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First published in the April 2012 issue

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Because I'm all women.... we can do it all somehow

JoEllen Madigan03.30.2012

I'm 65 and have great genes (as my Dad always said) but I am trying to keep my skin as young as possible.

Donna 03.30.2012

I can't say that I deserve this skin care basket but I would really love to have it. I love trying new products but sometimes they are a little expensive for me to purchase. A lot of magazines state that drug store brands are work just as well but that I do not believe. Therefore, that is why I would love this.

Diane Hunley03.30.2012

Diane H.
I would love to come home and find this basket full of goodies in my mailbox. I would love indulging myself everyday!


I will turn 70 in August, I have always taken care of my skin. I guess most people think you should stop careing about your apearance at my age but I do not. Would love to win and try a new product.

Juli Timney03.30.2012

I need to win the Dior basket because I didn't get to go to rich lady camp at Miravel


I am 46 years old. I really want to try this wonderful Dior product. If I can get this chance, it will be most awesome moment or me during 2012.

Brandi Smith03.29.2012

I would love to try some new products. My skin just hasn't been the same since my hysterectomy last Sept. I would love to have young beauty skin.

Rhonda Hurst03.29.2012

In December of 2010 the small family run company I work for was bought by a large corporation. In Jan 2011 I received a breast cancer diagnosis. After a year of dealing with mastectomy, chemo, reconstructive breast surgery and trying to get my life back to some semblance of normal, my position was eliminated. So here I am in 2012, still trying to recover my strength and get my body back in shape and also having to muster the energy and optimism to find a new job...I haven't had to look for a new job for 22 years. I could really use something that will make me feel pretty again, confident enough to go out and sell myself to a new employer.


What better name than Dior to help maintain the face I stand behind? It is 62 on the outside
But feels so much younger on the inside.

Mary Slovik03.29.2012

I would love to bless my best friend,Judy with this gift. Over our 15 year friendship I have watched her help others with addiction to alcohol and drugs as well as helping me. She has been there for women struggling with addiction to street drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol. She has shown and taught them a better life. Now she is dealing with issues in her OWN family and needs the support she has given to others. She is truly a humble spirit and deserves just a little pampering. I would love to bless her with just something to take her mind off others needs and pay some attention to HER. Thank you for allowing me to just express this, it makes me appreciate her MORE! Thanks MORE


I don't have a sad story and some would say I don't deserve the great gift basket but I would certainly love to win it! I'm a long time More subscriber and a current user of Dior skin care products. I will turn 55 this year and feel its time to advance my skincare. I've never won anything in my life so this basket would be a real treat! Thanks and good luck all!

Kristen Maure03.29.2012

As a mother and wife, I am always sacrificing my needs. So my New Year's resolution this year is to focus on myself more. This basket would really help me to finally not break a New Year's resolution.

Michelle 03.29.2012

At the age of 47 i am aging for the first time in my life. Ive always taken good care of my skin, and it has paid off. For the last two years ive been in daily pain from a back problem that cannot be corrected. Therefore i am seeking a new and advanced product. Maybe its the on going pain, or that time in a womens life where age defines itself. Please help me in every way to age beautifully!

Gail Raymond03.29.2012

72 in California...feeling like 52 and doing everything I can to keep my skin as young as possible. Absolutely love Dior products..can not live without your Airflash !
I would love to pamper myself with a fabulos skin care basket !

Becky Amos03.29.2012

I deserve the Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket because I am starting to look "old". Back in 1980, when I was 17 or so, my mom took me to Macy's, to the Clinique counter and bought me their skin care collection (face washing soap, moisturizer and toner). She said, "The skin you take care of in your 20's is the skin you'll have in your 40's.
I have been using this trio since, but guess what! It doesn't work anymore. Now I am 49 years old. I am back in school getting my BS... finally and I look "old". I know that Dior has fabulous skin care products and I NEED THEM. HELP! PLEASE! GET ME OFF OF CLINIQUE PLEASE!


For my she came here from India after getting married in her early 20's and had to leave her family behind. She always wanted to become a nurse(which I am) but ended up giving up what she wanted to do to be a mother to 5 children in a small cockroach ridden apartment(ewwww...I'll never forget those days). My older brother had epilepsy and my baby sister was born at 30 weeks with heart defects. She struggled to make ends meat by doing home daycare for almost nothing, whie my dad worked 3 jobs. Fast forward to today, she is 60 years old and now strugles with diabetes among other medical issues and watches her grandchilden daily to help my siblings. We were talking the other day and she was so excited and when I asked her why she said my baby sister had taken her to get a more than 16 dollar hair cut..........need I say more!


