Cougar Chatter: Emma Thompson is Not Amused

Emma Thompson's cougar diss.

By the MORE Cougar Café Editors
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In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Emma Thompson said of the Hollywood cougar phenom, "I don’t get it. It seems predatory and I don’t really approve." The actress, who is seven years older than her husband (actor Greg Wise), added, "I am a happily married woman, but, even if I was single, I wouldn’t be up for it."  (11/9/10)
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Cougar pride: 69% of the men surveyed by the Facebook dating app said they’d dated an older woman; 76% of the women had dated a younger man, and 73% of the women said they wouldn’t mind being called a cougar.  (10/28/10)

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"Watching one of the High School Musicals with my son. The cougar in me loves Zac Efron"—tweeted by Elizabeth Hurley, who would surely enjoy checking out Zac and the 31 other hot young guys in our Cougar Bait slideshow(8/26/10)

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A study in Britain calls the cougar phenom a "myth" and claims that "cougar women do not exist"! Read our interview with the lead researcher here(8/20/10)

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We’ve heard of kissing a frog and getting a prince, but how about a prince kissing a cougar? In a 2006 interview with London’s Daily Mail, then 34-year-old designer Catherine Davies described a passionate smooch with Britain’s Prince Harry, 13 years her junior. "I was quite taken aback by him," she told the paper.  "He’s very mature." The two met during a night out with mutual friends. (Prince Harry’s PR representative declined to comment). Davies is back in the news: Watch for Catherine (along with accused White House party crasher Michaele Salahai) on The Real Housewives of D.C, under her married name, Catherine Ommanney. One hitch: she and her husband have reportedly separated since the filming. At any rate, the show premieres August 5 on Bravo. (7/16/10)

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Here are some of the new names ABC is mulling for Cougar Town, according to Entertainment WeeklyFriends and Family, Friends and Neighbors, The Cul de Sac,Neighborhood Jules, Neighborhooding, The End of the Street, The Neighborhood. Any of these titles work for you? Comment below. (6/30/10)

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