Dieting? Go Ahead and Dine Out Anyway

Study finds older women bring healthy habits to the restaurant table

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Some things in life are just too precious to give up. A cold beer and a hot dog at a baseball game. That perfectly worn-in pair of stilettos you’ve had since the Clinton administration. Going out to dinner.

And now we don’t even have to feel guilty about them—well, at least about that last one. NPR reports a new study finds women ages 50 to 60 can lose weight even if they dine at restaurants.

“What was really surprising was that eating at restaurants did not predict long-term weight change,” Bethany Barone Gibbs, lead researcher, tells the broadcaster.

Early on in a diet, the researchers found, eating at home was best when it came to losing pounds. But as women aged, when they ate out (two or three times a week on average), they made healthy choices, such as limiting meat, cheese, desserts and soda, according to NPR.

“The strongest effect actually was for fruits and vegetables,” Barone Gibbs tells the broadcaster.

Phew. We were afraid they were going to say they cut back on the cold beer. Bullet dodged.

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