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All the goodies you'll get if you win!
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Fine lines and dull skin won’t stand a chance against a Dior Capture Totale skin-care regimen. This opulent anti-aging line boasts technology that protects your skin’s stem cells, keeping your complexion looking younger longer. And results are said to be swift—most see a difference in as little as six weeks.

Enter to win this the Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket! The lucky winner will get nine amazing products (eye cream, night cream and everything in between!), valued at more than $1,100.

The goodies include: Capture Totale Night Crème; Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Crème; Capture Totale Radiance Enhancer; Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Serum; Capture Totale Nourishing Rich Crème; Capture Totale 21 Night Renewal System; Capture Totale One Essential; Capture Totale Eye Treatment; and Capture Totale UV Protect SPF 35.

HOW TO ENTER? Leave a comment in the comments section of THIS article telling us why you deserve the Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket. Your comment will not show up right away-- please be patient while we take the time time to approve it. Once published, we'll notify you at the e-mail address you provided when you registered on We reserve the right to delete spam or obscene comments. We will randomly select the winner from all comments received.

No purchase necessary.  Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., 21 years and older. This sweepstakes ends on April 30, 2012. Click here for official rules. Void where prohibited.

**Entry for the sweepstakes is now closed**

First published in the April 2012 issue

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I love Dior, I have tried before 2 or 3 of their products and they are awsome! I really want to pamper myself, see results and share my new face with my friends and family, I will look diferent with out some fine lines and dark spots, I deserve it and I will enjoy it!

I would love to win the basket to pamper myself and get out of some fine lines and dark spots on my face. I have tried 2 or 3 products in the past and I love them ! now I could have the complete package and see the change on my skin, I am sure that would be a big impact on how I look.

Tulay ALTIN04.30.2012

I lost 50 lbs over the last year and I feel like my face/skin doesn't look the same anymore. It is not as smooth and sculpted looking. THis would be a great way to get back my skin and even look better.

kim 04.30.2012

I deserve to win as all of us would love to win and take care of our skin with these lovely products!

Martha Malone04.30.2012

The comments remind me that we are all women of substance who have had struggles/success, loss/gain, and less/MORE in our lives. Although the details in my own lifestory may differ, they still reflect the peaks and valleys, the ups and downs, the stops and starts of the journey we all take to become our best selves. Why do I deserve this gift? Because I simply want to experience receivng a gift of opulent, high quality, luxury products that I am confident would rejuvenate my skin and make me feel pampered AND to share them with my friends. If only we could all receive this beautiful gift, as we are all incredible "MORE Dior" women!

dw2012 04.30.2012

I've read through many of these comments and feel I am in incredible company of many interesting, hard-working women! I am a single Mom, working, and would love to feel a little pampered, and receive a special surprise in the mail. I love the Dior brand, the classiness of their bags especially, and their cutting-edge, stylish advertisements. The stores always look so elegant. Having this basket would make me feel this way!

This would be an awesome gift for my mother. everyone deserve it, so congrats to whomever wins

CMPRPH 04.30.2012

I had a heart attack and double bypass caused by effects of chemo and radiation 13yrs earlier. I had just lost 25lbs right before the HA and was feeling and looking great. However the HA seems to have sucked the life out of my body and skin. I really look like I have aged when I see photos of then and now. I need a pick me up and something to bring some luminosity back to my face. Dior is the answer!


I would love to win this for my mother. She deserves to be pampered after raising 5 children!

Cindy 04.30.2012

I would love to win so I could give this basket to my mother for Mother's Day. What a perfect gift that would make, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed you pull my name!

Maria Feller04.30.2012

I remember my mother and older sister talking so much about Dior products. I grew up in South America so we didn't have the magazines or products available like now. Living in America, I always thought that Dior was out of my reach until I went to the store myself and found out that I will be willing to treat myself to a first class product. It is my first time writing a comment for a magazine or entering a sweepstake. I decided to give it a try

Bonnie 04.30.2012

I would love to win this beautiful Dior Luxury Skin Care Basket to give to a special woman who is fighting for her life. She would love this and I would love to present it to her. ❤׺°”`

I am going to be 69 years young May
4th and I am a cancer survivor and I need to take care of my skin. It would be fun to win this boasket so that I can try Dior skin care with my friends on a girls get away weekend. Cecelia

Carol Norton04.30.2012

I have had insomnia quite often lately and it is taking its toll on my skin. I could sure use this!


