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First published in the April 2012 issue

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I would LOVE to try this basket of beauty! My skin is tingling in anticipation just looking at it!!!!

Carole 04.03.2012

I'm 62 and still working full time - probably one of the older women in the company. I need to keep my younger appearance. I'd love to win this Dior package.

Daisy Salazar04.03.2012

I was elated after reading about this contest....why do I deserve to win. Well, #1 Because it will be a first time!!
#2 I will jump up and down in pure joy. #3 Then the neighbors will hear my screams, they will think something is going on, I will have to tell them that I just won a contest in my favorite magazine, MORE! #4 After sometime using DIOR everybody will notice... Sounds GREAT!!!

Elsa Chapa04.03.2012

How awesome to win this great basket of Dior products! I work overnight so I always look tired even on my days off! To win this would be treating myself to something I would never think of trying because as a Mom we always put ourselves last. Thank you to More magazine for giving us an opportunity to win something special!


What a delux treat. I can't think of one woman who doesn't deserve to be least once in a while! Including myself.


My skin could use all of the help it can get! Work and family stress, along with a new eating and exercise plan means my skin is neglected. Would love to win this!

tamara bochan04.03.2012

What an opportunity to experience excellent products by dior! Being 53 and my mom 73 it is important to take the best care possible of ourselves and dior is part of it! What a treat!


Doesn't every reader deserve this basket? Thank you, More and Dior, for offering this wonderful way to take better care of ourselves:-)

Lindsey Monroe04.03.2012

I usually do not treat myself to expensive cosmetics and would truly appreciate the opportunity to try some high end products. Many thanks.....

Rashell Gamble04.03.2012

Dear More, dear Dior...dear me! I am a stay at home mother of two teens. To say I need a pick me up is putting it gently, which is about all I can handle at the moment. An overhaul or intervention is probably more like it. My husband of 15 years left me and our kids just last week. My wonderful kids are struggling to keep their grades up, keep their chins up and put on a brave face each morning. They are also trying to be supportive to me and help me navigate the horror and shock of losing my marriage and dreams we all had. My kids are worried about me and I'm worried about them. They are seeing their usually fit, perky mom fight tears and forget makeup. I need to get it together for them and myself and the skin is the perfect place to start. Especially as I think they call me the grim reaper in whispered tones when they discuss my appearance. I want to show my kids I am strong,that I will survive and that I do feel I'm important enough to myself to take care of. A treat like this comes at a time that I could never afford it and have never needed it more. Help give me a push to get back to caring for myself and back to the beautiful woman that is hiding beneath the swollen eyes and wrinkled sweat pants.


I deserve to win this Dior Luxury Skin Care basket because I deserve the best, MJ.


I was touched by the comments of Susan Ozanian. Like every other woman vying for this lovely prize, I'd love to have it. I don't have good skin and age has not improved it, but a valiant mother like Susan's, who has a loving daughter who would advocate on her behalf, has my vote.

Rania Ambatis04.03.2012

I am a 56 year old female that has lost her way amongs the myriads of cosmetic companies and product lines available at the dtore counters and on-line. In all honesty, I have attempted numerous of times and spend quite substantial amount of money! Sadly, I have not found what is the right product for me! DIOR....Maybe this is the one! I owe it to myself to try again! Lets face it I can always use a professional aid on looking better!....Rania

Vanity : I shall keep it short, I am in retail, I face the public and I have to look like a radiant and healthy woman, NOT a woman of a certain age. I like to have them "guessing" as to my physical age.
I have taken great care of my face and shall look good until my earthly departure !!!!


I am 67 and would like to find products from one company instead of a mixture of products which would be easy with this basket of samples.

I am a stay-at-home mother of four boys, ages 11, 10, 8 & 5. There isn't a whole lot of time or many left over for beauty care but since I am turning 44 in a few days, my skin could use a lot of TLC. This would be most welomce and appreciated in household bereft of female pampering items!


Who couldn't use a boost? With aging skin and a young woman's outlook on life, this Dior package has my name written all over it! And thank you More Magazine for bringing to my (OK, all of our) attention.