MORE is my "go to" magazine since I was in my 40's. Now at 66 I am retired, living in a rural area on acreage and value my health and skin care to keep me young and active! It sure would be nice to try a "high end" product such as Dior skin care to add to my daily regimen! Plan to keep on reading MORE for all the beauty articles and lifestyle hints for another 20 years!


With the economy the way it is, I've cut back on luxuries like facials, massages and pedicures. I would love to win the skin care basket to pamper myself again.

I think I deserve to win these free samples because I am 65 yrs old, workout everyday and am trying my best to defy the aging process. It's an uphill battle so I need all the help I can get.I am always trying to find new products that work.

Catherine 03.29.2012

I adopted a little girl from China at the age of 49 1/ fact we share a birthday. On the day she turned 2, I turned 50. I would love to have the opportunity to try the Dior products to stay as youthful as possible so my daughter won't get too much teasing about her "old" mother!!

I don't have a sad story to tell. It's just that I'm 67 so I really need help and it looks like if this basket full of fabulous Dior product can't do it, then nothing can. So here's hoping.


Being 65 means I have tried many, many different skin-care products. Many of them irritated my skin and just plain didn't work. I have never been able to afford the good stuff. A husband, two grown children with lives of their own and four beautiful grandchildren keep me busy, but I still want to look my best for my age. My health has just taken a turn for the better, and I am anxious to enjoy the rest of my life.

Julia Lange03.29.2012

I am a landscape contractor and designer so I am in the sun in San Diego CA all day long and could always use a superior product to help me stay young looking and feel spoiled!

Maria 03.29.2012

Living in the dry heat of the Sonoran Desert you have to be very proactive in your skincare routine. I think of it as an integral part of my health! Mariaji, tucson, AZ.

Maria 03.29.2012

Living in the dry heat of the Sonoran Desert, you have to be very proactive in your skincare routine. I think of it as an integral part of my health!

The basket is amazing. My daughter is serving is the U.S. Army and not only is she a Dedicated Solider but also a Loving and Dedicated Single mother of 2 amazing girls. My daughter is always thinking about everyone else but herself.
For her to win this basket would be Truly amazing and would be something for herself.


I would REALLY LOVE to win the Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket (along with everyone else, of course;-)). I believe I deserve to win this luxry skin package to pamper myself. I have been a Registered Nurse for the majority of my adult life. I have worked in pretty much every area of health care with my favorite areas being Hospice, Mental Health and Geriactrics. Currently I am a Unit Manager for a Geriactics Mental Health Unit. No day is the same for my patients or me for that matter. I love my profession, it gives me great pleasure to comfort and care for those that are in need.
Thank you for your consideration

Tamera Robinson03.29.2012

Hi, If your products can help a women living in the Tucson desert and work at 32000 feet flying all over the world it would be a god sent! Also as a 53 yr old I am in the wonderful time of life that my whole body is changing. My coworkers have a beauty routine on our breaks. We wash our faces and hands with sugar and left over champane,rinse,then apply a mask of left over caviar then put a hot towel on face. Rest. Rinse. If you can bet that I am your gal!!


I want to see my previos comment?


HI,I like to win this fabulous basket because I'm a sexy lady and I don't want to get old and with this gorgeous products I can keep my juvenile all" Thak you.

Paule Paule03.29.2012

This Grandmother of two (Izzy 7yrs. and Charlie 5 yrs.) six months ago relocated from another state to help my newly divorced young daughter take care of the boy. During that time I have completely neglected my face and skin. Fingers and Toes Crossed in hopes that I will be deemed worthy of the Dior Skin Care Basket. No matter the outcome of the sweepstakes, I truly appreciate that More encourages mature women to keep the focus on themselves as the care-take all those they love!

Judy Lish03.29.2012

I am a 72 old mother of 8 children, own my own business and am needing some TLC to keep up with the grandchildren and my business. dont want to get old too fast. thanks

Linda Sorg03.29.2012

Great gift. We take dozens of gifts on our Christmas cruise every year and pass them out to crew members who are far away from home - helping us have a great holiday.

Diane McKay03.29.2012

I cannot say i deserve this wonderful gift more than the many others that have written here,BUT i would truly appreciate it. I too, am going through chemotherapy for my fourth recurrence of cancer in 10 years. I have been battling breast cancer that has now decided to go to my bones. The drugs do a number on drying out your skin and it would be a fabulous treat to use Dior products. They are quite luxurious!

essie 03.29.2012

I live in West Palm Beach, FL, underneath my hat! I love trying new skin products and keeping up a good routine. I am always looking for more results.

