB: I really have everything I need. If anything, I am paring down by trying to get rid of stuff in my apartment.


More: How will you be spending the holidays?
SB: I will be in New York City because I am performing my one-woman show at Joe’s Pub from December 28 through New Year’s Eve. It is my traditional New York experience.

TV Land/Brad Barket

Kelly Stables

Eden, "The Exes"


More: What is your holiday wish?
Kelly Stables: That’s easy. I wish TV Land picks up The Exes for season two.


More: What’s on tap for the holidays?
KS: For Christmas I am going back to Missouri, where I am from. I plan on playing with my nephews and letting my parents cook me really bad food.


More: What holiday treat do you like to splurge on?
KS: I love pumpkin pie with Cool Whip.


More: What was your favorite holiday movie or TV special to watch, growing up?
KS: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. That movie is so hilarious—I laugh out loud and recite the lines with my sister.


More: What was the worst gift you ever got?
KS: When I was in fourth grade, I got a pair of pink overalls that were made for a little kid. I was so embarrassed because I wanted to be treated like a big girl and not a child.


More: How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?
KS: This is such a heartbreaking story. I was in second grade when I saw in my basement the same wrapping paper that was under the tree. I put two and two together and then talked to my mom.


More: What did you say?
KS: I asked her point-blank, “Is there a man with a sleigh?” When she said, “No,” I started bawling. There is even a photo of me crying hysterically when I found out. That is a moment you never forget.

TV Land/Brad Barket

Wayne Knight

Haskell, "The Exes"


More: What's your holiday wish?
Wayne Knight: My wife and I are new parents, so my holiday wish would be for everyone to have the joy I see in my son’s eyes. Rediscover what it is like to look at life new, and have a rebirth in the new year.


More: Congrats. Feel free to brag about your little boy.
WK: He is 19 months old and his name is Liam.

More: That is a great gift.
WK: Fatherhood is a great job. You stink at in the beginning but then you get marginally better as time goes on.


More: What was the best gift you ever got for the holidays when you were a child?
WK: My uncle once gave me an airplane that made a loud noise when you rolled it.


More: Who is your favorite reindeer?
WK: Blitzen, because he never gets any press. No one talks to him and nobody asks him about anything.

TV Land/Brad Barket

Valerie Bertinelli

Melanie, "Hot in Cleveland"


More: What’s on your holiday wish list?
Valerie Bertinelli: Family time. Really, all I want to do is spend time with my family.


More: Where will you be shopping this year?
VB: I always shop online at Amazon.com.


More: Even though you are slim and trim, what holiday treat will you splurge on this season?
VB: I had pecan pie, which I haven’t had for six years, for Thanksgiving. It was delicious.


More: Was there ever a gift you always wished for but never got?
VB: No. I was pretty lucky in that I always got what I wanted. Even though my parents sometimes struggled, they always made me feel so blessed.


More: How old were you when you learned Santa Claus wasn’t real?
VB: It was gradual, so it wasn’t like this one big shock for me.

More: When was the actual moment you discovered the truth?
VB: When I saw my parents work so hard during the holidays. It was then it finally made sense to me that maybe it was really them and not somebody else.

TV Land/Brad Barket

Donald Faison

Phil, "The Exes"


More: What’s on your holiday wish list?
Donald Faison: Health and happiness for my family and friends. If anything, I decided to make a “to-do” list this year.


More: What is on it?
DF: To get involved and be active in charities that focus on child starvation here in America.

More: What inspired that?
DF: I really want to help these kids. It seems to be the main topic on television these days, given the poor state of the economy. I want to help end this horrible epidemic.


More: How noble of you.
DF: I am going to use my money and ask you for yours to help end this problem.

More: On a happy note, you have a new television show and an upcoming wedding to celebrate?
DF: I do. I am a happy man.


More: Which of Santa’s reindeer is your favorite?
DF: Rudolph. You thought I was going to say Comet, Blixen, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen or Cupid, huh?

TV Land/Brad Barket

Jane Leeves

Joy, "Hot in Cleveland"


More: How will you be spending the holidays?
Jane Leeves: My sister from England is coming over with her kids. I also have a sister in Los Angeles, so the three sisters will be together with their families.


More: Where will you be doing your holiday shopping?
JL: I go online because I don’t have a lot of time to shop.

More: What have your children asked for?
JL: My daughter has her own horse because she is a great equestrian. She wants anything that has to do with horses. My son wants strange things like a beanie hat, Angry Birds and ninjas.


More: What was the worst gift anyone ever gave you?
JL: Someone bought me a feminine hygiene package that had feminine wipes and sprays inside. I was like, “Are you trying to tell me something?”


More: How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?
JL: I was really old.


More: What's your favorite holiday memory?
JL: The stocking at the end of my bed, because it was stuffed with all sorts of goodies. Whenever I saw that big bulge at the end of my bed, I would get so excited. It was filled with makeup, nail polish and lots of yummy treats.


More: Which of Santa’s reindeer is your favorite?
JL: I guess it would have to be Rudolph, right? He did light the way…

TV Land/Brad Barket

Wendie Malick

Victoria, "Hot in Cleveland"


More: What's your holiday wish?
WM: I would like to end the slaughter of animals. I am an advocate for animals, and work with the Humane Society. In fact, I was just talking to congressmen and senators about this very issue. I also want my sister to be healthy. She is battling a disease right now and I would give anything for her to be well.


More: What is your best holiday memory?
WM: I loved every Christmas we ever had. I was always the first one to wake up in the morning. My grandparents would always sleep over the night before because the holidays were a big thing for us.


More: You were the first one up because you were so excited?
WM: Oh yeah. I wanted to see if my big-ticket item was there. One year it was a bicycle and one year it was skis. Those were the best.


More: Did you get everything on your wish list?
WM: I got almost everything I wanted, so it was pretty fabulous.


More: There has to be one thing you always wanted but never got?
WM: Wow, I don’t know. My parents pretty much came through, so I didn’t feel denied.


More: What was your favorite holiday TV special or movie?
WM: The Beach Boys. I had a huge crush on Dennis Wilson. There was just something about those guys.


More: I know you are pretty health conscious, but you must indulge with something this time of year?
WM: If I am going to give it up it will be for dark chocolate.

TV Land/Brad Barket

Kristen Johnston

Holly, "The Exes"


More: What's your holiday wish this year?
Kristen Johnston: Good question…you stumped me. When I think of my ultimate holiday wish, it would be for my new show, The Exes,  and my book, Guts: The Endless Follies and Tiny Triumphs of a Giant Disaster, to do well because I am so proud of them.

More: What is your favorite holiday memory? 

KJ: My mom was an amazing cook but she was very uptight. One time she strained the gravy down the sink and my sister came towards me and said, “Run!” When I think back to that memory, I find it funny, so I laugh.

More: What was the best gift you ever got?

KJ: I have three nieces and they once made me these angel wing ornaments. I melted when they gave them to me.


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TV Land/Brad Barket

First Published December 16, 2011

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