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Thanks to glowing A-list clients and a successful product line, Kate Somerville is one of today's top estheticians. She pioneered the integration of medicine into traditional skincare—and counts on solution-based strategies for flawless results. Here, she looks to the stars for examples of what's best for your skin at every age.

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30s: Penelope Cruz

Cell turnover decreases once you hit your 30s, leading to duller and drier skin. Want Cruz's glow? "Keep up with your [skincare] regimen and regular facials," advises Somerville.

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30s: Christina Hendricks

"If you haven’t started using peptides already, now is definitely the time to do so, as collagen begins to decrease," says Somerville. Collagen is what creates plump, line-free skin just like Hendricks's.

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30s: Gwyneth Paltrow

We can't find a speck of hyperpigmentation on Paltrow's complexion, and her skin is incredibly smooth. Get it for yourself with a laser. "In your late 30s, if you have textural issues such as enlarged pores and sun damage, you can start on the Pearl laser and IPL," suggests Somerville.

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30s: Rachel McAdams

You can get an even, lustrous complexion like McAdams's with a topical treatment. Somerville recommends a retinol product or Retin-A for increased cell turnover.

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30s: Reese Witherspoon

The secret behind Witherspoon's healthy flush may have something to do with her daily jogs, during which papparazzi love to snap photos. "Late nights, smoking, excessive alcohol, unhealthy food, lack of exercise—all of this will take a huge toll on your skin now," warns Somerville. But don't fret: "It’s not too late to make changes, both in your lifestyle and your skin."

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40s: Halle Berry

Berry may have a few subtle lines (and we mean subtle), but there's no sagging in sight. "While lines might have started forming in your 20s and 30s, now is when you start to see laxity. Titan is your treatment of choice for that because it’s fantastic for tightening everything up," Somerville recommends.

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40s: Jennifer Aniston

Besides her occasional weakness for Mexican food, Aniston's diet consists of lean fish and vegetables. And it's no surprise. "Exercise and a good diet are absolutely the fountains of youth at this age," says Somerville. "I’m a big believer in supplementing with vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids now."

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40s: Sandra Bullock

"Sun damage will really start to manifest now," says Somerville. To get spot-free skin like Bullock's, she advises, "Use Retin-A to speed up cell turnover to get rid of that damage deep in the layers of the skin."

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40s: Nicole Kidman

Last year, Kidman admitted to using Botox, but added that she wasn't happy with the results. Luckily, there's a whole range of treatments—from lights to lasers to other injectable fillers—that are more beneficial to women in their 40s than at any other age, says Somerville.

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40s: Salma Hayek

"Cell turnover has slowed down quite a bit now, and you may even have cell damage," says Somerville. She recommends peptides for hydrated, radiant skin like Hayek's; you can find them in Kate Somerville Quench Oil Free Hydrating Face Serum ($65; Click to Buy).

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50s: Julianne Moore

"Menopause is the defining occurrance in your fifties," informs Somerville. "Estrogen and progesterone levels drop like a stone, which results in you making less and less collagen and elastin." If you're not blessed with naturally-defined cheekbones à la Julianne Moore, plump up with injectable fillers like Juvederm, Radiesse, and Cosmoplast, which will fill out those areas that look gaunt and hollow. 

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50s: Christie Brinkley

Brinkley's complexion is glowing and dewy, but don't be fooled. "The common denominator at this age is dryness," says Somerville. She advises a two-pronged approach: "Topically, you can get rid of it through exfoliation and hydration."

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50s: Madonna

For women in their fifties, "subcutaneous fat degenerates and your muscles become more lax, causing sagging," explains Somerville. She's a fan of the Titan for tightening and lifting, so skin is firm but not bounce-a-quarter-off-it taut. Madonna's is smooth without looking nipped-and-tucked.

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50s: Michelle Pfeiffer

A few lines here or there are nothing for Pfeiffer to worry about, especially with her lit-from-within glow. The trick? Oral supplements. "This is when you need to make sure that you’re supplementing to get the nutrients you need, especially the omegas.  And I recommend taking internal hyaluronic acid and glucosamine, too," says Somerville. Extra hydration means extra-plump skin.

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50s: Sharon Stone

Sun spots? Uneven skin tone? Stone will have none of that. Replicate her perfect tone with a resurfacing laser treatement. At this age, says Somerville, you're the best candidate for Titan, which restores smooth texture to skin and removes hyperpigmentation.

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60s: Meryl Streep

Even in her sixties, Streep doesn't look outdated. "Professional estheticians and hairstylists are your friends now and will keep you looking current," dishes Somerville. It's part of the reason that Streep has stayed relevant and in-demand over the decades.

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60s: Diane Keaton

Keaton has been rocking a shoulder-length haircut for years, and according to Somerville, that may be part of why she gives off an energetic, younger-than-her-years vibe. "Pay attention to your hair, teeth and nails because they can betray your age, even when you have more youthful-looking skin."

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60s: Helen Mirren

"The same regimens you develop in your fifties will take you through the following decades," Somerville says. "But your skin will become increasingly thinner and drier, so you’ll need to reevaluate from time to time to make sure that you’re getting the hydration you need." Mirren's radiant complexion would be impossible to replicate without a hydrating, nourishing cream.

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60s: Glenn Close

Close's pale skin indicates that she doesn't spend a lot of time in the sun, and that's a good thing. "Pigmentation can become more apparent now, and sunscreen remains a must," advises Somerville. "Keep an eye on any moles that might be changing in shape, size or color; these will need to be checked by a dermatologist because nonmelanoma cancers are most common in this age group."

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60s: Jaclyn Smith

Smith doesn't have the same haircut or style that she had as one of Charlie's Angels, nor should she. "Many women cling stubbornly to the look they had when they felt 'in their prime',” explains Somerville, "but it only serves to date them."


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First Published March 23, 2012

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