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All the goodies you'll get if you win!
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First published in the April 2012 issue

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Tammy Greer03.27.2012

I deserve this basket of Dior goodies because I need a boost in my life right now. I need to feel special, and with these products, I know I will.


Eyes released from bandages
the day after cataract surgery
reveal hundreds of forgotten freckles,
scuffed shoes, stained clothes. But worse,
the mirror shouts No Longer Young.
In those years before, when my sight
was as cloudy as a Seattle sky, decline
crept up and creased my countenance.
I see lines, cracks, sags. Careless care,
sun and smoking stake their claim.
Unlike the still intact Notre Dame,
they'll be no graceful aging for me.
I'm not perfection like the majestic
cathedral, nor am I made of stone.
I need serious help!

Sharon 03.27.2012

Help, I'm desperate for a solution to my problem skin. I'm 44 and starting to really notice fine lines, redness and dryness in the skin on my face and neck. I'm not familiar with Dior skin care products. I have used Dior makeup and love the quality of the products. I would love to try the skincare as well.

Karen Ng03.27.2012

I have been a Dior's skincare devotee since my 30's. Now I am in my 40's, I am worthy to deserve to win this basket to continue to show my best to the world.


I am a product junkie. I am always trying different inexpensive products. I would love to win the basket and see if more pricey products are worth the expense.

I will be turning 40 this September.I decided to write myself a bucket list(things to do before I'm 40). I am slowly checking things off my list as I complete them.I am going to the gym several times a week,having hair removal done,but I especially notice the lines on my face, discolored skin and acne.One thing I really need is skin care. It would be wonderful to have skincare from an upscale company such as Dior as I have been through so many skincare products from the drugstores.


Having been a caregiver for 13 months during my husband's (of 28 years) struggle with gastric cancer, I was not able to take care of my skin properly + did not have the money. However, I always saw that he was well taken care of: facials, manicures, pedicures, etc. Since his passing in October 2011, I can now take care of ME. However, I find that I just do not have the money for such treats that would work on my signs of aging and wear. How wonderful it would be to be able to have such a treat from DIOR! Tt would really help me to start a regime that would make me feel and look better as well as to help me through my grieving process.

Kiff Kimber03.27.2012

After 30+ years as a ocean/pool lifeguard, I am now dealing with skin cancer issues. I would not change this lifestyle because it has been so rewarding. Although, my dermatologist is not very happy about this---I'm keeping him in business! Never really been able to splurge on skin care like this, but would love to give it a try. Also after being in my 50's your magazine encourages us to pamper ourselves! Hooray for MORE.


Having been a caregiver for 13 months to my husband of 28 years during his struggle with gastric cancer, I never found the time to take care of ME! My face and body suffered signs of aging and wear. However, I always made sure that he was well taken care of -facials, manicures, pedicures, etc. Since his death in October 2011, I now find the time to take care of ME. However, I find that I just do not have the money to purchase all that I need. I would appreciate a good regime like DIOR! That would be the ultimate treat just for myself. It would be so much appreciated in helping me to go on with my life and assisting me to move through my grief.


I would give this to my mother, who always puts her family, her faith and her job before herself. She's a fabulous little lady :)

susan coster03.27.2012

Dior is the ultimate in beauty products and MORE magazine just the right magazine for our generation. Would love to win this gift basket in time for summer!

Mia 03.27.2012

DIOR to me exemplifies the ultimate in luxury and quality beauty products. I've tried so many different skin care lines over the years but I would LOVE to try Dior's anti-aging line. I want to look as good as I feel and I want to be MORE DIOR (Deluxe, In-style, Opulent and Refined).

leanne sparks03.27.2012

The truth is I am no more worthy of this wonderful prize than anyone else. I am a middle aged woman with 4 teenagers making my way thru this world, but I sure would love it.


I have 2 beautiful sisters and a great mom that i would love to treat to this skin-care basket! We have all been through a very difficult year, and it would be wonderful to surprise them with such luxurious products, sort of an antidote for life's hard knocks! We are in our 50's, 60's and 80's respectively, but not too old to have a Dior party!!

Laureen Letizio03.27.2012

I don't deserve this wonderful gift anymore than any other woman does, but would graciously accept it on behalf of all deserving women.

sirina york03.27.2012

I am 51 and have a blotchy, dull and acne face. I would love to try this product to help my face look better. I have try many other brand and got not result. Please help this face. (I too have had cancer (brain), and now have to take medicine for depression.)

Valerie Jauma03.27.2012

I would like to win this basket of goodies so that I can share them with all of the beautiful women in my family. :)

After 5 years of single-mom-hood , I've recently walked past a mirror on my way out for the day. At first glance it was my usual work day uniform; a well worn suit, home-made manicure, barely passable up-do, and enough make-up to hide my flaws. Something pulled me back in for a more retrospective look, and it hit me like a bag of bricks. I'd lost myself, the part of me who believed that appearance was a part of become a success. Since that day I've invested into keratin treatments, new stylish wardrobe, and a fantastic spa day. Unfortunately my face has lost more than a spa day can give back. This care package (as I call it) would be the last step into regaining my youth and vigor.


Let me just say that Menopause is killing me!! I have never been fatter, more tired or cranky as I have been lately. I know this too shall pass... but, in the meantime I am looking a wreck. And, I can no longer pass off that I am younger than I am.... cause I'm looking old!!!! A Dior package will not only help me to look better but it will also help me to feel better. PLEASE!!!

