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First published in the April 2012 issue

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Living in Los Alamos, NM at 7200 feet, chasing 2 kids playing soccer, baseball, and hockey I'm continually outside and need protection for my skin from extremely dry weather, bright sunlight, and to counter the effects of aging skin (46 yrs old). I would love the opportunity to try your products.

Liz Ortuzar04.22.2012

I would love to indulge in this gorgeously luxurious Dior basket!! I've never experienced a treat such as this-other things come first. I'm young at heart and would feel so blessed to win a treat such as this!! Good luck to everyone!!

Liz Ortuzar04.22.2012

I've wanted to experience luxury products my whole life. Sometimes certain things have to wait. I'm much older now, but still really young at heart-I would feel so blessed to finally have beautiful skin and to fully experience Dior's gorgeously luxurious products!! Good luck to everyone!!


I love to test out new products and would LOVE to try these products!

marie simonton04.22.2012

I'm not one to toot my own horn, but for this great Dior skin-care basket, I will. :) I am a stay-at-home mother of 2 boys, one of whom has autism. Being a mother is a job in itself, but being a special needs mom is definitely more challenging. We re-define the definition of mother because we give so much of ourselves to our special children and don't get the opportunity to pamper ourselves as much as we'd like or deserve. To win this Dior basket would certainly be a treat for me and one that I feel I would certainly cherish. I wish every special needs mom could receive one. :)

Jen Adams04.22.2012

I work full time as a mother of two teen boys and as a volunteer coordinator for an animal shelter. Both are equally rewarding, but to save the lives of dogs and cats in one of the largest no-kill shelters is a real gift to me. I come home physically exhausted but sometimes more mentally tired from the stress of dealing with abused animals. I travel to teach humane-ed to kids so they will learn the importance of taking care of their pets. I would love to come home and pamper myself for once, instead of the frantic scramble to feed my own animals; including those two boys.

Dorothy 04.22.2012

I am dreaming of being the winner of your Dior Luxury skin-care basket and am most likely in need of it also. My skin is in fairly good condition for my age probably because of genetics mostly. I have purchased my skin care products over the years out of convenience from local drug stores or department stores on occasion. At this point in my life with fine lines increasing in places I don't want them to be, I feel a "Special" product as the Dior Capture Totale skin-care regimen is just what I need now and have all my friends curious as to why I look different or definitely better. Thank you for offering this opportunity to all of us.


My Friend Lynn is in her hopefully recovery period from Chemo and still in the radiation stage of that ugly word Breast Cancer. This month she will celebrate her 60th birthday. The Chemo has had a devistating effect on her skin I would like to enter her into your contest for the Dior sweepstakes she needs alot of pampering. She's a survivor. Having to worry about everyday whether it's going to come back must be a horrific worry.

Kathryn 04.22.2012

Ever since I was a little girl I have been a skin care product geek, always trying new products and taking care of my skin. This Dior collection would be a wonderful way of trying out the best of the best products!


Being over 50, I am very much in need of some different beauty products. I would love to try Dior. It isn't something I would try on my own because of the expense but if it works for me I would continue to use it because good tried and true skin products are worth any expense!

Sandy Spencer04.22.2012

Always took care of the "inside" with diet, exercise, and balance, but "not so much" on the "outside". Drove truck for 13 years but now doing marketing for a pipeline contractor and that means confeences, expos, and meetings. Would love the skin care products to transform the outside!


Your products would be the center of attention with all my girlfriends when I win as the Dior Capture Totale quickly helps keep my complexion looking younger longer, and keeps my 42 year old boyfriend (13 years my junior) in my life! I've been alone for 15 tears and have finally found a man I adore yet have lots of fear that he will leave due to our age difference. I need your help to continue to stay youthful!!

Patricia Remer04.22.2012

After a very difficult year I need a lift and the Dior package looks like the thing!

Lisa Dennett04.21.2012

Skin care and cosmetics is an area I don't spend a lot on, both literally and... financially. My skin is noticeably drier over the past 2 years and has been sensitive for a while. I would love to try some quality products that might motivate me to stay on top of these changes.

