Celebs Who Laugh in the Face of Fashion

Some say these stars had gone fashion mad, but we say they're actually in on the joke.

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The songstress ruffled quite a few fashion feathers with this swan frock, but seems to us it was her way of flipping the bird to the fashion elite.

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Lady Gaga

Is she gaga for fabulous fashion, or is it the theatrics she likes? This singing superstar makes each public appearance a show-stopper.

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Sinead O'Connor

Not to put too fine a point on it, but bald is both beautiful...and ballsy. 

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Sharon Stone

La Stone has lived her adult life sauntering down the red carpet, to great effect. When she cheekily told reporters that this Academy Award ensemble featured a t-shirt from The Gap, she set an all new high/low fashion bar.

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Helena Bonham Carter

The actress takes on some of the craziest, creepiest roles we can think of, and still has the good humor to dress the part even after the film wraps. A web of black crinoline? Check. Crack hair? Check. Two different color shoes? Check, check. 

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Cher did it bigger, better and louder than anyone, and she did it first. Note to all those scantily clad young actresses in Hollywood: You have NO IDEA.

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Celine Dion

Sure, Celine Dion knows how to rock a fancy frock like nobody's business, but when she showed up on the red carpet wearing a tux, BACKWARDS, clearly she had the last laugh.

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Elton John

Oh, Elton. You may be a doting husband and father now, but we remember...oh yes, we remember when you wore clown wigs and rainbow sunglasses and neon feather boas and glittery platform boots that lifted you a foot and a half off the ground. We laughed right along with you.


For many, many years Madonna really was the queen supreme when it came to using fashion, and I think we all know she's STILL laughing all the way to the bank.

Janet Jackson

You say wardrobe malfunction, we say potato. If you think FOR ONE MINUTE that this stunt wasn't staged, you need a reality check. It was the Superbowl, people! The half time show! It was choreographed and rehearsed within an inch of its life. That Janet is crazy like a fox.

Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler would be half the superstar he is if it weren't for his kooky layers and billowy scarves, and we know for sure he's in on the joke.

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry has taken a page out of every fashion icon's playbook, and we just get the feeling that she's having the best time doing it. Pink hair? A pound of face glitter? She had us at "Let's go all the way tonight."

Courtesy of Just Jared/Buzznet

Pee-wee Herman

It's his house, and he'll play if he wants to. Pee Wee Herman signature look is one of his own creation, and we know for sure he has given thought to every last crazy detail.

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Bette Midler

The Divine M has been pushing the envelope on over-the-top style since the 1970's. There's nothing she's not willing to do to entertain, bugle beads, mermaid tail and all.

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Gwen Stefani

This average Southern California girl has blossomed into an international superstar, and it is her fearless approach to style that has helped get her there. Few women wear clothes with so much fun and confidence, and it's no wonder Stefani has evolved into a full-fledged fashion designer with her own L.A.M.B. line of clothes.

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First Published September 13, 2011

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