L.D. 03.27.2012

Why do I deserve this beauty package? Because I'm worth it! Since I never tried Dior, this would be a great opportunity to see what they can do to help improve my skin. Just turned 55 years old, back in school and ready to face the world again. Lurlene D. Brown

I noticed that even More's cover featured article "Best Anti-Aging Beauty Ideas at 30, 40, 50, 60" stops before 70. What happened? I will turn 70 on my next birthday. Is it over? Does beauty have an expiration date? Since my new age group isn't even listed, surely I and anyone in my peer group could use the Dior Skin Care Basket. I'm hopeful that the 70s will be a beautiful decade! I've never thought I could afford even one Dior product. What a gift this would be!

I love Dior products and, after hitting the big 5-0, to have such luxiorious products to use to help with the many issues that come with aging skin would be a huge treat! With two kids in college, there is no way I could affort such a treat, but I would love, love the opportunity to try and share my results!


The basket would be a great birthday surprise!

helen 03.27.2012

Well, I don't deserve this, but my sister does. So if I win, I will give it to her.

Kathi Casey03.27.2012

I have been blessed with my mom's beautiful skin. However, since turning 60 I have experienced dryness and red spots that are not fun! Never having had to spend much time on my face, I'm at a loss as to where I should start and there are so many products out there. I eat mostly fruits and veggies and fish and also take fish oil supplements and drink LOTS of water, so it seems like it would not be an internal issue. It would be nice to receive a complete package of products to try and this one sounds heavenly!

karen 03.27.2012

I would love a change to try a high end product on my dry aging skin.


After turning 40 my skin has increasingly become dry, uneven and just blah. I could really use some great products to bring it back to life. The Dior brands are not one that I would usually be able to splurge on, so it would be great to win the basket!

Carla Lynch03.27.2012

Hi, I'm 52 and a mother of 3 grown children. I grew up on a farm, I eat healthy and now training for my second half- marathon. I have finally got it how important it is to take care of your skin. I have never tried Dior products and would love to experience this fantastic opportunity from Dior and More magazine.


Deserve? I don't really deserve it but I would love to try a new beauty product so I can appear as youthful and fun on the outside as I am in the inside. Thanks!!!

Sharon 03.27.2012

Would love to have some anti aging products that actually work.

cindyalooloo 03.27.2012

It would make a wonderful "early" 50th birthday present.

Myra 03.27.2012

I would love to win because I have never try any of there face product. The only thing I may have is the perfume which i absolutly adore. I really need something for my skin with this bad weather over here and I've been stressing out. You know a girl needs some pamparing once in a lifetime!!


I am once again dealing with Breast Cancer for the second time in 10 years. And chemo does a number on your skin. These products would greatly help improve my skin during this torturous time.
Thanks for considering me.


I am once again dealing with Breast Cancer for the second time in 10 years. And chemo does a number on your skin. These products would greatly help improve my skin during this torturous time.
Thanks for considering me.

Sassej1 03.26.2012

I'm a busy young 40 who has been working in the emergency services field for 17+ yrs. working 12hrs on 3rd shift has played havoc on my skin! I'd love some help from Dior!

Candy Chewning03.26.2012

I am 46 years old and have been blessed with great skin. I would LOVE to win this basket to maintain my skin! Thank you :)

It's been a harsh winter on the skin and you add some stress factors,just could use a pick me up with the Dior products. I always enjoy More magazine,seems it's wrote for me.

Patricia 03.26.2012

My favorite part of More magazine is "This is What (age) Looks Like". It's the first thing I flip to when my magazine arrives; it is so inspirational. I would like to win the Dior skincare to help me look as amazing as the women you profile each month.

Susan York03.26.2012

I'm not sure I deserve a gift more than anyone else. I hope to win because as I age I find it more and more difficult to find products that are right for my skin.


I'm turning 55 in a few weeks and looking every bit of it. Help!


working full time while raising two kids is stressful! There is always something due or money needed for something for kids which puts me last. I have never been able to try Dior but it sounds wonderful. I think I would cry if I won for sure. Thanks for all the great tips and advice. I am turning 40 this year and I loved the article this month on changing make up to reflect your age.

Judy Doll03.26.2012

Anti-aging and Dior, lead me to it. Since 60 is the new 50, I would sure like to get that glow back into my dulling skin! I need all the help I can get in this tough job market!

susan coster03.26.2012

As a 3-time cancer survivor, my skin has gone through the rigors of chemotherapy and radiation and has done damage to my skin. Would love to win this astonishly divine beauty package from Dior!


Iam a 43yr old mother of two teenage girls. I have resently gone back to work full time after 16 years of working partime and giving everything to my girls and husband.I have never done anything like this for myself, it has always been for others. This gift basket would be a delight for me to pamper and care for myself. Thank you .

Deborah Gluck03.26.2012

I love the best things life has to offer. I work 5 nights a week as a nurse but also love to care for myself. I know how wonderful a prize Dior would be. Please Pick me!

Connie Ghegan03.26.2012

Turning 60 next week...and it shows! I've had my husband in cognative and physical rehab 5 days a week since his cardiac arrest in August (after 3 months in hospital and nursing care). Trying to sell my house and still work full time. The story is all on my face. If I can't get a facelift, I would sure take a little Dior pampering!

Shelley Todd03.26.2012

My skin has been totally out of wack ever since my husband went into the hospital (5 months ago). I suppose its stress, but I could use a little outside help from Dior and!


A More reader and a woman of STYLE AND SUBSTANCE preparing for my 60 th Birthday Party this September. My skin needs this desperately!!

HappyGirl 03.26.2012

Everything I know about good skin care I learned from my Mom. Now that she is elderly and living with health issues, our roles are reversed and I recommend and share new skincare products with her, which she just loves! This Dior gift basket would be such a treat for her to indulge in! Thanks for the opportunity, J.

Ritela Okerman03.26.2012

Reason why? It's my birthday tomorrow and that would be the ultimate gift!!!

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