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Denial of Service

Denial of Service

As a white woman, I can’t say that I have ever had much experience with being discriminated against but I am experiencing a kind of blind discrimination lately. Let me try to explain what I mean. And don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to equate this to being discriminated against like racial discrimination, but it is something that even this website is guilty of.

Maybe you don’t recognize it when you see it. Or maybe it is something you are not aware of. But believe me it exists. I encounter this problem almost everyday. I know you want to know what it is, and I am going to tell you, but before I do, let me ask you this question. How hard would it be for you to do your job and all you have to do if most of the websites or catalogs you go to, tell you your address either does not exist or it is unacceptable at their service. How do you argue with a computer and how do you get the attention of a real person? And even if you did get their attention what could they do? They can’t rewrite the program for the lonely few of us who encounter this problem can they?

And getting the government to change things would take an act of God. Let me be frank, having a post office box for an address is a real problem sometimes. And having a physical address doesn’t always help if it is not considered a legitimate address because you don’t get your mail there. I live in a small town, on one side of a highway, they have mail delivery, and on the other side, we have P.O. Boxes. It is not because our side is the poor side or anything like that, it is just been that way ever since there was mail service in this town, all the way back to 1850. They are discussing having mail service for the rest of town but the federal government works very slowly. I will just have to keep trying to convince computers that a P.O. Box is a legitimate address, or that my physical address really exists even though I don’t get mail there.