Tough Workout? Pour Yourself Some Chocolate Milk

Recovering from a brutal boot camp? Got milk?

By Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

You woke up at an ungodly hour to sweat your way through that evil early Spinning class. Now go grab yourself a tall glass of . . . chocolate milk?

Wait—are we five-year-olds? Go ahead, ladies, and embrace your inner kindergartner. It turns out low-fat chocolate milk is the perfect post-workout drink.

UPI reports the beverage offers up the right mix of carbs and protein that bodies need after a hard workout, and researchers from the University of Texas at Austin say three related studies all tout the drink’s benefits.

Comparing low-fat chocolate milk with a typical sports drink and no-calorie drinks, researchers have found imbibing the kiddie fave after strenuous exercise leads to improved performance, faster adaptation to exercise and better body composition (think more muscle, less fat).

Chocolate milk as a workout reward? It almost makes us look forward to that early morning at the gym. Almost.

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First Published June 3, 2011

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