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All the goodies you'll get if you win!
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First published in the April 2012 issue

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I will be turning 65 on June 15th. We recently moved to
Florida from New Hampshire. I haven't had much relaxation
because my husband suffered a heart attack and slight stroke. I really could use all the pampering and relaxation with the Dior products. I am a subscriber to
More Magazine and just enjoy all the articles in your
magazine. Thanks, gale

loretta hall04.19.2012

Hi I am 66 years old. I have always tried to keep my skin/body healthy. I am on a limited budget and use what I can afford. I have tried Dior in the past when I had a roommate that used it. Loved it! Would be thrilled to win this basket! I would be so grateful.


I would love to win this basket! My birthday is May 09 and Mothers Day is just around the corner! Please pick me!

lisa lisa04.19.2012

I just turned 55 yesterday and not only could I really use these products but I would love to see the results from using them.


The downside of being fifty-four,
Is I can't stand my sagging neck anymore!
Although I lather on the drugstore creams,
I still can't find, the product of my dreams!
Eye creams,vein creams,Microdermobrasion,
Exfoliating,Retin A;
Make my skin feel like a RAISIN!
However, I will smile toward sixty,
Finding the fun in life,for sure:
I'd just like to do it, LOOKING YOUNGER, with the help of DIOR!!

I will turn 50 this year! The Dior basket will help me look as young as I feel!

Dale 04.19.2012

Because I'm too young to look this old! : )

While I am the single mother of three (ages 11, 14 and 16) and my life is full and blessed and hectic, I find it difficult to say I "deserve" anything. A gift of this generosity is more than any of us could say we "deserve" ... would I like it? yes. Would I appreciate it? yes. My son (14) is heading to Johns Hopkins (with me - of course) for his 48th surgery (yes ... 48) ... a bit of pampering would be lovely.

Lexa 04.18.2012

Because I have two teenagers that are giving me wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes. It would be such a treat to win!

jill fitzgerald04.18.2012

About 3 months ago my family was given horrible news that my 58 year old mother has stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver. I was 4 months pregnant at that time. It has ben a hard last couple months. My baby is due in 10 weeks and we just pray my mom will be there to see that day. I have a 6yr old and a 2 year old. I work as a nurse (nights) and I am in big need a mommy makeover, I will be 34 in 2 weeks. My skin is dry and dull from the combination of no sleep and crying. I read this magazine at the doctors office and I just felt like I could really use these products. Jill

Bonnie 04.18.2012

I should win the Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket so that I can give it to my cousin who is battling with the big C. She is a wonderful mom with three small children and was given a death sentence. She is now in PA Cancer Center where she has been given hope. She does not have much nor would she ask. This would be a wonderful treat for her.

JoAnn Freedman04.18.2012

Dior me....Dior me all over! I need to win this wonderful luxurious prize!


I am a 47 year old woman coming out of my second marriage. For the first time in all my years I found a way to finally love myself for ME after he walked out. Learned a lot of lessons and grew from them all. Truly happy with my life now. I would just love to be able to pamper my aging skin and give a little back to myself as I never did before.


When I was turning 30, someone gave me a selection of Dior products. Every day I felt like I was at a spa. Time has passed, I am now facing 60 and I've lost touched with that simple pleasure when a skin care product can transport me to a calmer, richer place.

Cassie Hammon04.18.2012

I am trying to find an unselfish reason beside I would just love to have a pamper basket! However I have had a very rough four years. My teenage daughter was going through some very terrible things at school when my husband was laid off from his job of 25 years. So dealing with both of their anger and depression was very taxing. On top of that my mother in law was DX with Alzheimers and has been in a steady decline since. I spend all day caring for her, changing her pants, feeding her, dealing with her hospice nurses(hospice nurses are angels on earth, but that is another story). This morning I looked in the mirror and realized I havent even had a hair cut in 6 months. What a blessing that I can vent to other MORE readers and what an even bigger blessing if I could win this wonderful basket!! If nothing else-Thanks for letting me have a pitty party


Because I really NEED it. Thanks


I am a young woman of 59;ending a 22 year marriage,helping my son realize his dream to study law and play baseball in college and supporting my daughter in her quest to be accepted into an Ivy League College. All is well, the son is doing well and named national pitcher of the week, Cornell didn't offer enough but University of Miami is giving a full scholarship and now I need pampering!