Silvy 03.29.2012

I am recovering from chemotheraphy,and bilateral mastectomies after being diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago. The chemo has fast forwarded me into menopause,though I'm still in my forties. My skin needs help,and this basket of Dior products is just what the dr ordered! I would love to win this, not just for my skin,but to celebrate the beginning of a new life after going through the breast cancer treAtment journey. I had my surgeries a month ago,and am recovering both emotionally and physically. I am going back to work as a teacher,and this basket would really be a celebratory treat!

Robin Barton03.29.2012

At 44 my skin is looking pretty good but is definitely starting to show signs of aging, i.e., dark spots and the beginning of some saggy. I want this basket to nip these changes in the bud!

Wendy Jo Davis03.29.2012

I deserve to win this skin care line because its been a difficult year. I lost my sister a month ago. She was 57. She was home sick and going to travel a couple of hours to visit my dad. She had an aneurism. She was my best friend. I will take anything that pampers me and makes me feel more youthful after going through that.

Just read all about the Dior Luxury basket and would LOVE to win this item! Why? Married 27 years (a feat in itself in this day and age~LOL)Mom of 6 children.2 finished w/college&in the real world,3 teenage boys(YIKES)&an 11 y/o daughter.Diagnosed w/a brain malformation in 2006&neurosurgery 2 months later.Still dealing w/multiple neurological symptoms but my motto "one foot in front of the other"&"one day at a time" Or "it is what it is" I do what I can when I can and when I can't.... well, most of it waits!

Vernica Salter03.29.2012

I represented Dior in Moorestown,NJ for approximately 8yrs. I had sucessful client base becase of the wonderful products. My dedication to Dior extended to using many of Dior products with great results. The career I loved the most ended when I had a terrible accident. I now live on a fix income and only can afford one of Diors product. If I could win this basket it will be a blessing and deeply appreciated.

Mary Harjochee03.29.2012

Just turned 60, feel like 45, but my skin says 60. Dull, sagging, and sensitive. I would love to do something for my skin to improve the look - especially for me, but also for my husband and grandkids (who say I'm the best!). Thank you.

Judy Reed03.29.2012

Mmm - such luxury! I had a gastric bypass in November, 2011, and I'm doing really well - nearing 100 lbs lost! My poor skin, though, is really suffering. As everything shrinks the wrinkles proliferate, and everything is drying out, to the point that if I neglect moisturizing it becomes painful to touch. I slather whatever lotions I have onto every available surface daily, trying to maintain my skin so that it can be as beautiful as I'm starting to feel. I've been heavy for at least 35 years, and so being able to wear normal size clothes and getting compliments is an incredible joy. I'd love to win this basket of lovely things to help support my aging skin!

Rhonda Moore03.29.2012

I can't imagine a more delightful gift for my sweet momma! She has worked long past her retirement age to be able to provide for herself and my daddy who is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. She lives on a very lean budget and seldom buys anything for herself. When she saves her pennies for a treat, you can always bet it will be for good lotions and skin care. She is beautiful both inside and out and I'd love for More and Dior to make her day!


Well, no sob story here. I am 54 years old and have a beautiful daughter getting married in September! She also just became an esthetician. We would absolutely love to have this skin-care basket to enhance my radiant look for the wedding!

Christina 03.29.2012

I am a 34 yr old single mom of a 4 and 18 yr old. I work 7 days a week fulltime and have no time with my children because i have to provide for my children and work all the time, i never buy myself anything as there are no funds not even enough to pay the bills by half. It would be nice to pamper myself a little it and have a lil sunshine in my day

Amber Steed03.29.2012

As I've read through other ladies' posts, I don't quite feel so deserving of this gift. However, I also believe that's a dangerous tendency many women have - feeling like there's always someone who gives more, has a greater need, etc. Well, I'm an early 30s fisheries biologist who works hard and has little time and less expendable income to take proper care of her skin. I would greatly appreciate this gift of indulgence, something I rarely have the chance to experience. Thank you!

I would love for my grieving mother to have this so that she may pamper herself after the loss of her only sibling.

Asiazmama 03.28.2012

I would love to win the Dior Luxury Skin Basket for my mother. She'll be 57 this year and always puts herself last on the list, from 2 marriages, working full time, volunteering, family and friends. I want to prove to her that she is WORTH pampering and all her giving deserves a reward. She is a beautiful person inside and out but I'm hoping with THIS particular she will begin to SEE it to KNOW it.

Meg 03.28.2012

I have spent the past three years pursuing a PhD in Education and am in the last pages of my dissertation. This experience has taught me more about aging gracefully than I would have ever imagined. I have found the inner strength to survive a difficult divorce and to discover my own voice. When I look in the mirror, I see a woman with character and strength but would love my face to also reflect the spirit of beauty that I have uncovered, and with a little help from Dior Capture Totale skin-care regimen, it can! :)

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