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First published in the April 2012 issue

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beverly 04.01.2012

I am coordinating a walk and rally to end lung cancer..this would be a great item to put in the silent auction to raise money for lung cancer research. Breathe Deep Newark


My mother, who is 84, was blessed with beautiful skin. I was not fortunate enough to have that trait passed on to me. I tell her she has fewer lines that I! I do practice good skin care and would love to have this Dior product to try to keep my skin as young as possible. Thank you for sharing with your readers.

Lisa Kir by04.01.2012

I have just become an empty-nester and would like an opportunity to pamper me-thanks for giving me the chance

terry 04.01.2012

My husbands 30th class reunion is this summer. I would love to win this luxury skin care basket to prepare for his reunion and make myself feel like I did back when we met.

It would be so wonderful to pamper my skin with great skincare products. I cannot say that I deserve it any more than any other lady, but of course we would all enjoy having the opportunity to try the basket of goodies. Thanks for giving away nice gifts. And, blessings to everyone.

Risa 04.01.2012

I teach 20-something MBAs, and I'd like them (especially the women) to see a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. That is the kind of role model I want to be!

I am rapidly approaching 70 and have kept the wolf of plastic surgery away from my door so far. I thought that this would be a good way to continue to do so.
Jinni Fitzgerald

Lisa 04.01.2012

I've been really stressed out lately caring for my critically ill brother, and don't like what I see in the mirror. Pampering for my skin would be just the thing.

KAY 04.01.2012

I recently turned 65 and this would be a wonderful way for me to feel better about my "aging" process!

Mary Lou 04.01.2012

I just turned 60. I recently got laid off from my corporate job after 20 years. I need to compete with the "under 40s" in the job marketplace. Thanks.


I am planning my 55th birthday party and the Dior Luxury skin-care basket would be just the right skin care regimen to help me look Fabulous on my 55th birthday!

Susie doneff04.01.2012

I love Dior beauty products & would love to win this prize as I try to stay looking young.

Katie 04.01.2012

I work at a nonprofit and can't afford to pamper myself with these fab products.Hey,who doesn't want to look younger.


I am 59 years old and a single mom trying to keep it together and take care of myself but its not easy and I normally cannot treat myself to products this beautiful.
This would be a really nice surprise and I always read about Dior but have never tried it yet.

Julie1 04.01.2012

I want to be aDIORable!

Deb Pelletier04.01.2012

Would love to win this ,my face is so dry.

Zamie 04.01.2012

I am so blessed to be a stay home mum but making time for myself is always last on the list. And since I never make it to the bottom of a list:0) Well me time just happens far and few in between. I would enjoying giving my skin some TLC:)
Thanks Zamie

Heidi Powell04.01.2012

Stress is horrible on your skin. I lost my sweet husband on 12/9/2011 the day before my 56th birthday from a massive heart attack. We were out all that morning preparing for our annual holiday open house. While I was having a mani and pedi I ask him to go get me something to drink and someone found him slumped over the steering wheel he was gone when the found him and the ER docs did everthing but could not bring him back. My heart is still broken we had a wonderful 17 year marriage we met at our 20th class reunion and the rest as they say is history. If that does not destroy your skin I am having an MRI in April because they think my cancer in my left shoulder has come back, I would feel like a queen to win..I have been through so much I just feel tired and my skin shows all the signs. I would be grateful to win such a nice treat.

ceci liang04.01.2012

I deserve to win this Dior skincare set because I believe that these nine amazing products will help me age with grace. If I win this skincare set, I want to share some of the products with my mother and sister, who are both aging beautifully and gracefully. As a woman over forty, I want to age with elegance and encourage every other woman that we are beautiful at any age. We need to learn to love the wrinkles around the corners of our lips, the lines next to our eyes when we smile, and every other wrinkle that we will develop over time.

Suzanne Lague04.01.2012

My husband has been laid off since October. My daughter has been ill all winter. I'm not whining. It is spring and I look tired. I need a refresher and this basket would definitly help. Thanks

Kimberly 04.01.2012

More and Dior are such a wonderful combination! My mother deserves to enjoy this combination of love and of pampering. The past two years, she has endured surgery, chemo and radiation for uterine cancer. Next week, she starts a new chemo treatment. Her spirits and her attitude have been positive throughout this long process but her skin has taken a toll with all the stress. She deserves to have the excitement of winning and to have beautiful skin. Thank you.

Patricia Foster04.01.2012

I recently celebrated a birthday and lost 30 pounds. I look and feel fabulous. I would love to indulge in the luxurious Dior package of skin products to add to my celebration of myself.

Celeste Humes04.01.2012

I'm a single parent of 2 boys. One who this year moved to Denver to attend the University of Denver. My other son is about to graduate from high school in June. I spent the last 16 years raising my wonderful boys to be the wonderful men they are now. But boy did they test every boundary and limit. I'm ready to begin my next stage of life. I would really love to meet a wonderful man to spend all this free time I have now that my boys are off living their lives.
A little help looking younger would really come in handy.

