Would You Pay a Dressing Room Fee?

Boutiques Down Under are charging customers to try on clothes.

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Think the high price of clothing is a little out of control? Be glad you’re not shopping in Australia, where some stores are charging customers just to try stuff on.

Today reports a number of retailers Down Under are asking customers to pay try-on fees. The money is refunded if the customer buys something, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Apparently, retailers are trying to stop shoppers who test out clothes in the store but purchase the items online for less money.

Could dressing rooms operate like subway turnstiles here in the United States?

“It’s not gonna happen in Mississippi, where people have enough common sense to look you square in the eye, laugh and walk out with their money intact,” consumer Sheila Ryan tells Today. “It would be ridiculous.”

She’s right. Besides, try-on fees could be much better spent at the mall—like on a giant pretzel or a Cinnabon. Or, of course, new shoes.

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First Published June 30, 2011

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