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by Susan Toepfer • More Features Editor/Entertainment
Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy Dallas image
Larry Hagman (left) and Patrick Duffy continue their roles as fraternal frenemies J.R. and Bobby Ewing.
Photograph: Zade Rosenthal

The show that kept us counting cattle for 13 years (1978-1991)—and had the whole country wondering Who Shot J.R.?—returns with some of its original cast (Larry Hagman, Linda Grey, Patrick Duffy, Charlene Tilton) and enough young ‘uns to keep the action (and the romance) current. As the saga moves up a century in this two-hour premiere, Bobby Ewing (Duffy) has a new wife (Desperate Housewives’ Brenda Strong), while Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), the son he adopted with Pam, has developed an eco-conscious streak. That pits him against JR’s oil-greedy offspring John Ross (Josh Henderson). It’s well worth checking out this surprisingly successful continuation of the original series.

Dallas debuts Wednesday, June 13 at  9 PM ET on TNT. Click here for a sneak preview.

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