Sandy 04.01.2012

I have longed to try Dior skin care. Because they are pretty pricey to my budget range, I only tried Dior's perfume, cosmetics, and sunscreen product, which I really like. If I won, I would share this gift with my family, whom I love very much.

s morgan04.01.2012

I will win this basket because things always work out for me. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Jean Louis04.01.2012

I turn 50 this year. I finally decided to make myself a priority this year. I've lost nearly 50 pounds, exercise regularly, and had my first facial in years last weekend. I've always been lazy about skin care ( fortunately I've been blessed with good skin), but as I lose weight, lines are starting to appear - fat makes a great filler! As I continue to lose weight I want to keep my youthful looks and anti-aging products will go a long way to keeping that goal a reality. This is my year and I am making the most of it!

Claire Skuse04.01.2012

Lots of changes begin happening to your skin in your 50's! I just started using a Dior product called "HydraLife" Pro Youth Skin Tint and I LOVE IT! It was recommended to me by a consultant at Sephora and this is probably the first Dior product I've ever used. It's just what I need right now, and this basket has to be awesome!


I am a 63 year old grandmother of two (soon to be three) and I work on a college campus as an advisor in the Student Services Office. The students seem to be getting younger and now that three people have retired, I am the oldest in the office, but don't want to look like the oldest. I would love to try out the products to see what they can do for me.

liz 04.01.2012

I think I deserve this because I haven't been able to take care of myself due to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. I would like to try new products to feel good about myself! Thank you

Linda Pombo04.01.2012

Married 20 years to an abusive husband, now I am free of. Mentally, I was made to feel unworthy. I am finally coming to the realization I am a beautiful woman. I do deserve to be loved and I have decided to start dating again. What better way than to have a fresh start with great looking skin.


Eight kids, 7 grandchildren and one great grandson - lots of smiles, lots of lines - help!


The economy has barraged me and my family. My husband and I are getting divorced and I've been left with no economic breathing room. Bare essentials only. I work hard--ironically in the spa industry. Stress has taken a toll on my skin and body. It would be a dream come true to be able to try something so luxurious on my face. Even if it's for a short time. Thank you.

Regina Larkee03.31.2012

I will 63 years on April 30, the day the contest closes. This would make an excellent Dior birthday for me. Happy, happy, birthday to me from Dior skin care. Love it!


I am a.....
D Daring
I Independent
O Off-beat
R Really Relevant
54 year old woman. And I would adore Dior!

Cathy MacLain03.31.2012

pretty basket and great products! hope to get lucky...

jo ann heimpold03.31.2012

Going on 60 feel like 40. Make me look even younger!

I'm not sure I deserve it , however , I'm a flight attendant with 35years+ in a dry pressurized cabin. If Dior can help me out..... there is hope for all!

Diana 03.31.2012

It seems as though I do for everyone else all day, children, husband, father. I need to pamper myself a little. This gift would be lovely.


Everyday seems to present a new skin challenge! At 47 I am noticing skin differences. Though I eat well, exercise and seem to do all the right things, perhaps the Dior Luxury basket has the items my skin needs to look my best!! Would love to be the winner and report back about how all the great goodies work for me!! : )

Gail Smith03.31.2012

I would like to be pampered by Dior products because I feel like a deserve some relaxation in this time in my life. My son is a senior in high school and will be attending college in the fall. I haven't had the time for myself in a longtime and would love to get back to having a piece of me and smelling good, feeling good with all these Dior products. I never used Dior before and would love to. Thank you. :)

Hanh 03.31.2012

I think every woman deserves to win this kit to help her achieve beautiful skin. I just want a shot at winning it too :)

kat riley03.31.2012

Hi! I would like to win the basket because I need could use something nice in my life right now. In the last 6 months I have been laid off,(for a 2nd time)AND was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. The icing on the cake is I will be 50 in May. I feel depressed, sick and ugly. I have always taken care of everyone else, maybe its time to ask for something for me. Thanks for your time and consideration, me


did you receive my comment?



I'm seven months pregnant, and everytime I see some product I want to try, I think, I should be saving this dough for the baby! I would love something new to help my skin look good when I've been up all night with my newborn.

amihvan amihvan03.31.2012

I echo what many have said here on this list of comments. While I am sure there are many more deserving based on whatever circumstances or obstacles their facing. I am very blessed in life and while there is lots more I could always want for I am very fortunate. I do use some Dior products currently and would love to win this basket. As I have gotten older I have tried to place more focus on my skincare, I strive to put my best face forward and face the world head on with a smile.


I,m now 51 and experiencing the many not so great challenges of menopause. There are so many bodily changes, I can,t keep up and have tried a multitude of skin,pharmacy and articles associated with this phase in my life. Some days there is much need for something uplifting to make me feel better and enhance my look. I,d love to try the antiaging line, have always loved many of your products including lipglosses,lipsticks and your collections of eyeshadows. Look forward to the chance to win your product and give look a boost

KARENpw 03.31.2012

Since I just had cataract surgery, I am able to see the world in an exciting new way, which also includes my appearance. At 65, I am blessed with my mom's good genes, and would love to keep them as long as possible. I have a high regard for all the Dior products, and would love to give myself this wonderful luxury to share the results with my friends!


I love Dior and would love this basket. I just turned my office into a makeup room and this would be the perfect decor.


I don't know that I deserve these products anymore than anyone else, but at 50, I would like to continue to look my best. I appreciate your magazine and its helpful hints.

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