Duchess Kate to Choose Student Shoe-Design Champ

The winner’s style will be made into footwear for the fashionable royal

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Ever wish you could walk a mile in the shoes of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge? Well, there are six student shoe designers out there who would pretty much freak if she chose their shoes to stride in.

Today reports Kate is set to choose one of a half dozen submissions from footwear-design students at De Montfort University, with the winning style being made for the duchess’s royal feet.

“What a huge honor and magnificent opportunity this will be for the winning student,” Dominic Shellard, De Montfort University’s vice chancellor, says in a press release. “When asked who their first commission was for at their first job interview, they will be able to reply, ‘The Duchess of Cambridge, the world’s leading fashion icon.’ ”

Having that little nugget on your résumé? We imagine chances of getting hired are probably jolly good.

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First Published March 1, 2012

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