I deserve to win because I love More magazine and Dior products!
I have a birthday in May as well as Mother's Day, so this would be a great gift to cover both!

Wendy Boardman04.30.2012

Dior does have incredible skin care products and I have had the occassion to use one or two of them in the past. I would love to win this, and congratuate whoever does!


This will be my first time celebrating mothers day. My daughter is the best present I've ever received and Dior products would be the icing on the cake since their products are a splurge for me now. No matter what my baby is worth it.


I love opulence, I strive for anti-aging, and I yearn for swift results, all of which this package offers. Hoping very much to be the lucky recipient of this basket and give Dior products a try!

Mary 04.30.2012

What a wonderful present to pamper yourself!!!!!!

J 04.30.2012

As much as I would love to use the products in this skin-care basket to improve the look of my aging face, if I were to be the lucky recipient of the gift, I would give the basket to my older sister. She has recently lost her husband to ALS and is in need of a pick-me-up. She is deserving of the gift and as much love as she is able to receive at this time.

Kimberly 04.30.2012

I love Dior products!

Jeana Peinovich04.30.2012

This was our first year as empty nestors. Since all three daughters are no longer living at home, I have more time and desire to focus on my own health and appearance. I would love to improve the tone and radiance of my skin with the help of Dior products.

Beth Ellen04.29.2012

As a MORE reader and subscriber, I have learned there are so many kinds of women in the world in which we live. We all are strong and beautiful in our very own way and each of us endure our own struggle. I would enjoy receiving the Dior basket as a "thank you" to myself for realizing that I grow each time I try to help other women even in the smallest way. I know that a smile as well as words can go a long way as I befriend women in all walks of life and at all ages. I believe each day "baby steps" of kindness will get us through.

Angela Paduch04.29.2012

As a 42 year old single woman, signs of aging is very rapidly winning the battle over my skin. Of course, trying to find a good man in this day and age, you need every advantage you can get. Keeping your body and skin as youthful as one can is one way of improving the odds. And honestly, I could use all the help I can get!

Judy Blodgett04.29.2012

I'm now in my 50s and working at maintaining the quality of my skin. I'd love to have the opportunity to try the Dior products - what a treat!


Between running my own restaurant,raising two kids and taking care of a household, my life is crazy busy. I would adore these luxary products in order to take some much needed ME time. Thanks MORE for the opportunity!

Renee Hilliker04.29.2012

Because...J'adore Dior...j'ai pas assez d'argent..Because a working Mom with 2 kids is too tired at the end of the day to chase rainbows....Because this is probably as close as I will get to France....but I can always dream...Get up the next morning and with the help of a little magic, start all over over again. Put on your lipstick, a smile,a nice silk scarf and hold your head high. C'est la vie! Merci Beaucoup Christian!

Laurie Farmer04.29.2012

First, I must profess that I'm a big fan of Dior mascara and MORE magazine! Secondly, when I read the page describing the Dior Luxury Skin-Care basket giveaway, I knew I must submit my entry. At times like these, I feel like the stale bologna in the Sandwich Generation!!! I know many of you can relate. As we are celebrating my eighteen-year-old's graduation, we learn that my Father is being rushed to the ER (he's better now) and my Mom is at the ceremony with my stepfather in their matching wheelchairs (one having suffered a series of strokes and the other with Alzeihmers). Every day is a beautiful mess that we smile through together. Perhaps the Dior Beauty Basket could be a much-needed surprise for this mom/daughter/wife approaching the big 5-0?!?


What a nice thing to offer us... and I would love to win it.

Mary 04.29.2012

These products would make a great birthday gift!

Deb Hubert04.29.2012

I bought the More magazine in the hospital gift shop to help pass the time. This is the third time in the last year that my husband is in the hospital. The first time was because of a severe heart attack which resulted in surgery to put in a L-Vad (assistive pumping device), the second for a heart transplant, and now for pneumonia. Needless to say my skin needs some help due to the stress and neglect. The Dior products would be much appreciated!


Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket? Every women deserves it!I deserve to win it because I'd like something for myself for a change!

Ingrid Lee04.29.2012

As my hips get thicker, my lips get thinner. Celebrating my 'over 50 but under 60' birthday next month, and want to look as young as possible when ordering off the 55+ menu. This may be the way to get my fine lines dissolve into ageless elegance.


...grew up at a time that we thought sun exposure was a good thing;sounds like this could help


Just turned 60 - I want to feel 30 again!!

