‘Downton Abbey’ Bringing Vintage Style Back?

Website reports giant increase in searches for clothing related to the TV series

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Forget colorful denim, platform espadrilles and neon color-blocked dresses. Sequin headbands, elbow-length gloves, feather hats and vintage dresses are what’s new—again. Blame it on Downton Abbey.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the online marketplace Alibaba.com reports a jolly big rise in international searches for the vintage clothing worn on the hit PBS series set during World War I, bolstered by the queen’s Diamond Jubilee and last year’s royal wedding. 

“We’re even seeing trends of Downton Abbey parties popping up around the world, creating consumer interest and extra sales for small businesses in the vintage clothing,” Alibaba’s Molly Morgan tells the Reporter. Alibaba.com also notes a huge rise in searches for top hats, cravats and morning suits.

Halloween party theme, check.

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