Tips & Tricks to Make Clothes Look Luxe

The quickest ways to make inexpensive clothes look luxe.

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Sometimes inexpensive clothes lack the weight that a better fabric can provide, or simply lack a lining. You can’t change the fabric itself, but adding an underpinning to create a lining is an easy fix.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

Mix inexpensive items with pricier ones, so the overall effect is balanced. The expensive ones will elevate the whole look.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

Keep your color spectrum narrow. If you wear every hue in the rainbow, nothing will look chic, it’ll just look like a mess.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

When buying something inexpensive, make sure it looks rich. Are seams finished? Does hardware feel heavy? Are colors deep and saturated? Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it has to look it.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

It’s hard to do heavy embellishment in an inexpensive way, so watch out. This may not be the item you want to scrimp on.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

If you find something inexpensive and you’re not sure it looks right, chances are it’ll look best in black.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

Those iconic styles"think big logos"are not the things to buy cheap.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

It’s hard to make certain synthetics look great"the edges don’t finish well, the seams look too thick. It’s easier to fake a rich look in cotton, linen and silk.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

Too tight, too big, too short. The too’s will always cheapen your look.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

T-shirts, white button-downs, khakis, jeans are all things that are not worth spending on.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

This classic color combination is hot for spring and is easily bought cheap and faked for luxe.

Jason Frank Rothenberg

Buy inexpensive faux skin accessories"you get the look for a fraction of the cost. Small touches are best (belt, clutch), and natural hues are best.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

As long as it’s a color combination that flatters your skin tone and in a cut that works on your body, it’s anyone’s guess as to how much you actually spent. Retailer H& M will have great florals for spring.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

Basket-weave purses, cork-heeled wedges, raffia totes … all are big spring and summer looks, but never worth spending on.
Jason Frank Rothenberg

Change the buttons, swap out the belt for something better … you can make little changes to inexpensive items that will add big dollars to the overall effect.




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Jason Frank Rothenberg

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Pamela Kempher06.14.2011

Recycled article from last year.

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