Allison Kinsey04.18.2012

I am a vibrant, active, attractive, and soon-to-be seventy years young ~at heart~ woman. Now, as the lines begin to show, I know I deserve the best anti-aging skin
protection available -- your Dior Luxury Capture Totale skin care regimen in the "Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket".
Since I deserve the best, my skin deserves it too!


Greetings! My name is Cherrl and I have a friend who is 77 but looks decades younger. Everyone assumes that she's had a facelift but no, she has not. Her secret is none other than DIOR... So, I treated myself to DIOR's fairly new FOREVER Foundation & find it better than all the rest and I mean "all" the others. I'm going to use FOREVER forever, thank you very much!
The icing on the cake, I mean my face, would be to have MORE of the DIOR products thanks to MORE.COM so please enter me in the mix since right now my beauty fund is being diverted to manufacturing a different type of swimsuit concept here in the U.S.
(Made in the U.S.A., hooray! Thunder thighs, varicose veins, cellulite be covered, by golly!)
With appreciation for this opportunity along with sweet kisses from
Swimmin' Thighwear TM LLC ( xxxxx


I'm exhausted. I feel it, and I look it! I need help.

Billie Ott04.18.2012

I am a stay at home mom these days on a budget and although I love it tremendously I do fall shy on pampering. Between home, hubby and kids I just don't have time to pay attention to me. I would love the Dior skin care basket to make this momma feel like a beauty again:)

Being a care taker for my mother with cancer has been emotional and stressful. I am sure you may be thinking "your mom has cancer, why do you need the pampering"? , Well trust me I've thought of that! I always put everyone before myself, but I thought this would make me feel better about myself especially having very little time to take care of my skin (which has been neglected)so I feel that I deserve to feel good and why not by starting with a new luxury skin- care regimen:-)


I would love to try the Dior products - they sound like just what I need to perk up my mid-50's skin! Plus I never win anything so that really make my day.

Yogi 04.18.2012

Mother's day gift please! And this mom wakes up by 5a every day. I need all the Dior help I can get!!!

KAREN 04.18.2012

Love Dior products. This would be an amazing gift to win.

Nicole Carter04.18.2012

Oh wow what an awesome prize! I would so love to win this, I deserve it because times are real tough and I can not afford to buy premimum makeup like I used to. This would be such a nice treat!

Br33 04.18.2012

they say everybody needs to start taking care of our skin as early as possible, and so i am constantly reading around on how to take care of my this is a perfect gift for me :)

I have both rosacea and melasma, and my relatively newly diagnosed dairy allergy often gives me hives and/or a rash on my jawline and neck. A little pampering would make me feel oh so good....particularly as I'm attempting to get used to life without ice cream, baked goods, etc. I do eat healthy stuff but never deprived myself of some of the good -- but it's hard to cut out milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, etc., completely! Thanks for the opportunity!

I need a renewal As I age there are Increasingly more and more wrinkles.I hate the ones above my upper lip they are becoming deep grooves. I would like to use your products.It Is going to be hard for you to pick a winner from so many good entrys. Thank You.


I just turned 61 years old on April 12,I am the mother of three grown children 37,40,and 44 there are 9 grandchildren and,1 greatgrandchild I'm devorced disabled and can use all the help I can get to keep myself up

Heather Martin04.18.2012

As a girl whose 1st crush was Cary Grant, I still swoon a little bit at the name Dior. My pocketbook screams. Too actually have a chance to own anything by that fine house, I jump.

