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First published in the April 2012 issue

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I love Dior products! They do an amazing job!


I would like to win this basket so that I can get some well needed pampering

I deserve to win because I want to look like Sharon Stone! (At least an older version!)

tracy giberson03.24.2012

Hi, I am 47 years old (young), I have a 23-year-old daughter, a 7-year-old son, and a beautiful 11-month-old granddaugher. I live a very rural area where I have to travel one hour just to go shopping. I usually do all shopping online. My wrinkles are catching up with me and would love to try the dior products. I work 40+ hours per week, exercise 4 days per week, eat wonderful, but I can't seem to get the perfect face regimen! I would love to have the chance to win this wonderful dior skincare basket. I want my skin to be the best and I have tried almost every product out there. There is a lot of stress in life now and would love to take that stress off of my face. Everyone last year stated how young I look, but this year has been a difficult one and my face shows it. I will be having my 30th class reunion in this small town that I live in and would love to try this regimen and have everyone say again, how young I look. I have the exercise to keep my body in shape, hair products to keep my hair looking young, but not the face products, please choose my entry. Thank you for letting me have this chance. Good luck to you all.

Alicia Kinder03.24.2012

Well, I deserve this no more than anyone else.I,m embarrassed to say, recently i contracted a parasite.That for some reason attacked my face more than anything else.My face looks horrible and would love to try this product, with hopes of it shedding all the dead cells quicker than what they would on their own.

Sima 03.24.2012

I have been blessed with good skin, but now about to turn 60, I realize I must take better care of it, and this would be an excellent start.

Mona Policastro03.24.2012

I deserve this basket because I was an elementary school teacher ( 3rd - 4th grade ) for 32 years. Need I say more! I just turned 58 and I would delight in some pampering with products I could never afford to buy myself.

Angela Tomlin03.24.2012

It would be so great to start this spring season with gorgeous skin!

Lisa Roach03.24.2012

I always took care of my family before I took care of myself. Now that I'm an "empty-nester", I'd like to start focusing more on me, starting with my skin. I'd love to have my outside look as good as I feel on the inside.

I deserve this Dior Luxury Skin-care Basket because, I recently lost both of my jobs and was really depressed about it. I am now just doing temporary work and has been under stress lately. I feel that winning this luxury basket would really cheer me up especially since I could not afford to buy dior products and I know that they are the GOLD standard for LUXURY items. It would give me immense pleasure to win this luxury basket. Thank you.....Lavaughn


I would love to win this basket because I am 56 and looking good on the oustside makes you feel better all around. After recovering from health problems it would give me the boost I need. Its a win win with Dior.

Sally Ballou03.24.2012

Times are hard..I can only say, I'd love all womwen to experience such an extravagance ! Good luck !

I had breast cancer seven years ago and have been diagnosed again with an advanced breast cancer this year. After a double mastectomy and starting chemo, my skin could use a treat.. when I saw the pink bow on the basket of goodies....I could see my face loving me.

Catherine Terry03.24.2012

Just turned 40 and I am all for looking younger,

Donna Henke03.24.2012

Please help me. I am 55 and have tried every product out there. Nothing helps my skin. I long to have clear skin but even at my age I have acne, bumps, age spots. I long for the one skin care routine that will help me. PLEASE.

On Superbowl Sunday, my husband of 22 years told me he was going to wash the car, and never came back. Really..I've accepted a position (re-entering the work force after 5 years) at a FABULOUS high-end retail store, and, at 54 would truly be thrilled to have beautiful younger looking skin courtesy of the FABULOUS Dior & my favorite magazine, MORE.

Leslie Asher03.24.2012

I would love to win this basket. I love Dior products and could use some help with my skin, especially the fine lines.


I have always had dry skin and as I have aged (turning 50 soon)it has been hard to find a product that works well for my skin. Recently I tried Capture Totale eye treatment and nourishing rich creme and just loved them. I noticed more results with these products than I have with any in a long time. I told my 74 year old mother about it and she is trying them too. It has been an extremely rough year financially, as I am sure it has been for many folks, but it does appear that things will be looking up soon. I would love to be able to continue this regime! Thank you for the opportunity.

Marthalynn 03.24.2012

I am in need of a new skincare routine so badly! Winter dryness, aging, and parenthood have really done a number on my face and it shows! I've had my eye on Dior and have heard great things about their line, I would just love to try it. It's time for me to get my glow back.

Shawn Bergman03.24.2012

As a working mother of two and wife, and a daily commute of over eighty miles I feel it is necessary for me to treat myself. For the past 3 1/2 months I have sacrificed my skin hair and makeup so my family and I will be able to have a new home built. Living in a car for up to 2-4 hours a day can be a bare especially when you are living in the Washington DC metrocpolitan area and have to put up with traffic DAILY on the 95 and 395 corridor. This basket would MOST definately allow me to have a "me moment" to myself and allow me to take a step back and refocus. Remember when MOM is down "ain't nothin gonna get done!"


I would love to win this luxury dior basket. I once was a die-hard career women who gave that up to be a stay at home mom for the last 4 1/2 years. I have really lost my groove. I just turned 40 and my daughter will be going to school this year. I need some help pulling myself together to start all over in the workplace and this would really help me out.

mary skalka03.24.2012

I would love to win this basket because Ihave just finished radiationand chemo therapy with a rectal cancer diagnosis I am fighting a uphill battle and would be very gracious for some positive luck to come my way

I would like to win this basket because I think it would be a blast! I would have a make over party with my two daughters and my 14 year old granddaughter. May the best woman win!

Nancy Beisel03.24.2012

I'm quickly approaching 55!!! As a woman, I do what I can to preserve my aging skin. As a mother, I don't always have the time/money to do so. I would love to receive this gift!

