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First published in the April 2012 issue

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Next April, I will turn 40! I was aging really well, until my son was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma. The stress has taken a toll on my body, and my face. I would love to "capture" the youthful skin I had before my son was diagnosed.

Patricia 04.02.2012

As I age, I am in search of the right skin care products for me. What a treat and luxury it would be to be able to use these fine products! Just using them would be uplifting.

Maddy L.04.02.2012

I was recently told my thyroid is a little slow- hypo- so have spent alot of time the past 2 months exercising and trying supplements to help fight it.The results are starting to show!
How I would love this beautiful Dior skincare basket as a treat for the work I've been putting in!

Darnell 04.02.2012

At age 45 I notice my skin changing for the worse on what seems like a daily basis. Although I take my vitamins, eat my veggies and healthy food plus get plenty of exercise it seems like theres not much that can be done to stop the effects of aging. I accept the aging process but would sure like to try something that can slow it down!


I have always taken care of my skin and my appearance in general. I'm 56 but everyone says I look 45. Despite the comments, I keep missing job opportunities because of my age. It seems that youth trumps experience! Its great for our kids just starting out but their parents still need a job! Perhaps a skincare makeover will keep me peel another 5 years off my complexion and finally let me slide under the age radar.

I have invested in and tried so many skin care products trying to find a line that would improve dryness and the fine lines that are taking over my face! I would be such a loyal customer and tireless advocate of any company that could finally help my skin. HELP!!!


As a very busy mom, of two active daughters, I really have the time to pull myself together & get out the door most days. This would truly be a treat. I rarely have the money or the time for such things.


My skin could sure use a little help! I play tennis 2-3 times a week in the Georgia weather, cold winters, humid and hot summers. At 49 years old, nothing seems to work, it's either too drying or overly moisturizing. I'd love to find the righ balance.

Gail RN 04.02.2012

Pamper, Pamper, Pamper!

Susan 04.02.2012

Recently had a successful kidney transplant and would love my outside to mimic my new healthy inside

cindy 04.02.2012

I am a flight attendant for 38 years who does all international flying. My skin gets very dry from all these crossing and my skin needs HELP!

At 47 my skin for the past 15 years has been my biggest concern. I battle with the skin disorder vitiligo. The disease has spread over half my face and neck, and other parts of my body. My battle weapons to fight the disease have been Dior Air flash spray foundation in 200, and 300 for patches on my legs. I love the Dior skin lash primer it adds a radiance to my face. I use Dior eye shadow. I have found the vibrant and gorgeous silk colors draw the attention on my eyes, ( my best feature.) The disease has forced me to look at myself and skin differently. And , yet I know that beauty is so much more than skin deep. I have worked (in spite of the disease that challenges me every time I look in the mirror) to have beatutiful skin. I drink lots of water, exersize, and take vitimins. I am a food server, so I am in the public eye daily. I have not invested in the Dior skin care line yet, only because of cost. I have spent the money on covering the disease. Dior Skin care would give me added confidence knowing I am using the best products to take care of my skin.

JENNY LEAHEY04.02.2012

What a beautiful way to start a new chapter in my life! This gift will aid me in perfecting my skin as I branch out to my new life. You see my life has been sheltered lately due to an abusive relationship of 6 years. Now that I'm single again and no longer on a joint budget, I would be so grateful to receive this gift as it would increase my confidence immensely.
As a 44 year old professional, putting your face first is critical in the customer service/retail industry. A More magazine reader, I'm constantly reading compliments of the Dior skincare line and have never tried it before. This will be a first!
Life hasn't been dull between one divorce and a second abusive relationship, but my skin shouldn't be dull. So now is the time to reinvent myself and create glowing skin while creating happiness and contentment along the way.


I used one set of skin care products from Dior before and I pretty like them. I would like to try more samples from Dior and find more surprise!

Lorraine 04.02.2012

I've spent the better part of 2011 fighting breast cancer and so far, all of 2012! I'm totally committed to leaving this experience as simply "an experience" I had during my life. it doesn't need to define me or derail me either! But, (here comes the healthy big BUT) after a Bi-Lateral Mastectomy, a port then expanders put in and eventually filled, chemotherapy, Herceptin infusions for a year and taking hormone suppressant for 5 years......I'm a little banged up with major skin issues! I've got dry areas sitting right beside oil patches complete with acne. I've got strange hard white bumps that like to travel in twos? and hair that's growing on my chin when it should be growing on my eyelids and eyebrows!! Oh and a few sentimental scars. I'd love a chance to use these otherwise unobtainable exclusive Dior skin care line. BTW, I'm a 25 yr Flight Attendant and I'd love to go back to work looking fresh and heathy. Lorraine


I will turn 60 in July and my skin is dry and sensitive.
I would like to try a skincare line that is anti-aging.


