The Most Common Dirty Tricks Husbands Use During Divorce

Some are illegal. Others are sneaky, spiteful or just plain mean

by Jeffrey A. Landers • Divorce Financial Strategist™ and founder of Bedrock Divorce Advisors, LLC

Jeff also advises happily married women who have seen their friends blindsided by a divorce initiated by their husbands and wonder (wisely) how financially vulnerable they’d be in that situation. Jeff developed the nation’s first Just in Case(TM): Secure Your Financial Future,a one-hour program, which quickly shows married women how to be prepared in the event of a future divorce with immediate, practical steps. He can be reached at

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Victoria 04.28.2015

I have just found this article, trying to find a way to help my brother speed up his divorce proceedings. Frankly, I'm DISGUSTED by the fact that this article puts MEN as the only perpetrators of these tactics. My mother is a family law attorney, and I've seen more dirty tricks and tactics pulled by WOMEN than by men. Get your s*&^ together, More, and realize that women are not victimized in the court of the law. They have equal rights, and equally pull the same dirty tricks that you say that MEN do.

Future win09.19.2013

The fact is that most women win in divorce. I feel bad for the women out there that have gotten screwed, but I feel worse for all the Dad's and kids that are getting screwed because of all the lying, selfish, rotten wiches out there.

frank carina07.14.2013

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laura jason07.07.2013

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Lisa 09.09.2012

I was shocked to find out how unprepared the courts are to handle a lying and manipulative spouse. My ex never paid any of the court-ordered fees and there is nothing I can do outside of getting an additional civil ruling against him (at my expense). I had to learn to let go even as I paid for the man's lies and deceptions.

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