Can I Really tell you why I deserve this Dior Luxury Skin-Care Basket? No--every woman deserves this basket, especially if near 60 years old but feels 50 or 40. Yes! Every woman deserves this basket, especially if she feels like a woman!


Being in my early 30s, I've become very interested in what skincare regimen to use. I think this would be a fantastic opportunity to try something new especially since I cannot afford it. (I'm currently trying to get out of debt as soon as possible. :) )

dawn 04.29.2012

after working my way through four years of graduate school, i am earning my MFA in two weeks. *whooot!* as a single mother, i am guilty of not taking care of my skin like i should. the chance to win this basket couldn't have come at a better time.
thank you for the chance to win!


This would be a wonderful Mother's Day present for me. I like using skin care products.


If you love yourself you will love DIOR, & I do!

Kellye Eager04.29.2012

While the spelling of my first name is unique, efforts to keep my skin young and healthy is not.
Winning this lovely basket will help me with my goals.

Michele Bilek04.29.2012

Because I love Dior and I would love to have beautiful skin. I believe these products will do the job!

marilyn jensen04.29.2012

I would love to win this skincare package as I am 57 years old and can honestly say that I look years younger. I would like to stay looking this way and having tried many other products that may work. I have heard that Dior is the best product on the market. What other way than to prove that they are the best than to do a little experiment of my own. If I win this contest I will post my before and after photos after using Dior products.


I lost my mother at the age of nine and helped my father raise my two younger brothers. This began my many years of caring for other and putting my needs last. I divored in 2000 and continued raising my three sons. My skin care consists of Dove soap and whatever moisturizer is on sale! I would be honored to receive Dior's skin care basket and finally experience a luxury skin care routine at the age of 56!!! thank you for considering me!!!


I've always been blessed with great skin but age and life are starting to show. This would be a perfect way to help erase a year or two (or more!). Dior products are fabulous and I'd love this basket.


Love Dior products. I'm 48 and Lovin it! I can't turn back the wrinkles in time any other way than with good products and keeping a healthy diet. If I can get that in a cream with Dior, "I'm loving that!"

Seems like a sob story one-up in the comments section for this.... My condolences to all who have had difficult times, as I have as well. But to be blunt. I NEED MORE DIOR! (and ya can't beat the price!)

Lacey Knight04.28.2012

I have a lot of animals in my life because I am a very blessed person, but sometimes being out in the sun with them can take its toll on your skin. I recently lost the horse that my parents bought me when I was eight years old, which was a tremendouns blow to my life and my living habits. Prior to losing him, my friends had suggested that since I was just turing thirty, I really needed a skin regimen to protect myself as I age. I couldn't have agreed more, but with my limited budget (I am a teacher), I bought a few Dior products like the clensing and the toning products that I felt would be a good start. Less than two weeks after losing my horse, I was hospitalized with what Doctors have just labeled uncontrollable vomiting. Even the drug they give the poor patients who suffer through cancer to keep them from vomiting isn't helping. I had been hospitalized four times and since being home, finally, I loaded up my dogs to go see my husband at work (He is a police officer)because we hadn't seen that much of each other and I knew he was getting sick and tired of taking care of our life by himself. Unfortunately after all the vomiting and the exhaustion and malunutirion/dehydrtation I fell asleep on the way home and hit a truck in the on-coming lane. The worst part for me was that my little dog died from the impact, and now I've lost my two best friends. My husbands smiles at me when he sees me uising my skin reginem every night because he knows how important it is to me. Through all the times I was in the hospital, I just yearned to smell my peony facewash. Right now I am a broken perosn, but I believe that we find small "fixes" in routine. As long as I can keep doing my rountine day after day, there will be day after day, which means I'm alive and thriving, and who better to spend our day with than Dior?


I am 44 years old, at about 29 I decided to start taking care of my skin. I have been a good customer of Lancome and Estee Lauder, they have been good to me. At 35 I had my first baby and at 37 my second and being a mother, everyone knows you sacrifice first. I put my make up on everyday and show my girls the way to take care of their skin. They will start to take care of their skin long before I did and knowing good products is a plus. I would love to share the results of your products with my girls and continue to encourage them to take time for them, even when it would be easier to just let yourself go.

Renee Young04.28.2012

With the last name of Young, I find it a challenge every day to live up to my name - at least on the outside. I love that there are products like Dior that can help my outside match how I feel on the inside.

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