On June 22, 2011 we had to leave our home for an evacuation due to a massive flood in our town that damaged 4100 homes. We lived with very gracious friends for 6 weeks and have been living in a small FEMA trailer for the last eight months. Needless to say, skincare has taken a hit when living this way. I need something to perk up this tired face as we hopefully get into new housing in the next two months to start a new chapter in our lives.


I am always reading the latest findings on skin care and trying to ascertain if certain products can improve my skin. As the years go by, the search for the best skin care products intensifies! I consult with my esthitician and dermatologist to hear their opinions on what can realistically be achieved. I figure with Channel's luxury status at stake, they would only produce products of the highest caliber that can deliver what they promise! Please allow me to sample your fountain of youth miracle products!

Mary 04.02.2012

I want to look the best I can and age as gracefully as possible. I turned 50 last July, but for me 50 is the new 30. I want to take better care of myself physically, spiritually, and emotionally. I am so excited that in November, God-willing, I will be a grandmother. I am so happy with the news. Life goes on no matter what age I am, but it is up to me to take care of myself. There are too may products on the market for me to be able to try them all to find what works best for me. I believe in Dior Skin-Care Products; therefore I deserve to win them :)


I have been diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease and the meds I have to take to keep breathing are playing havoc with my skin. My skin is drier, more papery and the lines are definitely more noticeable. I would love to have this Dior skin care line to bring back a more glowing, youthful appearance.


Just got thru a very stressful month! Mother had open heart surgery, brother with cancer. Single Mom with 2 kids in college. I need some pampering myself!! It would be sooo awesome win this basket :)


After fibbing on my age for so long, I've come to realize that I actually just turned 49 LOL! Let me tell you and don't let anyone say differently menopause sucks. I'm hot, I'm cold, I'm oily, I'm dry as a desert. I generally use drugstore finds as that is all my budget allows, since my husband's total disability from injuries in a car accident a year and a half ago. Not to mention, 2 teenaged girls. I'm in a "Calgon take me away moment" most of the time. I could use a little pick me up and a basket like this would be a joy!


i used the one treatment serum and i loved it! it made my skin so smooth and the scent was heavenly! would love to win this basket!

Suzanne 04.02.2012

Now that I am in my 40's I am really noticing my frown lines in the middle of my forehead making me look older than I am . With my limited budget, I cannot afford to get the necessary beauty creams that would help to reduce these lines and restore some of my youthful looks. Please help!

Martha Shalloe04.02.2012

A few days after my 50th birthday, my beloved husband died. I'd been with him since I was 22. After four "what am I going to do" years, I now have a (younger) guitarist boyfriend, a house in my name, and a play opening next month - all of which I'd thought were impossible. If I can reinvent myself, my skin can too. Dior? Assistance, please?


I retired in 2011. Determined to take better care of myself, I began to faithfully moisturize my skin, daytime and night. The results were noticeable! But five months ago, I bought my horse (a "bucket list" goal). Now I'm outdoors a lot, in cold, rough weather. I need to ramp up my skin care, to accommodate this new environment. The Dior Skin Care basket will help!

kristen Fiorito04.02.2012

Somewhere in my 40's, the hormones have gone crazy.(Go figure). I have been dealing with various issues with my skin and finally have it under control. I have learned that I can only use quality ingredients on my skin. This basket would fit the bill. Thanks for the opportunity.


As a 47 year old Flight Attendant of 22 years, I am forever seeking the perfect skin
care regimen for my aging and continually abused by dry high altitude air skin!!! I would
be be ever so happy to be able to try this Dior skin Care line and with any luck end my search!!!!


My skin is crumbling right before my eyes, I have such a need for these products. Plus, if they work for me, they are sure to work for anybody!


I am re-entering the job market and need a "pick-me-up" Due to my current finances, it is essential for me to do everything that will make my appearance better.

lori visciano04.02.2012

During the last half of 2011, my father-in-law bounced back and forth between nursing homes and hospitals suffering from terminal cancer. The related insurance and administrative issues were a nightmare adding to the stress and sense of helplessness the family felt.I volunteered to handle the interface with the hospitals,nursing homes, doctors and Medicare.Little did I know that this would become the most stressful,frustrating full-time job I have ever had-so much so that I developed a painful case of shingles as a result.
Sadly, my father-in-law passed away in January. Though he is missed, our family has many happy events to look forward to in the next few months; my middle son's graduation from law school, my oldest son's wedding, my 60th birthday and our 40th wedding anniversary.
After months of neglect, the Dior Capture Totale skin care regimen is just what I need to help me look refreshed for all these special events.

