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Brandusa Niro expands her empire.

By Susan Swimmer
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Growing up a fashionista in Communist Romania must have taken real passion, but Brandusa Niro has a lifelong supply. In The Daily, a magazine distributed at New York’s Fashion Week (September 8 to 15), Niro has created a publication that’s as addictive as a gossip site and fresher than the fashion trades. Equally impressive: She speaks to the fashion elite about their business in a voice that’s neither insulting nor fawning.

The daughter of a professor and a Ministry of Agriculture CFO, Niro fueled her youthful fashion obsession with contraband copies of French Elle, which an uncle pinched from the French Embassy in Bucharest. She’d pore over the photos, then beg her mother to handstitch re-creations of things she liked. 

After arriving in the United States in 1990, Niro made up for lost time. Stilettos blazing, she worked in ad sales and fashion marketing, then in 1998 launched the website Fashion Wire Daily (which eventually became Fashionweekdaily.com). It provided the template for The Daily. “I love a sense of urgency,” Niro says. “The idea was to be the Associated Press of fashion.” Mission accomplished: With equal parts news, glossy photos and dish, The Daily is a must-read roundup.

This summer Niro started a weekly version of The Daily in the Hamptons, and this month a bilingual edition will debut at Milan’s fashion week. “You have to please your audience, but you also have to surprise them,” Niro says. “I take a celebratory approach to the fashion industry, and I want to have a ridiculous amount of fun while doing it.”

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First Published August 17, 2011

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