Darcy Volonino04.21.2012

In September I turned fourty, and finally learned that I too deserve a little indulgence. I've only recently started using skin-care products, so when I saw the Dior Luxury Skin-care Basket, I thought this regimen has everything a woman needs to feel and look great. Thanks!


Hi. My name is Jennie and I would love to win this basket. I am always trying to get my daughter to take good care of her skin and this would be so much fun for both of us!

Jackie English04.21.2012

Hello from the Arctic in Alaska! I work for a major oil company as a maintenance technician and operate a fishing lodge on the Kenai River (South Central Alaska). I would absolutely love to try these products in our extreme weather conditions and envision having wonderful skin. I work in temperatures that can fall to -80 below Farenheit and believe me my skin shows it. When I am on the river in the summer my skin is affected by wind and temperature changes. What a way to enjoy my next few months but to be pampered by these products.

India Ennis04.21.2012

I am a high energy chef and estate manager extra-ordinaire who sustained a spinal injury last June. I was unable to continue working in early December due to the extent of the pain and stress. I have been in aggressive spinal rehab for months, seen many specialists, had spinal injections which flush my system with enormous amounts of steroids that are the emotional equivalent of puberty, menopause, and a nervous breakdown all rolled into one. I have gotten A+++ from my whole team of doctors for all of my getting well efforts but nothing seems to be working.I am probably headed for surgery in the next couple of months. I do not qualify for disability and because I am injured cannot get unemployment. I fall into a crazy loophole. I moved from New York to Boston and don't have many friends here. I am lonely, in pain, depressed, and broke. I need something good to happen to me. Dior is always good.

India Ennis04.21.2012

I am a high energy chef and estate manager extra-ordinaire who sustained a spinal injury last June. I was unable to continue working in early December due to the extent of the pain and stress. I have been in aggressive spinal rehab for months, seen many specialists, had spinal injections which flush my system with enormous amounts of steroids that are the emotional equivalent of puberty, menopause, and a nervous breakdown all rolled into one. I have gotten A+++ from my whole team of doctors for all of my getting well efforts but nothing seems to be working.I am probably headed for surgery in the next couple of months. I do not qualify for disability and because I am injured cannot get unemployment. I fall into a crazy loophole. I moved from New York to Boston and don't have many friends here. I am lonely, in pain, depressed, and broke. I need something good to happen to me. Dior is always good.

Mel Arroyo04.21.2012

I found out that when I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, my face had an opinion. My eyes had dark circles, wrinkles had radical, and the blemishes were there dragging me into focus to see myself more clearly. Thrity two years young I have noticed I am always in a hurry. In truth, I am making a mess of my face. Any way you want to see it my attempts at anti aging can be silly. The Dior Luxury Skin Care basket is the swiftest way back to beauty that I can imagine possible. Ciao

simone byrne04.21.2012

I am in my late 40's and have never been one to dwell on my skincare. I work with individuals with autism and upon arriving home the other day after a work day where I received several facial scratches amongst other things, I looked in the mirror and was horrified. Not so much by the scratches but by the natural aging process. Funnily, I went to the gym and saw this article. I figured, why not give it a shot. Best to start with the really good stuff. I am a big fan of Dior perfumes!


I believe it's important to always put my best face forward...and high-quality products can not only make you look good, they make you feel good! For years I have done in-home "spa days" -- taking some much-needed "me time" after a long work week -- and have found that it's one of the best ways to start a new week with a new outlook and fresh perspective. A little aromatherapy goes a long way! I presume I am one of many people deserving of the gift basket; what would put me over the top to be selected? Nothing other than an appreciation of the Dior name and regular use.

I deserve these fabulous Dior products because up until the past few months my profession for the past 12yrs was a letter carrier for USPS. I worked outside in the harsh elements and my skin needs and deserves to be pampered, rejuvinated and replenished with a quality product like Dior.


