Celebrity Style: Then and Now

Like wine, celebrity style only gets better with age. These stars prove that time heals all things—fashion faux pas, in particular—and that glamour is always attainable.

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Nicole Kidman, Then

Together, the shapeless dress, straw hat and tiny floral print say one thing: frumpy.

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Nicole Kidman, Now

Subtle sparkle and a one-shoulder silhouette make for a timeless look.

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Christina Applegate, Then

Bleached blonde hair and a motley crew of tribal prints are more hippie than hip.

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Christina Applegate, Now

Classic polka dots add just the right amount of detail to a sweet A-line dress.

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Diane Lane, Then

Not even a sharp black and white palette can compensate for the dizzying print on the pants and a too-big jacket.

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Diane Lane, Now

A warm pink hue and discreet ruching make this dress universally flattering.

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Jennifer Lopez, Then

The gaping armholes seem trivial in comparison to the clogs, which flatter just about no one.

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Jennifer Lopez, Now

A body-skimming, cherry-red number gets an extra dose of glam from oversized ruffles.

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Angelina Jolie, Then

A grandpa sweater can be chic at the right time and place, but never when paired with a formal strapless dress.

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Angelina Jolie, Now

Reminiscent of Old Hollywood, this sparkling green gown is modest but alluring.

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Patricia Heaton, Then

Not even a glowing smile can make up for this satin halter vest.

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Patricia Heaton, Now

Lace edging and a flattering cut make for a delicate and elegant LBD.

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Jada Pinkett Smith, Then

Floor-length jackets only make petite women appear...more petite.

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Jada Pinkett Smith, Now

Thanks to sexy cut-outs and unique textures, this dress has "glamazon" written all over it.

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Drew Barrymore, Then

A disheveled, ill-fitting suit is a prime example of menswear gone wrong.

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Drew Barrymore, Now

Simple accessories and natural makeup accent the intricate, romantic print of the dress.

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Sandra Bullock, Then

With a sweater tied around the waist and clunky boots, the look takes a nosedive from casual to sloppy.

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Sandra Bullock, Now

Lady in red, indeed—an elegant neckline and slight train make this dress a show-stopper.

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Courtney Cox, Then

An oversized cardigan is laid-back and comfortable, but the color washes out paler skin tones.

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Courtney Cox, Now

A glittering belt and gleaming earrings perfectly complement a no-frills black dress.

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Jennifer Aniston, Then

A tomboy look may have been the target, but baggy jeans and patent oxfords are a clear misfire.

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Jennifer Aniston, Now

Discreet lace paneling and sheer ruffles give a flirtatious edge to this LBD.

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First Published August 1, 2011

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