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Clock Out!

Clock Out!

I am trying to teach myself a valuable lesson ... learning to “clock out.” As an entrepreneur, I am so conditioned to working twenty-four-seven, I have trouble shutting off—hence, having my computer with me at the hospital when I was giving birth to my son Jackson last May. I have to sometimes remind myself that I changed professions (from relocation consultant to author/life coach) so that I did not have to work so much. It’s hard to teach old dog new tricks. It is so hard that sometimes when there is no work ... I actually invent it ... I make up some important task that needs my immediate attention! I should be using that energy elsewhere, right? I am not embracing change!

One night after the kids were in bed and my body was limp with exhaustion, I still crawled in bed with my laptop, notebooks, and client files. I actually found myself getting a little miffed at the fact that my inbox was empty and I had nothing to respond to. I really had nothing I needed to be doing at that moment except, well, SLEEPING! I had to say to myself, “Hey girl, CLOCK OUT!” If I am truly going to live my inspired life complete with the changes that I have put in place, I must learn to let go of the relocation manager’s work habits. 

A few nights ago, I was tempted to do work while my three year old daughter, Kennedy, played and danced around me. I instead closed the laptop and engaged her in a game of Memory. That felt good! To both of us! It was in that moment I realized how much I denied her my attention tapping away on my computer and forcing her to self-entertain.

CLOCK OUT! Decompress, and maybe creativity will return! CLOCK OUT! Kennedy will behave better ... that was proven that night! CLOCK OUT! I chose this new life to give me more time for myself and my family but I am clinging to my old maniac work ways that are no longer required. CLOCK OUT! The work day is over when the kids are home (maybe before) or when the work is done. It’s done when I say it is! Cramming work into every available second is not conducive to the life I want to live. CLOCK OUT! Now, if I can just get my husband to do the same ...