Twitter Trend: Celebs Skipping Makeup

Stars from Snooki to Roseanne are baring their faces for the camera—but why?

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

The latest celebrity beauty trend has nothing to do with neon nails, feathery hairpieces or embellished eyelashes.

No, the New York Times reports, it’s all about wearing no makeup at all. At least for a Twitter pic or two. Rihanna, Snooki, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Roseanne Barr are just a few of the stars showing their natural sides to the world, according to the newspaper.

“When a celebrity posts a picture of herself without makeup, she knows that it will generate great PR,” communication-studies assistant professor Emilie Zaslow tells the Times. She adds that the pictures let a notable show she is “down to earth, authentic and intimate with her fans.”

But psychiatrist Soroya Bacchus tells the newspaper that posting makeup-free photos may just be another way for a celeb to get attention.

“It really goes to some underlying sense of narcissism that comes across as ‘Oh, look at how humble I am,’ ” she tells the Times. “It’s a false sense of humility.”

Now, no makeup on the red carpet? That would be another story.

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