Better Than Ever

These 10 stars seem to get better looking with each birthday.

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Then: Oprah

Oprah's stiff bob and bangs—coupled with 1980s makeup look decidedly dated today.

Now: Oprah

Longer hair and subtler makeup show off the media queen's enviable skin and natural curls.

Then: Mary Louise Parker

Parker's unkempt hair and dark matte lipstick left her looking very pale and drawn.

Now: Mary Louise Parker

Polished tresses and a dewier mouth make her look more va-va-voom than vamp-y.

Then: Kelly Preston

Preston's updo and neon makeup look overdone to our 2011 eyes.

Now: Kelly Preston

Toned down makeup and a sleek blowout is far chic-er.

Then: Demi Moore

Moore's teased heavy bangs and makeup-free skin make her look uncharacteristically frumpy.

Now: Demi Moore

Amazing what a little bronzer, a curling iron—and some shine spray can do!

Then: Madonna

Heavy eyeshadow and wild hair are fine at 20-something.

Now: Madonna

But Madonna's new sleeker aesthetic is far more sophisticated.

Then: Nicole Kidman

Kidman is gorgeous—but the dark blush and frizzy hair did her no favors.

Now: Nicole Kidman

Just a touch of blush and tamed waves turned Kidman into a knockout.

Then: Angelina Jolie

Jolie's goth look camouflaged her stunning features.

Now: Angelina Jolie

When Jolie ditched the deathly pale skin, a movie star emerged.

Then: Katie Couric

Katie's dark cropped hair and matte makeup looked matronly.

Now: Katie Couric

A longer, lighter 'do and a little self-tanner does wonders. 

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Then: Brooke Shields

Exaggerated curls overpowered Shield's features.


Now: Brooke Shields

Loose waves and minimal makeup look elegant on the former child star.


Then: Celine Dion

Magenta lip liner and heavily-penciled-in brows had an aging effect on the song bird.

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Now: Celine Dion

Celine's hint of rose blush and long honey-colored tresses are the ultimate anti-agers.

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First Published August 10, 2011

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