Cougar Chatter: Emma Thompson is Not Amused

Emma Thompson's cougar diss.

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"Eligible guys are hard to find," says Gina Gershon. The actress, currently starring in the Broadway revival of Bye Bye Birdie, tells the New York Post‘s Cindy Adams: "I know amazing professional women who can’t get guys. Only young ones come on to me. In their 20s, they’re emotionally available and more polite. Those my own age don’t want strong women. The ones in their 40s were raised wrong."  (10/6/09)   See next page for more Cougar News.
Mary Louise Parker, 45, has been dating musician Charlie Mars, 35, since June, sources tell People. Parker stars in Mars’ video for the song "Listen to the Darkside."  (9/30/09)

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The "World’s First International Cougar Cruise" sets sail from San Francisco for a three-day weekend jaunt to trip to Baja, Mexico, December 4-7 aboard the Carnival Fun Ship Elation. Aimed specifically at older women and younger men, it’s being co-sponsored by The Singles Travel Company and The Society of Single Professionals (the same folks who brought us the National Single Cougars Convention in Palo Alto last August). (9/14/09)

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The real "cougar town"? According to a recent report, there are 2000 more single women ages 20-64 than men in the Sacramento region, and news media in the area are touting the number as evidence that the city is "Cougar Central." (Interesting how they hone in on "cougar" when the women are as young as 20.)  (9/7/09)

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"I think more women would be happier if they channeled their inner 14-year-old girls once in a while" —sex therapist Laura Berman, director of the Berman Center in Chicago, in a Newsweek story about the popularity of American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert among older women.  (8/31/09)

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