From Effin, Ireland? Facebook Says No Effin' Problem

After a glitch, those from the village can now post their hometown proudly.

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

The people of Effin probably wondered what the big effin' deal was with Facebook not listing the little Irish town for users to post on their profile page.

Well, they need wonder no longer. Today reports a woman from the village, in the county of Limerick, complained that Effin wasn’t an option when she went to choose her hometown on the social networking site. The news show asked Facebook what its issue with Effin was, and was told the town wasn’t being blackballed because of its similarity to the slang term for the F word,  but because of a technical oversight.

According to Today, Effinites can now list their hometown with pride. How effin' great is that?

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First Published January 9, 2012

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