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First published in the April 2012 issue

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Brenda Melton04.26.2012

I've just recently turned 60 and will be celebrating my 40th wedding anniversary this year (9-1-12)to the same man I fell in love with all those years ago! Whenever I complain about my wrinkles and lines, he says I'm always beautiful to him. (His vision isn't what it used to be!) I try to look my best for him most of the time, but would like for my skin to look good so he'll feel the same for me in another 40 years!


Hi: entering Dior Luxury Skin Care Basket contet because although I love the product, it's not ofter I can afford more than one item at a time. I love the night cream!


Life has been difficult for many. I have lost my job, my car, my home....all due to different circumstances, I am "bouncing back" and a little luxury and complexion boost would be terrific.

Sherry 04.26.2012

I would love to try the Dior product line....I am 47 and never had a manicure, pedicure, facial or message (unless husbands count). While taking care of kids (3) since I was 21 and a husband (4?) I have not had (taken) the time to take care of me....this would be a wonderful (& surprising) start to "ME TIME".

Mary Lou 04.25.2012

About 1 1/2 yrs ago my divorced, 56 year-old bro and I decided to co-buy a house together. About 6 mos ago, he informed me that his "girlfriend" would be moving in. A few weeks later they announced their engagement. She is 27, petite and slim whereas I am 58, tall and well-rounded. The sweet, young thing has invited me to be in the wedding party - need I say "MORE" as to why I NEED the Dior Goodie Basket!!! P.S. I would have tried plastic surgery, What Not to Wear and/or Dr. Kevorkian but decided that painful, embarrassing, permanent and expensive would be a bit too much.


I'd love to win this basket because I've always wanted to try this line, but Dior is just far too expensive for my to buy!

Lisa Portman04.25.2012

What can I say? I've been a Lancome lady for as long as I can remember. I've been itching to try another line of products.....maybe Dior can convert me to a Dior Diva!!


I've always wanted to try Dior beauty products, but I know I can't afford them. If the eye treatment works for dark circles, I NEED it!!

Tari Muir04.25.2012

Dior is the ultimate symbol of beauty and beauty is ageless. As a Gerontologist I promote and believe that aging is a journey...not a crisis. Young, mid-life and aging women always feel more beautiful with pampering and self-care. I promote and model proactive aging for women of all ages by pampering ourselves with beauty regimes & products, a wellness approach and a fostering a healthy attitude. I imagine and dream of being pampered by Dior's total skin-caare regime. A very sweet dream come true.

MdMom3 04.25.2012

I am a mother of three wonderful children (Zo 13, Ty 8 and Ava 2). I volunteer in my community and childrens' schools, coach two sports (baseball and softball), all while working full-time. We live on a tight budget and I never take time for me or spend money on me. I would really like to be put first for once. Thank you!


Dear Dior,
Mary is definitely more interesting looking now that life has embraced her these past decades, but her skin needs your embrace to look more Grace Kelly and less Granny Clampet as she enters her fabulous 50's. Please help.
Thank you,
Mary's face

celeste alent04.25.2012

I work with public service and have taken cuts across the board. unfortunately things of beauty have taken a back shelf until further notice. I have used Dior products for at least 30 years, so you can understand why I would love to win your products. Women in blue don't always look their best (clothing wise) but Dior products could help me look my best. Thanks for the opportunity

Julie 04.25.2012

I really like the skin I'm in ..... but would definitely like to try to capture what Monsieur Dior called the 'New Look'.

Greystreak 04.24.2012

I would love to win this basket! All these women deserve this basket too! At 47, my skin doesn't look like it used to. While I am taking care of myself, there is only so much one can do - I'm a busy teacher, and I certainly don't see any facial surgery in my future. It's not only that I wouldn't be able to afford it, I simply don't want to. At least not for a really long time. These Dior skin products are a super luxurious treat!

I will NOT grow old gracefully, I'm going kicking and screaming all the way!!!

