If You're Thinking of Taking a Cruise...

Patti Davis says she's never understood why anyone would want to file onto a big boat with thousands of other people and go out to the middle of the ocean, where the only escape is a lifeboat or diving into shark-infested waters hoping you’ll be rescued.

by Patti Davis
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Of course, some people want to go on a cruise ship just so they can do things that are illegal at home – like gamble, if their state doesn’t allow it, or engage in prostitution – no problem if you have an Amsterdam flag flying above you – or pot smoking. Just don’t try complaining if a stoned prostitute rips you off at the gambling table.

The Costa Concordia tragedy combined with these other shocking tidbits should make everyone swear off the notion of ever setting foot on a cruise ship. For God’s sake, there are planes, trains, car trips, and in a pinch there’s the Discovery Channel where you can see the Horn of Africa without endangering your life.

Patti has contributed to numerous magazines and newspapers over the past 20 years, and one of her screenplays, Sacrifices of the Heart, was produced by Hallmark in 2007. She has just finished a script about a fictional First Daughter, and is working on another novel titled The Myth of Water.


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First Published January 18, 2012

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Birdie Mom 01.25.2012

The tragedy aboard the Costa Concordia was not a common occurrence in the cruise world. Seeing an article written by a professed claustrophobic really annoyed me. I have been cruising for almost 20 years - have never gotten norovirus (that is what hand sanitizers help prevent) - have never felt claustrophobic(think outside cabin if that is your problem) and have ALWAYS had positive experiences on board. We have cruised to Alaska, New England, Italy and Croatia, the Baltic, all of the Caribbean, Mexico.etc. We have hit bad weather on some cruises but nothing that wrist bands could not make tolerable.
I think it is a terrible disservice to write a blog based on no experience with the subject matter other than a fear of actually doing it. Other people read this blog and make decisions based on your blog. While cruising may not be for everyone - the negativity of the blog and your justifications to stay on dry land - are your opinion - not necessarily those shared by other people. I respect your right to share your feelings but think that it was not really an appropriate time to add fuel to the fire.

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