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All the goodies you'll get if you win!
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Fine lines and dull skin won’t stand a chance against a Dior Capture Totale skin-care regimen. This opulent anti-aging line boasts technology that protects your skin’s stem cells, keeping your complexion looking younger longer. And results are said to be swift—most see a difference in as little as six weeks.

Enter to win this the Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket! The lucky winner will get nine amazing products (eye cream, night cream and everything in between!), valued at more than $1,100.

The goodies include: Capture Totale Night Crème; Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Crème; Capture Totale Radiance Enhancer; Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Serum; Capture Totale Nourishing Rich Crème; Capture Totale 21 Night Renewal System; Capture Totale One Essential; Capture Totale Eye Treatment; and Capture Totale UV Protect SPF 35.

HOW TO ENTER? Leave a comment in the comments section of THIS article telling us why you deserve the Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket. Your comment will not show up right away-- please be patient while we take the time time to approve it. Once published, we'll notify you at the e-mail address you provided when you registered on We reserve the right to delete spam or obscene comments. We will randomly select the winner from all comments received.

No purchase necessary.  Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., 21 years and older. This sweepstakes ends on April 30, 2012. Click here for official rules. Void where prohibited.

**Entry for the sweepstakes is now closed**

First published in the April 2012 issue

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Lynn Gordon04.28.2012

I went through a horrible divorce a couple of years ago. My husband left me for someone 16 years younger! Now, at 50 I'm trying to date again. I would like to restore the years he took away and not add any new ones!

cherryll ranger04.28.2012

Ah, deserve seems like such a stron word to respond to. I join others whose health has taken a dive with cancer and treatments along with other chromic medical problems, early menopause and jobless. All before 50. That's next! Somehow it seems to roll off the stress level when I feel better about myself. I don't buy a lot of new clothes (long time habit for wearing a uniform most of my life). I never wear makeup but my hair and skin are the two things my mom always took care of and I have followed suit. This would be a great gift but "deserving" above others? Someone is always more deserving even those not subscribing.

deborah cummins04.28.2012

I am a 56 year old Secondary English teacher. I am committed to my job and, for the most part, the students keep me young. Last year my husband was placed on the heart transplant list and we are anxiously awaiting. While the stress has taken a toll, we are both optimistic that our lives will ultimately be as rewarding as they have been thus far (Mark also teaches high school). I would love to pamper myself with the delicious Dior products as a treat while we wait.

maria cardenas04.28.2012

I have used Dior products during 25 years, I am 56 now. I owe my skin to Dior.Unfortunally I lost my job and I can't
afford my products as often. I save a small amount amount every month and I buy 1 product at a time. Even if I don't get the basquet THANK YOU!!!!!Dior


I THINK I DESERVE THIS BASKET because i really take care of my complexion, and i'm 41 but people constantly think i'm 25-30! i know that my extremely oily skin is why i look so young, but, it's a condition i'll gladly take to the grave! i'll never get plastic surgury, just fantastic products that will keep me looking young forever!


I love this magazine beacuse it caters to women my age with practical usable advice. It encourages me to preserve my skin through a daily regime. I would love to have the experience of this awesome skin care regime. It is perfect timing for me as I am in the middel of using up various products and I am looking for a new line that will continue to keep my skin firm in good condition as I age. Thank you for the opportunity.


I haven't had any pampering in a very long time.

Amy 04.28.2012

The basket looks great!!


I have never tried Dior Skin care...I am seeing wrinkles, dryness, redness and sagging...and I work under bright lights!!!

rstp1977 04.28.2012

I'm finally learning how to take care of myself - a "late bloomer", if you will - and I'd love to win this basket!

Deborah 04.28.2012

I've been deployed in Afghanistan for four assignments, all together almost 8.5 years. After the desert dryness, the bad water, the lack of spas or shops, and the stress of war, I am in desparate need of a Dior Luxury Skin Care Basket!


As i face my 51st birthday I would just love this basket of Dior luxury

Linda Phillips04.27.2012

Over 50 and job hunting, it's a catch 22, can not afford the skin care products but need to look good to get the job, these products would do the trick!