I will NOT grow old gracefully, I'm going kicking and screaming all the way!!!

Lisa Palumbo04.24.2012

I am writing this for my mom who is a mother of 6 kids. She always puts her kids first before she does anything nice for herself.My mom loves Dior skin-care products but almost never buys it for herself. She never pamper herself as much a normal women should. If our mom wins this Dior luxury skin-care basket this would show how much we really care about her and it would be a big thank you present for everything she has done for all 6 of us. From Anthony,Gabrielle ,Nicholas, Mia, Arianna, And Luca.

Nancy 04.24.2012

I'm 60 and when I look in the mirror I see Howdy Doody, a puppet on the children's show that I watched in the 1950's. In my 30's when my husband went to pick up my passport photo at the photographer's studio, the clerk said to him "Here's your daughter's photo". In my 40's I was asked for an ID when I bought wine. Things have changed!

I am growing older gracefully. I believe that Dior products can help me do just that. Dior has made women "More" beautiful for years! Thanks, Dior!

Teresa Roscoe04.24.2012

I am having a difficult time accepting the aging process. I can't afford surgical
enhancements; but, I've heard that Dior products are top of the line. I would
love to try them and start to feel better about myself.
Thank you, Dior!

LaDean Grayce04.24.2012

I have been unemployed for months having to make many cutbacks. Winning Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket would be luxury I can not afford. I truly need the anti-aging line boasts technology.

Dot Wilson04.24.2012

I certainly do not think I'm more deserving than anyone else. We women of a "certain age" do work hard and find little time to pamper ourselves. I am a person who gives freely and regularly. I gave a kidney to my brother who is now a healthy thriving young man with two beautiful children. I give my daughter any and everything she needs and wants. I WANT and NEED this basket to give myself the permission to give to myself. This would be a wonderful treat!


I'm age 63 and retired about 18 months ago. I spend a lot of time outdoors, and TRY to use sunscreen, but I could do better! I volunteer with several organizations and still work part-time. I would LOVE to receive the products in this Dior giftbasket!

Ellen Bonds04.24.2012

Years ago I purchased this line and received a professional makeup case with Dior Beauty inscribed on it. I cannot afford the line now, but I still use the case every day. Would love to fill it with these products again.

In the past 2 years I have had 2 massive heart attacks, triple bypass surgery, and 15 heart catherizations to place 13 stents in my heart. I have also been diagnosed with COPD, diabetes,and fibromyalga. On top of this I am going thru a painful divorce and both my sons left home for college last fall. My condition is very guarded and I really have no quality of life now. I try to keep a good attitude but feel very bad about myself physically and emotionaly. Living only on a small disability check, I can't afford the skin care or makeup products anymore. What would be a daily expense for others is a luxury to me. I am 49 years old and hoping to make it to 50!

Loryn Ashley04.24.2012

Capture! For twenty five years, I faithfully used only Dior products and was blessed every day with comments on how beautiful my skin was. When I got divorced, I could no longer afford the entire line, but I still purchase Capture serum even if I go without something else. I would love the opportunity to enjoy these products on the eve of my 60th birthday! I think Dior skin products are a gift from the Gods ~ thank you!


I love the Dior products I've used so far: the foundation is both creamy,light on my skin and yet provides great coverage. Most recently, I tried the Dior Maximizer Lash Plumbing Serum before applying mascara and am amazed at how it helps lengthen and thicken my lashes. If the rest of the products are near the quality of these two, I am a committed Dior user!