I do know that there are many deserving women out there but I would love to win the Dior Basket. I have raised fou children myself and am now actively involved with ten grandchildren and work a full and part time job. I would love to be able to pamper myself with the wonderful Dior products. I love more magazine and think it is a great magazine for us older but young women. Thank you for considering me.

gina 04.21.2012

This year I will turn 60 and although I hope to go graciously forward, I know I will want to maintain my skin so I can look as young as I feel. In 2009, I was a kidney donor as part of a chain in New England. My recipient is doing well, and my recovery continues. Thank you.

bonnie 04.21.2012

I play lots of golf and my skin is sooooo dry from the sun this prize would be the best if I won.

rozmin 04.21.2012

I am 39 yrs old and have a 4 yrs old...have been married for 5 yrs now and all my life i never bothered to take care of myself in any way...i had a busy life working from a very young age and had some responsibility towards my family,,, i always ignored my needs for something or other,, lately i have realised that our responsiblilties never ends, as long as life goes on we will definately have things to take care, so why to ignore yourself...i would like to start on myself with something awsome and this dior gift set is SOOOO AWSOME,,,, i would LOVE to win this and start a new begining,,, thinking that i deserve the very very best,,, i can still fullfil all my responsiblity, take care of my family, do a job and make a better life for my loved ones and at the same time can love myself and respect myself tooo :-)


This year I turned 50 and became an empty nester. It's finally time to take care of myself and this Dior luxury skin-care basket is EXACTLY how I can do it!


I've been taking care of my skin for years and it has truly payed off. Now that I'm older my skin could use a higher end product like Dior Luxury Skin-Care. It will be great to be able to hide age, moisturize better and keep my complexion smoother and younger. Looking great makes you feel great and gives you a healthy & positive attitude. Thank you for the opportunity.
Karen Acosta


I would love to have the opportunity to try all nine of the Dior products offered in the MORE sweepstakes Dior Basket. As my skin ages Dior sounds like it has just what I need to help perk up my mid-50's skin! I have been searching for help with my changing skin. Being a part time care giver for my mother-in-law with dementia is been emotional and stressful. I am also an active equestrian. Between the stress and the dirt I think it might be time to actively help my skin. I always put everyone before myself, but I know I need to start taking different care of my skin now. I purchase MORE to enjoy with my Mother-in-law and then take it to the stables for the girls to enjoy too. We span in age from 20’s to 79! I would love to win the MORE sweepstakes and receive nine Dior products. Thank you and please enter me in the sweepstakes.

Rebecca Auld04.21.2012

I am a 40yr old, mother of 4. I started swimming last year and started running about 3 months ago. Would love to have some great skin care products to combat the heat and sun here in Florida.

Barbara Smith04.21.2012

I'm going to be 62 on Tuesday, my youngest daughter is getting married in June and I could use a little sprucing up. Don't get me wrong not everything is wrong but certainly not what it was. This set looks like it would be wonderful for anyone. I could use the pampering.

I started caring for others whaen when I was 16....for a pay check that is. I cared for younger brothers before that and have cared for others since then! I finally realized 10 yrs ago that I had to start doing more for me and have done what I can. The overall things I have done for my health and skin, along with good genes I think, cause people to think I am years younger. I am grateful, That said, I will never be able to afford the luxuries others may take for granite but I will alway do for others and would be thrilkled with the ability to be pampered in this manner. Thank you for the opportunity you will provide to one lucky winner and I hope that one is me!

Debra Ritter04.21.2012

I would love to win this skin care out of utter desparation. i probably have more products collected or convinced to buy on my vanity.i promised my husband i would throw everything out if i won and stick to one because good enough for More good enough for me.besides i could not tell you what works and what does not. some are so old labels worn off.And these come in basket and not thrown all over. plus if i won i would get out of bed and show my new skin by someboby you can trust.moon531


I am a retired teacher who would love to try these Dior products.I don't spend much on myself and would love to see the effects of this anti-aging skin care regimen. Thanks for the opportunity!


Please give this basket to Joanne Wood who has breast cancer...I do not know her but surely she sure could use this to lift her spirits! Be blessed Joanne!

melody 04.20.2012

Dior makes wonderful products, but they are too expensive for my budget. I'd love to try these.


April is a good month - celebrating surviving breast cancer for 10 Years & my 49th birthday but it sure has caused a lot of stress on my skin! I need to win this basket!

Michelle Combs04.20.2012

By being an inspired and devoted kindergarten teacher for two decades, I could use some inspiration of my own! Being chosen to win the luxurious basket of DIOR skincare goodies would rejuvenate my outer beauty to reflect the inner beauty I already allow to shine upon others.


