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All the goodies you'll get if you win!
Photograph: Bryan McCay

First published in the April 2012 issue

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Oh I should definitely win. Just ended a 26-year marriage and am embarking on an exciting new life. New skin for a new life! This lovely Dior basket is a wonderful "happy divorce" gift from my sisters at More!!!

melanie 03.16.2012

Love, love MORE magazine; always have! It's been a talisman of sorts during the last year. I have a special needs child, who is the absolute joy of my life. I also have an chronic autoimmune disease. My husband of 12 years left us 6 months ago. But we are better for it and every day is a new one. I love reading the articles and submissions from MORE readers. It never ceases to give me a lift .. and some fab style ideas! And as for Dior skin care ~ joy of joys but no longer in the budget. Wishing everyone the all the best ~ and as mentioned below ~ may we all age as gracefully and happily as possible :-).

warrior11209 03.16.2012

I would love to win this basket. Even though the winter weather was not severe my skin needs some very serious pampering!!I was a fan fan of Dior products when I was younger and would like to give the products a try.

Patricia Mohl03.16.2012

I deserve to win this because like most women I never put myself first or treat myself.

I could use a little pampering, as I'm a farm gal who rides horses everyday, plus I've been helping with the building process for our new home (I got to tar the basement walls---so much fun!!). Those Dior skin products would really help my skin feel better!!

Gina McNew03.16.2012

I have a daughter getting married and I have bags under my eyes that even SouthWestern airlines would charge for despite their bags fly free policy. PLEASEEEEEE...on top of everything I'm already paying for I hate to think how much the photoshop (photochop) bills will be. BTW...thank you MORE magazine even if you don't chose me for the BEST magazine and only magazine I spend money and time to read.


Oh pick me, pick me! I am a MORE Magazine lover and would be thrilled to try this amazing Dior Luxury Skin Care Basket! I am 57 and determined to age as gracefully as possible.

Spring time, renew time...what a great basket of skin products to pamper my skin....

Karina Atwood03.16.2012

These are products I would love to try, but simply cannot afford. I am a 43 year old single mother of 2 teenagers, and it shows. Anything that would help I am always willing to use!!


Don't know if I deserve this great basket of skin products, but I sure need it! It's been a long, dry winter and my skin is parched.


I love trying new skincare products and have not tried Dior before.

Alyssa 03.16.2012

These are some of my favorite products. Especially the eye cream! I really hope I win!

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