Cybill Shepherd Dishes on 'The Client List' and Her Hot Male Co-Stars

'The Client List' star talks about everything from being a proud mom to what she really thought of her male co-stars and what she’d like to tell her 25 year old self

by Leslie Van Buskirk
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More: Have you thought about plastic surgery, Botox, fillers?
CS: I did have some work done on my eyes last summer but no one would really know. This is the thing about that: We’re coming back to choice—for women or men. If you want to have work done, have it done. Don’t let anyone tell you not to do it. I think the thing about aging is, don’t fight it too hard. It’s going to happen. If you’re lucky enough to live long enough, you live through menopause. And then you come out the other side and you go, “Life is still great.”

More: Do you imagine working until just the day you drop?
CS: Yes, I do. I love what I do. I’m fortunate that I can be selective enough to not have to do anything. I did a couple of pilots over the years and the scripts were great, but the pilots weren’t very good. And I was really happy they didn’t get picked up.

More: What’s one thing you wish you could tell your 25 year old self?
CS: “Relax, will ya?!” (Laughs) Gosh! You know, I became world famous at 18, and dealing with fame like that at an early age, and coming to New York, I don’t think I felt very confident. I don’t’ think I started feeling confident until… (Pauses) Well, I gave birth to Clementine at 28, and then I think at that point, the center of the universe switched from me to my child. I was the sole supporter and that, actually, is what I’m most proud of—my children.

More: Time for some random questions. What’s left on your bucket list?
CS: Well there’s a couple movies I’d like to produce and star in. One of them is based on an extraordinary book written by a friend of mine, Deborah Strobin, called An Uncommon Journey: From Vienna to Shanghai to America. It’s a story of how a brother and a sister who escaped to freedom during World War II. And the other thing I’d love to do is some kind of tribute to Doris Day. She’s under-appreciated and brilliant in everything she did. She was the number one box office star and she was the number one vocalist in America.

More: You’ve been married twice—would you do it again?
CS: I would love to get married again, but live separately.

More: I think a lot of women can relate to that thought! Now, please say the first word or phrase that pops into your mind to describe some of your male costars. Jeff Bridges [from The Last Picture Show]?
CS: Fabulous.

More: Robert De Niro [Taxi Driver]?
CS: Unbelievably attractive.

More: Burt Reynolds [At Long Last Love]?
CS: Love him forever.

More: Bruce Willis [Moonlighting]?
CS: Sexiest man alive.

More: Mark Harmon [Moonlighting]?
CS: The best! I would like to go out with him now.

More: Robert Downey Jr. [Chances Are]?
CS: We had a lot of chemistry. He will always be my boyfriend.

More: What’s your biggest indulgence?
CS: Chocolate! I like darker chocolate. They say it’s good for you.

More: It is—it has anti-oxidents!
CS: I know! And I’m going to have some right now…

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