Cougar Chatter: Emma Thompson is Not Amused

Emma Thompson's cougar diss.

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We just can’t get enough of the Betty White renaissance. In her promo for Saturday Night Live (she’s hosting on May 8), White uses her coy comedic chops to call out the media for labeling her a cougar. We’re hooked, and can’t wait to see what else she delivers as the SNL host. See the clip (complete with hunky homemaker) here.
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When asked on The View whether he’d ever consider dating an older women, Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson replied with a resounding "yeah," then added, "I think Betty White is probably one of the sexiest women in America." The View gals sounded skeptical, but Pattinson stood firm. "She’s vibrant," he said. "It’s sexy . . . the more age, the better." See the clip here. (3/3/10)

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Although she’s dating a man 17 years her junior, Katie Couric would prefer not to be called a cougar, she tells Harper’s Bazaar: "I just find it stupid, you know? I think it also surmises that the older woman is always the pursuer. That’s not necessarily true. I always say that maybe the older woman is the prey and someone else is the predator. It’s just silly."  (2/8/10)

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Air New Zealand is in the hot seat after posting a spoof documentary featuring a group of cougars so desperate for young men they starve themselves by day, then hunt for "meat" by night, prowling pubs for cubs, while tripping younger women then forcing their prey back to their lairs to listen to Enya and the Eurythmics. Duane Perrot, manager of Grabaseat, the airline’s discount promotion arm, said in a statement that the campaign (which has been pulled) was designed as "light-hearted humor to kick off the New Year." Here’s the video; you be the judge. Feel free to post your comments below.  (1/19/10)

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