Debbie LaMond04.24.2012

I'm putting myself first! I'm a breast cancer survivor, working mother of two teenagers and happily married, but I never find time for myself. This year I'm making time to care about myself, workout, eat healthier, find time for my hobbies and have fun!

misskris 04.24.2012

It has been a very difficult two years for my family and I. Both my husband and I lost our jobs two years ago. We had just sent our 3-19 year old children off to three different colleges. We still have an autistic daughter at home that is in the throws of puberty. We lost our home shortly thereafter. When we went to put money down on a rental, the lady stole our money and we ended up living in my parents 5th wheel for months trying to find housing we could afford. In December, my father had a stroke and last week my mother was told they want to run tests on her for cancer. If it could go wrong, it has!
We were making exceptional salaries and it was quite common to pamper myself at least once a month. I haven't been able to even afford a professional hair cut since I lost my job, much less anything else that makes me feel like a woman should feel. I just feel worn out and ready for this streak of bad luck to end. It's been humbling and I'm actually glad it happened, but I'm also ready for a more positive change to happen.

NAOMI Staggs04.23.2012

I am a tool and die maker for an automobile company, working up to 84 hours a week! The environment is terrible for the skin. To be able to pamper myself with these great products would be tooo wonderful!


52 years young at heart, but my exterior definitely in need of some TLC; aging parents, helping daughter (a RN) w/grad school and son w/college tuition; have lost 2 close friends to cancer recently, brother-in-law battling lung and brain cancer; working 12 hour shifts on my feet in a very stressful job--need to pamper myself;I'm trying to adopt the motto--Adding Life to my years is more important than adding years to my life.

Kathy 04.23.2012

Having just passed my 50th year I am beginning to notice subtle changes in my complexion, from the fine lines to the dull skin. I follow a single product line skin care regime now, but would love to try something new and the Dior basket looks perfect. Plus the drawing date is my birthday!

Stephanie 04.23.2012

I would love to win this. I am new to the Dior line (just bought my first dior product the other day and it was lipstick) What better way to get familiar with the line (go big or go home right) :)

Vicki Welter04.23.2012

I was caregiver for my first husband for 13 years through an aortic aneurysm, leg amputation, several strokes and through the final stages of Alzheimers. After being widowed for 2 1/2 years, I fell in love and re-married in 2009 to a wonderful man who had lost his first wife to leukemia. It is a new start and although we feel like teenagers, I definitely don't look like one! :-) I definitely aged through this experience and have been trying to find products to improve my appearance! I would love to win this skin-care basket!!


From the time I got married I carried the financial burden, having the steady income. My husband never had a steady income, working for commission only jobs at times. In 2004 he was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery 2 days before Christmas. He's doing fine now but has also dealt with gout for the entire time of our marriage too. Since he's always going to the Dr or ER I just didn't see the sense in me doing the little things for myself. Then I suffered an accident coming out of a store and was unable to work for years. We moved in with my mother-in-law. My husband had to become my caretaker, I'm doing better now too. But we just can't seem to get ahead and I thought this would be something extra nice for me to have, since there is no way for me to be able to afford this.

Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome gift! First I do not think I deserve it but I would love to have it. Second, my money is funny and change is strange and I could never or maybe I shouldn't say never but no time in the near future could I afford these items. Third, I have nice skin but would love to look like most of my people who are older. They are in their 70-90s and can pass for 20-30 years younger than they look. Now I am not made of the same stock but would love to win these items to help assure that I can rock it at 70 or 90! lol

Carol 04.23.2012

Love "More" magazine!! Finally a magazine for the over- forty woman. Tax day was April 17th. I am a 60+ Certified Public Accountant - had a very busy tax season - would love to be comforted by Dior products. Thanks.


I'm 50 and my job was eliminated a year and a half ago, I've been looking for a job since then and still haven't found one. It's discouraging and depressing... I'm trying to keep my chin up, winning this would give me something to smile about.

Wendy Seirup04.23.2012

After two MOHS surgeries for basel cell skin cancer on my face - I am now facing 6 weeks of a topical chemo regimen of Efudex cream. It's going to be grueling and the side effects look very scary but hopefully it will prevent future surgeries. I would love to win the basket as a pampering treat after what my poor skin has gone through. PS- Wear sunscreen ladies!!!

