Studies: A Few Drinks in Early Pregnancy May Not Harm Baby

Low to moderate drinking was not found to cause brain-development problems

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter news image

What? You’re pregnant? Congratulations! Let’s celebrate over a couple of beers!

Five newly published studies show having a few alcoholic drinks in the first trimester may not cause any harm to the baby, CBS News reports. Just don’t go crazy: Nine-plus cocktails a week could cause kids to have low attention spans once they turn five, the network adds.

“High prenatal exposure to alcohol has consistently been associated with adverse effects on neurodevelopment,” Dr. Ulrik Schioler Kesmodel, a study author, says in a statement reported by CBS. “However, less is known about the effects of low to moderate, weekly average consumption levels and binge drinking.”

Of course, there are plenty of experts who still side with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which continues to recommend no alcohol at all during pregnancy and which helped fund the studies, the network notes.

“We have a long history that alcohol causes birth defects,” the CDC’s Dr. Jacquelyn Bertrand, a coauthor on three of the studies, tells CBS. “Drinking during pregnancy is just not worth the risk.”

Fine. We’ll just toast you with sparkling water instead.

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