Cynthia Nixon on Being an Older Mom, Reinvention and Living with Rosacea

Cynthia Nixon has conquered the small screen, the big screen and the Great White Way. Now the award-winning actress is tackling her latest challenge, only this time it’s personal. Read an edited version of our interview with her below

Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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Photograph: Steven Sebring

More: What did you do?
CN: I would have my makeup artist put on heavy foundation to cover up the redness and cover up the breakouts, which is not like me because I am the type that goes light on that stuff, especially if I am shooting 15 to 17 hours a day.

More: Does having this condition make you self-conscious?
CN: Absolutely. It is hard to feel good about yourself and it is hard to feel that you are presenting your best when you know your skin is a mess. 

More: Does it do something to your self-esteem?
CN: Absolutely. It makes it hard to do your job. It was an issue personally, too. If I was at an event or I was with my family, it made it hard for me to feel good about myself.

More: Instead of hiding or running away from it, you are also becoming the face for a new campaign.
CN: Yes. I am encouraging people to go to to learn more about it and see several PSAs I shot, which go into detail about everything you need to know.

More: Sharing health issues in a public forum is something you know all too well because you are also a breast cancer survivor.
CN: Yes.

More: How are you doing?
CN: I am fine, and just passed my five-year mark. Actually it is five and a half. I also just went off tamoxifen, which was terrific.

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