Suzanne 04.27.2012

I think every woman deserves to win the Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket, and be the best they can be! The reality is that for some, it is difficult to invest (financially, physically, mentally, and/or spiritually) in themselves. I am one of those people. I am a single mother of three sons; my youngest son is autistic. Once I turned 50 and looked in the mirror (OK, I needed to put my glasses on to see), I realized the results of neglecting myself over the years. I do not have the money or time to pamper myself. The Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket would not only help my dried-out skin, wrinkles, etc., but also give me a much needed confidence boost. Thank you More Magazine and Dior for the opportunity for a chance to win!

An Attitude Of Gratitude
My hope is to have these beautiful gifts to help me be lovely then I can keep up with my wonderful goals of helping people and seeing them thrive.


as a women of a certain age, experiencing all of these products would be a real treat.

Karen 04.27.2012

I would love to be living proof that the products actually work for the price you are willing to pay for RESULTS!!!!

gale hardester04.27.2012

I have never entered a sweepstakes, but because I love this magazine and all the information I receive about the great products especially Dior(which I need totally)I am definitly entering this one. I am 60 years old and would love to use this anti-aging line. To see results in as little as six weeks and not have to buy it since I've lost my job would be fabulous! Dior make me a believer. Thank You

Suzy 04.27.2012

I really really deserve this beautiful extremely generous gift from MORE magazine because my skin really really needs it!!! I work constantly, have a five year old son and am frequently stressed out which shows on my face, especially!! I would really really appreciate it, MORE magazine, if I won this gift!!! Thanks so much for even considering me....


i'm steadfastly loyal to the brands i use and love, thus it's a challenge to convert me, unless it's a gift basket so i can sample new products! :)

Carol Danho04.27.2012

I really need some Dior.

ROSE ADAMS04.27.2012

I love makeup. Buying it, applying it. I love how it makes me feel, pretty and young. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to buy really good makeup thats good for my skin, and pretty to wear. I gladly made sacrifices in this area to buy nice things for my grandchildren to wear, and also give good care for my pets. That's why I think I deserve this Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket, because just like the name sounds, it is a luxury to wear this good makeup.


I have great karma from all the thoughtful things I do for others (say my hubby ;-) so this would be so awesome for me to win as a way of 'giving back' to ME.


Simply Wonderful ~ Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

I usually do not respond to these types of promotions, but for some reason saw my name written across that basket in this month's magazine. I am in my early forties, a mother, wife, sister and dear friend - depending who you ask. But at home I am the only "XX" (women) and therefore have little support or even direction about skincare, let alone recommendations of the latest products. So I think I deserve this package because for one I do suffer from dull skin and some fine lines, but importantly if the solution or improvement is in one total package it takes all the guesswork and time dedicated to trying to figure it out. Just maybe the guys at home will notice the improvements Dior boasts. Please make me a believer.

Kelly Williams04.27.2012

I just really want to win that basket!


I'm sure winning this basket of extraordinary products could help me keep a decade off my face! I sure hope to win!

Bonnie 04.27.2012

Bonnie I want this so desperately to give to a special friend who is battle for her life. She would adore this. ❤׺°”`

darlene warner04.27.2012

would love to have something to make me look younger. right now i am 36 but look 56. I need all the help i can get.thank you!!

Tara Dublin04.27.2012

What woman WOULDN'T want to win this? I could tell you my sob story, like all the other sob stories (unemployed single mom, my boyfriend of 6 years just dumped me), but I'll just say that yesterday I turned 43 and my skin NEEDS a birthday present. I'll never be able to afford Dior anything, so this would be glorious.

Dori Seals04.27.2012

I would love to win this, my face needs help! I have rosecia, I would love to be an example of something that could really help me and other people with my problem. I have just lost my job too and need a boost. My name is Dori too almost the same as Dior :)..

mej92211 04.27.2012

I used Capture Totale a few years ago and loved it. I also sold it at a high-end department store and got to know it more thoroughly through their training classes. When I had compliments on my nice skin I always referred people to Dior, even my mother. Since then I've relocated, endured 2 layoffs back-to-back and had some health problems, all of which put a damper on my finances so I haven't been able to enjoy the Capture Totale products. My skin would be soooo happy if I won the skin-care basket. Thanks

Wendy Durham04.27.2012

What a wonderful way to be pampered and look younger without ever leaving the house. Look forward to using these products!

Kathy Smith04.27.2012

I can't afford plastic surgery, so this package of skin care products are the best next thing to surgery!!!
Thank you!