Jane Lewis04.03.2012

Well, I'm a little uncomfortable writing that I "deserve" the Dior basket more than many other women who work, sacrifice, and compromise in everday life as I do. So, I will just say that I am a 56 year old woman who after spending the past few years caring for two terminally ill family members and helping my daughters with the transition of motherhood, I am ready to spend a little time on me and having the opportunity to experiment with Dior's luxury cosmetics would be a real treat. Thank you. Jane Lewis

Erin 04.03.2012

This beautiful Dior Skincare Basket will look lovely in my bathroom, and hopefully, after using the Dior products included in the basket, I will look lovely too. I don't deserve to win any more or less than any other entrant, but it will bring me a bit of joy if I do! Good luck to all. :)

ECT 04.03.2012

I have recently gone from full time to working part time night hours so I could be home with my son who was recently diagnosed with autism. I guess I have "let myself go" sort of speak. This basket would give me the head start I desperately need to rejuvinate.

Susan Ozanian04.03.2012

As I'm sitting here reading your magazine, I came upon the advertisement to win the Dior Skin Care Basket!  I am a Special Ed. Teacher who is taking time off to take care of my mom who has just had a hip replacement.  She is an incredibly brave woman who I love, admire and respect for her skin care regime! While in the hospital my mom was constantly  being questioned about her age- especially by the doctors!  Being very articulate she would always respond politely with a thank you and explain that it's genetics! But I know how she has always taken care of her skin since she was a young woman.  This basket would be just the boost my
mom would need to help in her recovery. She will appreciate the  value of the products and the benefit they would have on already  beautiful skin.  Thank you for considering her for the gift... BTW she is an advid subscriber/reader of the MORE magazine!
Sincerely, Susan Ozanian


I am a 43 year old inner city high school teacher - mother of two year old twin daughters and a seven year old son. Before having the twins at almost 41, I looked considerably younger than my age. I swear by my skin that you would think I aged ten years in two. With my full time job which is very draining - in an inner city school you are not just a teacher, but a social worker, counselor, mentor, mediator and occasionally a referee - and then keeping house and taking care of my children, especially the twins at this demanding time in their life there is zero time or money left for me. A Dior basket would allow me to take care of my skin in a way that I could never afford otherwise. So I have my fingers crossed!


I am just turning 65 this year and it would be the best present for a big event like that. Dior is serious stuff for aging skin.


Since retiring, I focus on enjoying life and finding the best products to keep me looking and feeling terrific! I take to heart Satchel Paige's thought-provoking question: "How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" I look forward to trying Dior's Skin Care Products!

I just turned 65 and lost my job. I'm searching for something to help me look just a little younger and more vibrant so winning would be a great help

a ust04.03.2012

This gift basket would be a dream come true for me! My skin seems to be going through alot of changes right now and a luxe skin care regimin would be a savior!

jacqueline 04.03.2012

my skin could really benefit from this

brenna gonzalez04.03.2012

I am a 30 year old mother of 2 beautiful girls my husband is in the Army and after going through the ups and downs of military life and the stress of his recent deployment to Afghanistan I have noticed that it has really taken a toll on my skin. I would love to win this basket to help rejuvenate my skin and get my youthful glow back.

Lidia 04.03.2012

This would be a nice gift for my 50th birthday this year.
I heard about this Dior care products and the amazing results and I want to try it on my skin.


I took care of my mother for the last six years 24/7. Last year my wonderful mother passed away in my arms. Life has been very different not having my mother in my life at 57. I have been going through allot of soul searching about life. My appearance has not really mattered to me, I can go days without washing my face,and hair. when I do wash my face and hair, my interest to apply any kind of moisture or care to my skin has held no interest to me. I have been trying to pull myself out of this depression, and start again to take care of my skin, and hair. When I saw your contest to enter for the Dior skin care basket, I could actually feel my spirit get excited, which was a wonderful feeling, that I have not had for a very long time. I would love so much to win this Dior basket and feel like a beautiful women again, that cares about myself.

I consider myself 7 years old into the second half of my life. The first 50 were growing up and raising my kids. The second half is living with the new mature me. I'm learning to appreciate my age and how to take care of my skin and all its new challenges and needs. The best would be winning your excellent skin care products to take the best care of my skin for the next half of my life and all that it brings. Madeleine Austin, 57 in real time.

Cille Norman04.03.2012

I am a 56-year-old mother, grandmother, wife and lover to my husband of 38 years, ans sxhool counselor at a small, rural public high school. I recently had bladder suspension syrgery which exaccerbated the greatest kept secret of all women...fecal incontenence. I was lucky and blessed that my situation was reversed due to new technology - the implantation in my bidy of an Interstem device, a small computer with electronic leads implanted in my pelvis which controls the nerves that regulate the colon. I went from suicidal to alive, well, and estatic about living, i.have lost 30 pounds, begun to update my wardrobe with happy colors, and begun to educate all women about the "GREAT SECRET." Now I need to work on my complexion and makeup! I want to look as great as I feel! Help me, please!


