Woman’s 733 Pairs of Converse All Stars a Guinness Record?

This retired teacher from Florida owns 733 pairs of Chucks.

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Now, we consider our sneaker collection to be fairly vast. There’s the fitness category—you know, for running, hiking, hitting the occasional cardio class. There’s the casual category—shoes you slip on before heading to the store or picking up the kids. There’s even a novelty category, with retro, funky or other quirky styles eating up closet space as well.

But we have nothing—nothing!—on Penny Gold. The Imelda Marcos of sneakers owns a magnificent 733 pairs of Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, Today reports, and her shopping habit may have helped her set a new Guinness Book of World Records.

The former teacher from Florida had so many Chucks, she used to wear a different pair to school every day, challenging her students to catch her recycling, according to the news show. They never could.

Gold, 63, documented her ginormous stockpile of shoes for Guinness verification this week, but she should be, well, a shoo-in: Today notes the current record is a mere 403.

Converse, meet your next spokesperson. Because a love of kicks that great makes Gold an All Star in our eyes, record or not.

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First Published January 6, 2012

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