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Brush up on these skills before you launch a new business.

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Sharpen Your Decision Making Skills

Hone your instincts. Learn how to get the information you need—as well as how to interpret it.





Photo courtesy of marekuliasz/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of marekuliasz/

The Course

Learn the art of decision making from entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 executives in Stanford University's free online course, Lessons in Decision Making.




Photo courtesy of DJ40/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of DJ40/

Become a Thought Leader

Don't be afraid to speak up to let your innovative ideas be known. Do your research, and share your vision.




Photo courtesy of Skyline/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Skyline/

The Course

Be inspired to become an original thinker with Stanford University's free online seminar, Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders' Seminar.





Photo courtesy of Pincasso/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Pincasso/

Believe in Ethics

We do business with people we trust. Secure your reputation. Make people want to do business with you—and invest in your company.









Photo credit courtesy of Ivelin Radkov/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ivelin Radkov/

The Course

You'll be able to build an impeccable reputation after taking Massachusetts Institute of Technology's online course, Ethical Practice: Professionalism, Social Responsibility and the Purpose of the Corporation.





Photo courtesy of Jorge Salcedo/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Jorge Salcedo/

Be a Better Manager

Bring out the best in your employees by understanding their motivations.






Photo courtesy of Dmitriy Shironosov/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dmitriy Shironosov/

The Course

Try this self-directed Managerial Psychology course offered through Massachusetts Institute of Technology.







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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Songquan Deng/

Marketing Research

Now that you've settled on a brilliant product idea, how do you find your customers?








Photo courtesy of Sergej Khakimullin/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Sergej Khakimullin/

The Course

With UC Berkeley's online Marketing Research class, you'll learn how to conduct focus groups and surveys to uncover your most profitable customers.






Photo courtesy of Rafael Ramirez Lee/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Rafael Ramirez Lee/

Strategic Planning

You've identified your customers—but how do you reach them?







Photo courtesy of Ohmega1982/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ohmega1982/

The Course

UC Berkeley offers another online course, Strategic Marketing, to teach you how to market your products.




Photo courtesy of Lynn Watson/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lynn Watson/

Become Better at Time Management

What is that saying, "Time is Money?" So why are you wasting it responding to emails in your overflowing inbox?






Photo courtesy of donskarpo/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of donskarpo/

The Course

Don't waste any more time on routine tasks. Build for tomorrow with Franklin Covey's webinar, the LiveClicks Time Management Series.






Photo courtesy of Biljana Kumer/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Biljana Kumer/

Build Stronger Teams

You're only as good as the people around you. Select the best, and learn how to lead.






Photo courtesy of Warakorn/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warakorn/

The Course

With Franklin Covey's LiveClicks Leadership Series, you'll build enthusiasm among your employees, and gain their loyalty.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

You may know what you want, but can you say it?








Photo courtesy of Kheng Guan Toh/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Kheng Guan Toh/

The Course

Take The University of Texas at Austin's online course, Business Interpersonal Communication Skills, to strengthen your ability to influence others with effective communication.



Photo courtesy of Ricardo Garza/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ricardo Garza/

Understand Social Media

Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram. What does it mean? And, more importantly, what are your customers saying about you?






Photo courtesy of pressureUA/

Photo Credit: Courtesy of pressureUA/

The Course

Join in the dialogue and learn how to measure your social media success with MediaBistro's online course, Social Media Metrics. Just don't get addicted. You've got work to do.

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