More’s Deputy Editor Declutters Her Closet

Deputy editor Jennifer Braunschweiger vowed to wear each item in her wardrobe and sell, donate or give away anything that didn’t speak to her life now. Click through to see some of her various looks and click here for the full story.

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Hello! Welcome to my closet project. On a whim, I decided to wear everything I own, then decide what to do with it. I was completely unprepared for how emotionally wrapped up I would get in the experiment. Read about it in the October issue of More—and check out some of the looks right here. 


This dress is by Diane Von Furstenberg, my go-to brand: Her clothes always fit, always look current, and are so perfect for work. I love this dress. Jen's Rule #1: Know your brands, know your size. Then you can buy online.

This skirt, from a thrift store, is one of my most favorite summer items. It is expensive to dry clean, so I tend to not wear it as much as I should. Another lesson from this closet experiment: I need to spend more time wearing the things I like the best. What am I saving them for?

I bought this wool Tory Burch shirt on a shopping trip with my mother. I'm not sure I would have bought it without her encouragement—but it has turned out to be one of the most useful items in my wardrobe. It's so helpful to have a second opinion in the dressing room!

The chain around my neck is meant to be worn as a belt. I like how big and bright it is. And it matches my favorite gold shoes. For the most part, I held on to my accessories—I've learned that the right jewelry goes a long way to elevating a so-so ensemble.

This gold tweed skirt has tiny sequins scattered over it. It also has a matching jacket—but I think it's way too mother-of-the-bride to wear them together. 

This dress is a little too bridal for the office. (A colleague said to me, "Getting married today?") But I love how it fits and I feel good in it. So it's staying.

This dress by Zero + Maria Cornejo (one of my new favorite designers) didn't photograph that well here. But it looks good in person. And it's so comfortable! There's something to be said for simple, well-fitting and black.

This green skirt by Tracy Feith has been a favorite for many years. Sadly, he's not designing any more. Tracy, come back! I need you!

This Ferragamo silk shirt is one of my oldie-but-goodies. I bought it at Loehmann's a million years ago—and it's still one of my favorite pieces. I need to remember to wear it more.

This Joseph skirt was a major thrift-store find. When I wore it recently, I realized I need to have it taken in a little. A tailor you trust is a key element in any closet experiment. (Also, until I did this experiment, I had no idea how often I wear gold. Gold!)

I don't do casual at the office very often. For some reason, I find a casual look harder to pull off than a professional one. But this was a Friday when everyone was out and there were no meetings. A good pair of white jeans = summer must-have.

I was wearing this skirt when I met Bill Clinton. It was winter and I paired it with a purple turtleneck sweater. Still proud of that look. 

My mother gave me this Zara skirt and I love it. What you can't see here is that the back is black with white flowers. I think it's interesting to have an outfit that looks different from the front and back. 

These blue-and-pink Fendi loafers were the real treasure from my closet project. I bought them years ago, half a size too small because I loved them so much (come on, don't tell me you've never done that). And then I never wore them because I worried they would hurt my feet. But I did have them stretched three times. So when I finally pulled them out and wore them here, I was thrilled to discover that they are completely comfortable. Yay!

This outfit goes to show that things you've loved for a long time can still work. I bought these Romeo Gigli trousers at Loehmann's when I was in college. And they're still chic! Yay!

The ruffles on this TSE cardigan keep it interesting. I don't wear white that often—note to self: Put this sweater into heavier rotation!

I had to be on TV today, hence the blown-out hair and fancy, Derek Lam dress. Best thing about the dress? Pockets. 


If, like Jennifer, you've rediscovered a favorite item in your closet, send us a photo to


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