Kim Denitz04.02.2012

Hi! Oh golly, I'd be so super happy to win this Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket! I'm a single mom to Travis (11) and Sadie Bell (9) and work full time as an EMT/Lifeguard. I love my job and my life and wouldn't change any of the hard times for a second...BUT a little pampering would be so sweet! I live in a uniform and wear no makeup so having my skin look fresh and healthy is important to, I'm only 32 but taking care of myself first is the only way for me to take care of my crazy and wild kiddos. Thanks for the chance! <3

Sharon Graeter04.02.2012

I completely "remade" myself about a year and a half ago. I lost about 45 pounds through changing eating habits and exercise. I changed the way I dress and I now constantly get amazing feedback from strangers. The skin care basket would be such a great addition to all I have tried to do to improve myself!

Anna Foley04.02.2012

Just completed graduate school,just turned 50 and trying to get hired in my field-On deserving the Dior packages-It is more NEEDING the Dior package to look incredible for my interviews.

Oooh, I'd love to win this Fabulous prize. If I won this it wouldn't go to waste ;))


I am a 65 year old Operating Room nurse who needs a bit of a lift particularly around the eyes. 12 hour shifts are long and stressful and to have Dior products that could help erase all of that would be wonderful.
Thank you, Linda

Wilma 04.01.2012

I am almost 80 years old and have never really taken care of my skin. I have wrinkles and age spots. I would love to win this prize and begin a skin care regimen. This year my husband and I have been married 60 years. I would like to celebrate with a better appearance.

Hedi Fejerne04.01.2012

I teach special education and somehow this year the challenges by student disabilities and behaviors took a big toll on me emotionally and physically. All of a sudden I look years older than just months ago. Stress brought on lines, wrinkles, and lately an eczema flare up. I need to overcome the stress and charge up, as well as look my best, so I can feel good about myself and be an inspiring teacher for my students.

Red Summer04.01.2012


Thi Nguyen04.01.2012

I have terrible skin right now and in need of a miracle.

As I approach my 48th birthday I am witnessing the many changes that I have been reading about in More Magazine for several years; most recently dry and dull skin! More
has been like the big sister I don't have leading me thru various life changing events, preparing me to age gracefully and constantly reminding me to make time for what matters-including myself. I have shared More with so many friends via articles and subscription gifts. We love this magazine. I would love the chance to try the amazing products in the Dior skin care basket. This would be an Awesome opportunity for me to make time for myself and start a new skin care
approach. I need it bad!!!!!

I don't know that I deserve this Dior gift basket any more than every woman deserves to pamper herself, but I would certainly enjoy and appreciate the gift! I don't have the money for facials and spa treatments, but at age 50 I am trying my best to take good care of my skin.

Karen 04.01.2012

My daughter is graduating from USC this spring and I am turning 50..would love to treat myself and develop some new habits to take care of myself as I get older.

Susan 04.01.2012

I would love to give this to my mother. She spends so much time and energy supporting our family and keeping us all together she deserves something special. She recently spent 8 hours sitting up in a chair with me in the ER.

Paul McLennan04.01.2012

My girlfriend, Becky, deserves this package because she works so hard for others. She is an optician at the VA hospital and is known for the compassion and love she shows her patients. She recently had back surgery and is having a difficult recovery. She told me her skin has become dry since the surgery and I think this would be a great gift for her. Thank you.


WOW! How awesome! Yes, I am an "Old Lady"acording to the calendar I will be 72 this year. Woo Hoo! I would love to win the Dior Luxury skin-care package basket.I would use every drop of each item and begin each day with a huge smile on my lovely face thanks to you very generous folks. How exciting, my adrenaline is flowing just writing this. Dior, you rule!

Deborah 04.01.2012

I love to indulge with these luxurious products.


I have been working too many 14-hour days, and I would like a good reason, such as this beautiful basket full of goodies, to take a break and take care of myself. Sounds like heaven!


I am touched by all the beautiful comments. I can only say two reasons why I would like to receive the gift basket. First of all, I've always been a sucker for nice packaging! The packaging of your products is streamlined yet chic. Perhaps more importantly, I'm a 2.5 year breast cancer survivor who STILL looks out for others more than I do for myself. There is a possibility that I might be battling a different type of cancer now; I think if I had this basket, it would give me some more "gumption" and a nice reward for myself, a way to treat myself well when beauty is actually the last thing on my mind. I have inherited "beautiful skin genes", but even nicer skin would be great. Thanks!

Krista Reynolds04.01.2012

I really could use a pick-me-up especially after living through the last 2 months. We had to go into foreclosure in February. In the first week of March, my unmarried daughter told me she was pregnant on Monday, Tuesday - my mother in-law passed away and Friday of that same week - my dad passed away. I started a full time job last Monday - my first full time position in 25 years. Lots of changes for me. This would be a treat! Thanks.

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