Do you use all of your vacation time? Editors

Fifty-seven percent of Americans use all their vacation time. We rank near the bottom on a list of 24 countries surveyed; France (of course) leads, at 89%. But women everywhere are more likely than men to take their days off.

Do you use all of your vacation time? Tell us why or why not below!

First Published July 25, 2011

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Janey Womeldorf09.22.2011

Absolutely. Some of my most cherished memories were made on vacations, apart from that one time I...

Jane Robinson09.20.2011

Absolutely! When creating a lifestyle that balancing work with individuality - you have to take time that is just dedicated to yourself! Travel, putter, spend time with friends, have an "Epicurean" lifestyle - you MUST value yourself.

Pam Hudson08.16.2011

MOST DEFINITELY!!! Why not? Everyone needs some time away from the office!

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