Sandy Chilek03.24.2012

Stress is murder on the skin. Well, stress is my name. My husband has been out of work for 3 1/2 years and I had to go back to work full time. I am about to be 61. My skin could use a little luxury!

kimelaine 03.24.2012

Last time I bought a Dior makeup product was in the 80's, I'd love to experience their current line. I'm a working mom, need I say more? Every working mom deserves quality pampering products from a luxurious sponsor.


At 44 I'm finally accepting that my skin requires better care and better products. It's time to get serious about doing what I can to help my skin be healthier.

Janice Savino03.24.2012

I have been a single mom since my daughter was 2 years old. She is now 20! I have had to make some sacrafices in career and my life in order to raise her right. I am proud to say I am now putting her thru college. Money has always been tight on a budget. I work for VP's of a company and would love to finally "fit in". Right now I am wearing clothes that are 5 years old! My make up is hardly ever new until it absolutely is gone! But those choices I've had to make for getting by. I am now 54 years old and I would love to finally use products that are appropriate for me at this age to help my skin. We live a healthy lifestyle even though it's been tough, but I really could use good skin products for a change. They are like the little black dress in your closet that always makes you feel and look great. It would be wonderful to have the experience of using them at this stage of my life. I'm ready for me.

Mika Thornton03.24.2012

I have a lot of skin problems on my body that I'm constantly trying to cure/cover up. I'd like to at least have a flawless looking face! :)

Suzanne Carter03.24.2012

At 57, I took an early retirement from a long and very stressful career in finance beginning 1/1/2011, expecting to do some traveling and just enjoying life, then my husband was diagnosed with cancer. For the last 15 months, our world has been turned upside down. In my former life, I spent a lot of effort and time taking care of my skin (great products, facials, etc.), but these good habits haven fallen by the wayside. I need to find that balance again, and a fantastic prize like this one could get me back on track to take care of "me", which is sorely needed right now for both complexion, body and soul.

Patricia 03.24.2012

I'm a single mom in her 50s putting a child through college so Dior is out of reach right now--but oh how I could use this basket of goodies!


Once, long ago when I was in my 20's (I'm 57 now), I was treated to a Day of Dior and absolutely loved their products. Unfortunately, although I have worked my entire life (33 years at one firm), I have never been able to afford the Dior skin-care line. I love taking care of my skin and have used many product lines but Dior is my "dream". I, personally, am not in favor of Botox but want to grow old gracefully (think Susan Sarandon and Annette Benning). MORE is my go to magazine and I would love the chance to have DIOR has my go-to product.

vic 03.24.2012

born/raised in florida before "spf's" were invented - 51 and feeling old.....

Nancy Lewis03.24.2012

I have always looked young for my age and Dior products are a big part of that. This last year, as I turned 56, the stress of taking care of my disabled husband and 15 year old son has shown up on my face. I could use the glow back in my skin and a smile back on my face!

chacha freds03.24.2012

I've been fortunate to try some Dior samples and I know their products are just wonderful - I've turned 50 this year and would love to treat my skin to the bounty of this basket. We all deserve to win....

Mary Williams03.24.2012

I turned 40 this past July and also lost 60 pounds. My skin doesn't look as young as it did when I was heavier. I would like the opportunity to try the products.


My daughter's wedding is in a year. Every mother of the bride wants to look her best. Good health, and an active lifestyle, have always been important to me. I now must admit my maturing skin needs special help. I believe using these products could be the answer for my personal wish on my daughter's wedding day. JMM

Nancy Ashton03.24.2012

I'd love o win this bag of goodies! I am 61 and retired and ready to spend time on myself with wonderful glowing skin to reflect the way I feel on the inside.

Carla 03.24.2012

Working construction for the past 20 years, and mostly outdoors, I would really love to treat my face to a skin-care regimen that will protect my skin’s stem cells, and keep my complexion looking younger longer. I will be turning 50 in May and what a great gift this would be!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such great products!

Lyn 03.24.2012

I would love to lavish my skin with these products!

Joasia 03.24.2012

Would love to win it for my Mom...


My mother tells me that I should be taking care of my skin while I'm still young. She says it's one thing she wishes she had done and worries about me all of the time. I think if she saw me taking better care of myself she would be so relieved that I'd finally be doing something about my skin.

Leanne 03.24.2012

These are wonderful products! I had an amazing makeover when visiting NY recently, at Saks Fifth Ave. It was wonderful and the Dior representative gave me back years on my face! Unfortunately, I was only able to purchase a few of the products used on me, but I would love to have them all!


What hard-working woman wouldn't deserve this? Good luck to all.

Debbie Saathoff03.24.2012

I take care of others all day and would love the opportunity to pamper myself. Thank you More and Dior for this chance to win. Good luck ladies :)


I would love to win the DIOR SKIN CARE BASKET. I will be 67 years old in May. I enjoy my job in the health care very much and would like to continue a few more years. I am healthy but need some help with my skin care so I can represent the more mature working age group in a postive way.

pat moyer03.23.2012

I'd love to win this basket. I'm always getting invited to luncheons with people that I worked with before I retired, but I'm always afraid that I don't look good enough and that they'll talk about me behind my back! My husband says I'm beautiful and better looking than my former co-workers. This would help boost my confidence.

Helen zhu03.23.2012

When I saw the sweepstake for Dior, I immediately thought of my brother in-law. Dior is her favorite brand, but she couldn't afford it for daily use. Since we are very close and she helped me a lot with my 3 kids, I'm going to give her as her b-day gift if I could win.

I've got an empty nest and dry skin - what could be better than the Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket!

nancy cretaro03.23.2012

i am so happy to have reached the age of 54! my twin sister and i feel like we are back in high school! i love dior products because they make me feel special! i always like to feel like i can do anything that i put my mind to! nancy cretaro

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