Last year, at the age of 45 I had a wake up call from my doctor -- telling me that I was at high risk for heart disease. I knew I had focused the last 15 years on taking care of my kids and husband and busy job and didn’t devote enough time to keeping myself healthy. I enrolled in a weight loss program and lost 70 pounds. This January, I added on a great fitness regimen to help tone up and get more fit as well. I've had the pleasure of purchasing a whole new wardrobe to fit my trimmer body -- it feels good to be in 'regular' clothes and not the plus sizes anymore. At a recent local Sephora event, I worked with a Dior consultant who gave me a great new look – polished but not overdone. The skincare line she showed me worked miracles on my fine lines, but my recent clothes shopping hit my budget hard and I wasn’t able to purchase all the great items she showed me. I will say that I did purchase the Dior Airflash foundation which is absolutely AMAZING! I’d love to continue my transformation, taking care of my skin with truly great products. I'd love to have this skin care basket!

nb31863 04.20.2012

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. Had lumpectomy in March and I am about to start radiation. I am so lucky that I didn't need chemo but could still really use some pampering!!

Andrea Marcus04.20.2012

I am almost 50 years old and I feel my skin changing everyday. I would love to try Dior because I feel my skin can use a" change of pace" but with wonderful unbelieveable products such as Dior. Please pick me to win this beautiful "Dior Basket"! Have a wonderful and safe day!Thank you for your consideration.


I am finally at a point in my life where I can pamper myself with luxurious products because my two teenage daughters have moved away from home. No more hiding my cosmetics and lotions in fear of them mysteriously disappearing! I would love to have the opportunity to try Dior!

Renee 04.19.2012

Ever since the birth of my first born almost eight years ago, I have neglected to care for myself. I had gave birth to three boys every two years, and my youngest one is now 4 years-old, and I have finally realized that I need to start to take better care of myself, as I am 39 years-old, and there are places on me that are not as youthful as they used to be. So I would be vastly grateful if I can win this sweepstake. Thank you.

Danielle Spoto04.19.2012

I am 31 years old and battling the fact that I am aging. I want to keep my skin looking as young as possible for as long as possible. I think good products are necessary to do this. I want to change so many things about my skin. I want an even complexion and to reduce the amount of wrinkles around my eyes and lips. I'm trying to hold on to my youth for as long as possible.

susan gleason04.19.2012

As I make the final lap of my forties, 50 would be alot easier to take if I could rest assured that my skin will get what it deserves in the new decade and a new stage in my life...the first opportunity to do for ME ever in my whole life! My daughter graduates from college in 2013 and it can finally be about me after 22 years raising her and putting her through college.


After recently retiring at 55, I was ready to celebrate the rest of my “young” life. Things seldom turn out like we want them to. After a year of advocating for my mother’s health, she was diagnosed with lupus. Within days of her diagnosis, I was told that I would need major surgery.
These last 8 months, I have worked on healing my body from the inside to the outside.
I have healed myself because of my “joy to live” attitude. I am grateful for every thing I have, even the small wrinkles, which are starting to appear on my face. The Dior products would be a great gift to pamper myself and continue to heal.

Kathi Zurn04.19.2012

My friends tell me that I handle stress well. I think it shows on my face. When I look in the mirror I see a dull, tired stressed face. My family has gone through a lot of family crisis lately; a son in law’s suicide and a daughter’s recurrent cancer. I would like my face to look less stressed. I think that once I feel better with my appearance, I will start feeling better inside also.

cosmicbubbles 04.19.2012

I am a 44 year old caretaker & have been recuperating from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I used to work in the Beauty Industry until I became too sick to work. Getting engaged to my finance was the best thing that ever happened to me, however he became housebound 6 years ago as a result of some severe trauma. I am his caretaker & we have had to make a lot of sacrifices on our journey together, not being able to yet experience the things that most people take for granted every day. Luxury skincare items long ago became a thing of the past for me as they are simply unaffordable. We are still looking forward to planning a wedding some time in the future & will never give up on being restored to full health. I would truly appreciate a bit of luxury again to boost my spirits & nourish my aging skin.

Christine 04.19.2012

I have really dry and oily skin at the same time and need a luxury brand of skincare to remedy my ailments. Thanks!

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