A First Peek at Dar Williams's Upcoming Album

Singer-songwriter Dar Williams's ninth album comes out on April 17. Here's a sneak peek at the cover and free listen of the opening tune, “I Am the One Who Will Remember Everything.” An edited version of our interview with her follows.

by Ilyssa Panitz • More.com Celebrity Reporter
dar williams album cover image
Photograph: Amy Dickerson

More: Is it accurate to say this album is unlike anything else you have ever done?
DW: The Greek gods were an excellent path to guide what I feel is very personal to me. I am reaching out of myself. It definitely felt like this is something I can throw myself into instead of just going into myself. There was a wonderful palette where I can put a whole bunch of wonderful ideas because Greek mythology has been here for thousands of years.

More: Which Greek god do you most resemble?
DW: I love Hermes. He is described as the god of people who lived by their wits.

More: How has your songwriting changed now that you are in your forties?
DW: That is what makes this album so different. I think when you are in your twenties you say, “Someone else should do this,” and when you reach your forties you say, “I can do this.” The stakes are higher now because so many more things are connected.

More: You say the stakes are higher. I assume the pressure is greater too?
DW: The pressure has to be one more voice to silence in the creative process. You put out these tracks and you are always going to have someone say you lost your voice, you lost your ear or you’ve listened to too many audiobooks. I feel when you are younger your voice says, “Who am I to do this?” and “You can’t break these walls!” When you are older the voice says,"I am making a living at this and my work will stand as proof to put the other voices aside."

More: Do you read the reviews after your albums are released?
DW: If anything, I read the interviews I have granted. For me, it's a lot at once. If I were to get a call from someone I know who says, “That critic was so wrong and was obviously angry at someone else,” it's better to read it, digest it and then move on from it.

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First Published February 22, 2012

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