Joann Greathead04.23.2012

I'd love to try the Dior Capture Totale skin-care regimen! My sister and I have been trying several lines to find one that works best for us! We have been on a mission to keep our skin healthy and young! I'd love to tell her I've found that Luxury Skin Care line!

Jen 04.23.2012

My job has required me to work an average of 55 hours/week for the past year. My time to take care of myself has dwindled - and it shows! My mother came to visit, looked at me, and said, "you look terrible". Dior help, please!

nativecagirl 04.23.2012

I have never had a set of skin care in the same line and such a glamorous set. Would definitely feel spoiled and lucky!

Monica Mo04.22.2012

Hello I'm 50+ and so far this year has not been a very good year. I found out my husband of 20 years has a little thing with a 20 something year old. Than I got in a terrible car accident. I have survived both situations, needless to say my self esteem is not that great. I don't want to sound like I am depressed, I know it is what it is and life will go on. I have a great net work of girlfriends that have been there for me. But a little anti-aging line would be a bonus. I have been looking into anti-aging skin care lately, but it is all so confusing. There's nothing like a 20 something year old girl that disrupts your life to make you start seriously thinking about your skin care regimen

Lathonya Larkin04.22.2012

Hi. I will be 48 this year. I am on a mission to eat healthier and exercise more but i get discouraged everytime I look in the mirror. Over the past year my face has become more acne prone, dull and dry. I'm just haggard looking. HELP!!

Maeve Holden04.22.2012

I heart Dior...and as a new mom of a 3 month old, heading back to work, a little Dior magic would be nice. They do it right.


I am a very young 41yr old mother of three and grand mother of four. Two of my children have moved out of the house and the youngest is our home security system since he has graduated high school. I work 4-10hour shifts and would love some skin care. If I win I would love to share it with my daughter who is raising 4 children with one on the way, while she is working a grave yard shift at a hotel and her husband just lost his job. So it would be well appreciated by two people.


I am working 2 jobs, a school therapist by day and a nursing home therapist by evening. I am trying to pay off student loans for my oldest daughter while saving for college for my youngest who will start college in August. I am doing this all on my own and love every minute of it. I love attending my high schooler's activities and being there for her whenever I can but it leaves no "me" time. This basket would be a welcome gift. I love being a mom!


I am 4 days away from having cancer surgery on my nose and reconstruction afterwards. I was shocked by the diagnosis after the years I have spent using good facial products, sun screens, hats and sunglasses to help protect my skin. Dior's ad and contest looked fun and sure boosted my enthusiasm. At this moment it would be a positive boost to my self esteem after surgery and a step forward.


For the past year I've been using my personal finances to start a mission-based for-profit company, called WeCo (The Wehrman Collaborative, LLC which provides two important functions:
1. User-experience testing of web sites to organizations surrounding how accessible they are to people who live with disabilities. (Section 508 VPAT and Americans with Disabilities Act legal compliance)
2. We deliver this by using teams of people who live with disabilities to conduct our tests, providing them with a for-profit employment and a career opportunity to a population segment that is traditionally overlooked in the workplace.
After a year of inventing a new company with 10 hour days, 7 day work weeks and a significant amount of overcoming my fears and carrying the hopes of 24 test consultants, it would be nice to have this as a treat. That's all. Just a nice pat on the back at a time I could use it.
Thanks. Lynn Wehrman

Maria 04.22.2012

The first time I treated myself to a Dior skin product was in plane ride from Tokyo to Honolulu for my niece's wedding. I had no time to get my face ready for the event and none of my decent facial paraphernalia fit in my carry-on so I was helpless. Dior Snow, which was then only available on trips to/from Asia, came to the rescue with a perfect base and foundation for my skin type. The trip and wedding were extra special because of how good I felt and look. Looking as fresh and young as my niece's friends was the best complement I ever had. That was 5 years ago. Although I am fortunate to have the genes to look much younger than my 50 years, I deserve to indulge in the best skin product to continue defying the years. D-I-O-R spells luxury and I am worth it!

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