Karen Karlowski04.27.2012

Last year was very difficult with many challenging life experiences. The most recent is that I am cancer free for 3 months which is thrilling. However, the treatment has changed my skin texture and my old products don’t seem to work as well as they did before. Plus, the aging process hasn’t helped either. I am looking for products that help bring a healthy glow to my face to match my outlook. Dior and its products are bound to do just that!

Nikole Henthorn04.27.2012

I Love Dior products and use them faithfully! My mom is a beautiful lady at 71 who puts everyone else first. I would love to win the basket to introduce the products to her and give her some pampering to brighten her day and make her gorgeous! Thank you.

LISA 04.27.2012

I turn 40 this year and am trying to head off wrinkles before they start. I'm sure these Dior products would do just that!

erothba erothba04.27.2012

I am a semi-single working mother. I work full time as an elementary school teacher and I have two special needs children of my own. I am also trying to work with and to help my mother who has altzimers. But, I am happy with my life. Even though I may have a plate that is very full, I still feel blessed to have all that I have. I would however, love to try the products shown and to share them with my mother to help her feel better as well.
Thank you -


i love dior

Laura Speer04.26.2012

Have never used these products but at 52 years of age, would love the opportunity to become a Dior girl!


I think looking healthy and feeling healthy are closely connected with looking and feeling your very best. These products are some of the best on the market for skin care and health.

My journey into the realm of staying young and fresh looking is pretty simple right now. I use a DDF Revolve 400X Micro polishing system for deep at home microdermabrasion treatments, then experiment with different skin care products and brands. My journey is a very natural approach at 58 years old, without botox or plastic surgery. I am pleased with my age and am pretty healthy from good genetics as well as a natural health style of eating and working outside on our rural property. The sun has created a bit of havoc since I did sunbath with coconut oil in my teens. Luckily I have not had any serious skin problems that the dermotologist cannot remove via the spray nitrogen. Right now I am experimenting with different brands of skin care products, one of which is Dior. I have experienced very good results with Dior as well as other brands and would very much appreciate winning the Dior Luxury Skin Care Package for a complete testing of Dior products. Thank you More magazine and Dior!


I would love to give this to my mother for mother's day!


Anne Kennemer..Turning 65 on February 20,2012,is such a milestone..At this time in my life it would be a wonderful experience to represent Dior, and use the CAPTURE TOTALE SKIN-CARE REGIMEN .My motto in life has always been NEVER SAY NEVER BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW. SO BRING IT ON...

Mary Gillespie04.26.2012

I've have a tough six months. I broke my leg very badly in September and had to keep it elevated for three months and have only recently started walking without a cane. Two weeks after I broke my leg I was supposed to be off to Las Vegas with seven of my best friends to celebrate my 70th birthday and see Elton John in concert. That got canceled as did a surprise party I lately discovered my family had planned for family & friends to celebrate my 70th. It's time to start pampering myself and what better way to do it then with these incredible Dior products.


I'm currently expecting our 2nd child and have been on bedrest since I learned I was pregnant. It would be great to have some new skincare products!

Louise 04.26.2012

The last couple of years my skin has seemed to change...a few more wrinkles, a bit more sagging, and uneven skintone due to medications...this would be wonderful to try and see a diffference and make me feel more confident.


I have just started a new job, after a year of health issues. I am loving it and would love to be able to put my best face forward.

Zaneta 04.26.2012

My 40th birthday is coming this year on 12/12/12.I do feel special already,was mis-diagnosed with Lupus in y.2000,mis-treated with Prednisone, biopsied on my nerve center in Achilles,was ready to die.I DID SURVIVED,am back to average person.My son(than7)gave me the courage to live.He adores Dior Homme,wrote an winning essay about Men's Fashion last year.We love,adore and live DIOR !It's ok if I don't win this basket.Thanks


After reading the comments, I feel guilty for hoping to win this basket...but, here goes. 10 days after my 60th birthday (March 2012) - which was a very difficult birthday emotionally - I was rushed into surgery with a perforated colon. They removed 8 inches of colon and I currently have a colostomy. I will have to have more surgery in June. This has been one of the hardest things I've ever dealt with - from a physical and emotional perspective. My body, skin, hair have taken a real blow and my self esteem is almost none existent right now. This basket of goodies would allow me to pamper myself a bit and deal with the reality of being 60! Thank you for listening!!

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