LORI KAPWELL04.18.2012

I work hard and I play hard - it would be amazing to be able to kick back with some decadent, luxurious products to take care of myself. At the age of 58 (almost,) it's time for me to spend a little time spoiling me while taking a break from caring for everyone else at home and at work.
What an amazing way to reward myself this would be!


Oh my goodness what a great prize for any woman who loves to take care of herself. After ready the comments of those who have survived cancer and many other horrible tragedys I realize how truly I am blessed. Blessed to have my health, family, job. Reading other stories is a forum there is hope in our darkest hours, to be able to share parts of our lives to reach others. Remember ladies, though we want to look beautiful on the outside, it's what we do in our daily lives that show our rich true beauty. Good luck to all the ladies.

a. wise04.17.2012

First I gotta find my zing, then I gotta keep it! If Dior can't help me do that, nobody can!!


i have used MaryKay for 35 years - I'm ready to take the challenge test trying out your product -- I have read good reviews -- I would love to see some great improvements with your product. I'm ready!!!!!

Lisa Honore04.17.2012

I think all women should take care of themselves. After managing home and work, we should treat ourselves to a beautiful facial to lift our spirit. Thank you for an opportunity to enter.

Sandra 04.17.2012

Approximately one year ago, I received a kidney and liver transplant after being critically ill for over 2 years. The illness took a toll on my body and skin and I really need the loving care that Dior products could give. I love Dior and would absolutely treasure every product in the basket.


I would Love Love Love to win this package!!

Beverly Browne04.17.2012

Beverly Browne
Now that I am 60+ my skin is changing completely. Normally I have oily skin. Now it likes to change to different parts of my face, near hairline and the evenness of skin is unpredictable. I have never been able to afford to buy a complete skin care system and am hoping I will have the good luck to win this luxury skin-care basket.

Lorraine 04.17.2012

I'm a skincare product hound and I've never been able to afford Dior. Would love to try it. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


How can you resist Dior?

JoAnne Wood04.17.2012

Hi..I was diognosed with breast cancer last year so my beauty routine just stopped..although a man from my past (the 80's) found out about the cancer and we started dateing .He asked me to marry!!! we are getting married on nov.3 2012 so I could use a little help in feeling pretty again.Also I am a letter carrier for the united states post office and my skin is exposed to all the elements of the weather...please help me feel good on my wedding day.thank you joanne

I would love to win this Dior basket so that I can give it to my Mom for Mother's Day. She never does anything nice for herself, and I could never afford to give her all that she deserves!

Kathryn Gritts04.17.2012

I love Dior and could really use some help with my skin. I would love to when this!

ruth leshansky04.17.2012

I deserve to win this Dior Luxury Skin Care basket because
I had really beautiful skin until I had the pleausre and honor of caring for my father when he developed dementia. My father was an ExPOW from WWII and a retired police office, and I was happy to take care of him but it was stressful and took it's toll on me, as did his death at 96.
He'd be sad if he knew the stress showed on my facee and I know would love to give it to me, if I win this in a sense he will have done so.


well, I'm about to turn 47 and I firmly plan on aging gracefully; i.e. no plastic surgery. This basket (and, more importantly, its contents) would help me achieve this beautifully.

JoAnn Freedman04.17.2012

JoAnn + Dior....a perfect pair! I would love to try all of your Dior products. Bring them to me!! :)

Judie Holleman04.17.2012

As a working 40-something mom of 4 school age kids, and a devoted wife, there is little time for me. So this Dior basket would make the little "me" time that much more luxurious. My dry, acne prone skin would love such a treat !

Richelle 04.17.2012

I live in Nome, Alaska and deal with cold, dry, skin dehydrating weather all winter (one of the coldest winters on record this year for us). My skin would LOVE this basket. It needs pampered!

Jennifer 04.17.2012

I'm a horse trainer, and out in the sun all day long. My skin always needs some extra help, and the products in this basket would be great for it!

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