My skin needs a lot of help......

STEFANIE 04.02.2012

I'm 40, I don't look 40, and I want to keep it that way! That is all.

Anna Wibianto04.02.2012

I think it is important to start taking care your skin once you reach 40. Nobody born with good skin but with some tender loving care and quality products, the skin can be beautiful. Being a stay home mom, I hardly splurge on quality products, so hopefully I will win this .

Deborah Webb04.02.2012

After trying many different skin care products for over thirty years, I would be happy to see if Dior's Capture Totale products would help my aging, troublous complextion.

Janis Davis04.02.2012

It is almost Easter and I deserve a basket! I am holding on to healthy skin despite my love of sea kyaking, hiking, and reading in my beach chair.

Mary Lucky04.02.2012

I read my More magazine each month and I love it. I read about women that are 50+ and I think that I'm the new 50+. But I'm73 and I would like to see some other women my age. How the take care of their needs and what they do. I eat healthy and tap dance with other seniors ladies.I try to get a good night sleep and do yoga also.I do need help to learn more about taking care of my skin. Mary Lucky


I am 50 years old. Our daughter is getting married next April and I would like to look the best that I can. I would love to be able to look at wedding pictures and realize that with the help of the Dior line, I can look as good as my daughters future mother in law (she is six years younger than me, but looks like she is in her mid 30's---she has good genetics!). Thank you for the opportunity!


Hi, I'm hoping to turn my skin around like I'm trying to turn my life around. I've had to go though one of the hardest things any woman can go through. Divorce is not only stressful but very hard on the skin. I'v aged 10 years in 6 months and all I want is to feel good about myself and teach my son there is life after a divorce and life is so good. Thank you for this opportunity.

Rhonda Beach04.02.2012

I am a 56-year old high school English teacher who strives to dress professionally and to look fresh and invigorating every day. I take pride in being a positive role model for my students, and as of late I must admit my skin could use a little help from a friend. Please be my friend.

C Depp04.02.2012

I am retired from federal active duty (Army 22 years) and got laid off from my State job after 11 years. Was really depressed for months and being an angry person doesn't do much for your looks...I would love a present like this! Just what I need to get out of this hump and get going on taking care of myself. I need to make time for me!


I would LOVE to win these skin care products for my 51 year old mom. She has been a stay at home mom for over 20 years, investing so much of her time and energy into my siblings and my life, always giving, loving, and caring. I admire her so much and think she deserves these products because she has always thought of others first and given so much of herself. I love you, Mom!

Kelly 04.02.2012

On my 50th birthday, I had breast cancer surgery. I had a lumpectomy and some lymph nodes removed. I've been in chemo for about 16 weeks, and while I'm not quite done, I am getting my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes back! Now would be a great time to try some new makeup!

Bonita Smalls04.02.2012

I am 57 years old. Starting to see signs of aging. I could never afford to buy something this nice to try.

Lynn Mothe04.02.2012

Lynn Mothe' is my name and becoming a Dior skin care beauty is a dream at 59 years young. Giving my skin the chance to be full of the nutrition that is in your products. The smile I would have just knowing that my skin looks its VERY best. Please consider giving this skin care gift to someone who is eager to show the world just how wonderful 59 is, with beautiful skin by Dior.

Donna Bove04.02.2012

My goal is to approach my 50's by aging gracefully. However, this can be a perplexing task. I am not sure how to accomplish this and still feel good about myself? Thank you for any help you can give me.

Diane Christ04.02.2012

I'm 54 or am I 55? Sometimes I think I'm still 35! My body is healthier than I was 20 years ago. I do triathlons and run marathons. I couldn't run a mile 20 years ago. If only my body and face we're in agreement. Help! My face could use a little help from Dior to reclaim the radiance back to match my attitude.
Thank you for your wonderful products.

Joanne 04.02.2012

Having reached the magical age of 60 - been laid off - found new employment in a different field - these beautiful skin products would help this face age gracefully as I learn my new job.

diane crummett04.02.2012

i am 67 and people say i look like i am in my 40's!! Iwould like to continue to look good.

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