Do you keep your age a secret?

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"Every place I go I tell my age. Because it's a form of coming out," says Gloria Steinem, now 77.

Do you keep your age a secret or do you share it loud and proud? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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First Published January 4, 2012

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I use to keep my age a secret in my forties and respond by saying; "I am 40 something". Around the age of 45 I began to tell people that I was 50. That was my way of preparing myself for the day that age would not matter. "Just happy to be here."

I don't mind telling people my age if they ask. Growing older is a wonderful thing. With it comes knowledge and wisdom. And the experience to share it with others.

Darlene Dean03.01.2012

I may keep secrets but my age isn't one of them. I believe people can pretty much tell your age, like it or not, by many factors. It's not just the youthfulness of one's face but consider the appearance of your skin over all. Namely, your hands, neck and about your knees and legs. You can have all the facial procedures you want to stay young looking but what about the rest of your body? It's hard not to age, in fact, it's impossible! I don't like aging any more then the next girl but I am not disillusioned either. True beauty really does come from within and age has no barring on that. So, if you're keeping a secret about your age you may want to think again.

Maria Berttula02.29.2012

When I turned 27 yr's old I was devastated "weird right" well I did, when I turned 40 I was gleaming. I love being in my 40's and blessed to be alive after what I endured in my past.
Maria B Berttula CPRS

teri 01.29.2012

I used to tell my age when I was in my 40s because people would be so amazed that i was the age i was but since turning 50, i've been in denial and can barley associate that number with myself. i say it when necessary but not with ease or pride, and i never tell men i date the real age. i shave a couple of years off until i know they really like me. yes neurotic and pathetic, i know.

Avis Evans01.22.2012

I happily tell my age because I don't look it. I gleefully watch people's expressions when I say my age and people go, "What? Are you serious?" One of my small life pleasures. I'm 58. Most people think I'm 45.

Charlon Bobo01.20.2012

I find myself telling others my age now more than ever.
All this was hard-earned: the prominent vertical line on my forehead, between my eyes; wisdom; insight; perspective. Openly revealing my age is my way of being unapologetic in the world. Why should I not share?
It is refreshing to see and hear other women who are equally open. We need more examples in our society to balance the overemphasis on youth. There is great merit and value in mature women, but one must be inquisitive enough to see it.
I'm a very proud and happy 46.

YES...always. I may look older than my 53 years, but honestly, those years were earned. I am an active, vibrant young woman...inside and out. Let's toss this question out to the men....:) I am sure we'll come up with more fibbers than truthers ( such a word? It is now!).


It depends on the situation. If I think that someone is just being nosy, I won't share my age. On the other hand, I don't make a point of keeping it a secret, because I'm proud to be turning 50 this year. I am also blessed to have a husband who loves my gray hair! I agree with Gloria Steinem -- it is a form of "coming out."

Beth Rado01.06.2012

The answer is, it depends. I look much younger than I am for the most part thanks to great genes. In my profession experience is valued so sharing my age is a good thing. But I find myself less and less likely to share my age unless there is a specific benefit to it, When I was in 6th grade I had a teacher who said she always shared her age (she was 41 at the time) because she was proud of every day she had on this earth. I still remember her and her philosophy. I don't keep my age a secret but I don't broadcast it either.

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